The sign of the cross is appearing over cities in Australia's eastern states this Easter thanks to a skywriting campaign funded by Hillsong Church.

Cross Equals Love

The "Cross Equals Love" campaign seen in the skies above Geelong in the state of Victoria on Saturday.

The "Cross Equals Love" campaign, which started in Sydney on Thursday and ends in Noosa on Sunday, sees skywriters using a plane to draw the sign of the cross, an equals sign and a love heart in the skies over the cities.

The skywriting is just part of a broader campaign which also includes employing Google AdWords to reach people who type in terms such as "loneliness" with encouraging messages and an invitation to Hillsong's Easter services, and a poster campaign.

The 'Cross Equals Love' campaign started more than 10 years ago as a way to brand Hillsong's Easter services and is now a coordinated campaign across all of the church's 85 campuses around the world.

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