Hi, I'm Paul Clark.

Child of God

PICTURE: Keem Ibarra/Unsplash

Actually, I'm also Pastor Paul at school, 'Reverend Fun' on YouTube, Dad to my kids, author of the Car Park Parable books, number two on my tennis team, husband to Becky, chief of sinners at my church, straight guy to Hairy the puppet, son to my parents, chief lawn mower at home - oh, and a couple of people call me friend. 

We all have these multiple roles and responsibilities. Sometimes my life gets crazy remembering who I am, and I take on too much. Each role brings its own rewards and satisfaction. 

But there's one identity that I have to continue to remember, one that gives me the strength to be all the others. Child of God. If I forget this, I forget who I really am, my unimportant, yet valued place in the universe.

Are you a child of God yet?

Paul Clark’s musings can be heard on radio across Australia and at atthetop.org.au.