Seven Protestant denominations in Cuba have joined in forming a new representative body, after expressing concern they did not feel represented by the Cuban Council of Churches.

The Cuban Alliance of Evangelical Churches was launched on 11th June after a campaign against a new constitution, approved at a general referendum in Fabruary, which was criticised for weakening provisions relating to religious freedom. The founding agreement was signed by 28 church leaders who, according to UK-based religious freedom advocacy CSW, included representatives of the Western Baptist Convention, the Eastern Baptist Convention, the Methodist Church of Cuba, the Evangelical League, The Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church of Cuba, the Good News Church in Cuba, and the Bethel Evangelical Church in Cuba.

Leaders of the seven denominations have reportedly said in a statement that the "primary reason" behind the creation of the alliance "is that the denominations which form part do not feel represented by the Cuban Council of Churches before the authorities and the Cuban people and feel motivated to work united in the defense of Biblical values".

Lee Stangl, head of advocacy at CSW, said that the Cuban Government has long attempted to keep divisions between various denominations with attempts at collaborative work "met with harsh crackdowns".

"The public decision of these seven leaders and the denominations they represent to come together and speak with one voice, even as their churches are experiencing discriminatory behavior on the part of the government, is incredibly brave and provides a platform for a new and important voice from Cuban independent civil society.”