At least 26,000 people have been affected by floods in Myanmar where heavy monsoon rains have caused floods in five states and regions of the country.

Janet Jackson, the UN's Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, said this week that a range of sources have reported that 14 people have died in the floods.

Noting that the region's affected by the floods are the same as those that were severely impacted by floods and landslides between July and August last year, she said preliminary figures show the floods have inundated more than 5,000 houses and destroyed more than 280.

"In areas where water level has been receded, people were reportedly able to return to their homes while others whose houses were destroyed continue staying in temporary locations where they receive support from the local authorities," Ms Jackson said.

"Floods caused damages to infrastructure facilities, including roads, bridges, wells and communal buildings, however, the extent of the damages is still being analysed by the authorities."