Russia – Ukraine – Palestine – Syria.


PICTURE: Flipboard/Unsplash

There are some horrible headlines in the news today - horrible. Fueled by centuries of hatred.

I watch and despair - where will this end? Big egos in charge who can’t back down and admit fault.

I can’t point the finger at international leaders who can’t humble themselves if I can’t. In my own home, at work, in church - can I swallow my pride, give up my need to be right, for something bigger – peace?

This is so hard is because it goes against our very nature. The only reason humility is a virtue in the West is because of Christ. Jesus humbled Himself on the cross! Think about it – God gave up His right to be right, and gave His life to make things right. If God can do that for me, I can do that for others.

It’s the only news big enough to change the nightly news.

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