Former Australian Federal Treasurer Peter Costello said, after retiring from politics, that one of the hardest things about being in power was not having any space to think.


Getting away from it all! PICTURE:  Niv Rozenberg/Unsplash

The relentless knock of the media meant you had no time to stop and ponder, how to run the country.

How scary. Our brightest minds - you'd hope - trying to run the country. But if they haven't got the space to dream and vision and plan and contemplate, it comes to nought.

Wow. Let's institute politics free weekends. Heck, lets add Friday! Fines for media reporting on politics Friday to Sunday, and fines for politicians who talk to the media on those days, so they can actually stop and think and plan how to run the country.

I’m sure we’d all love our weekends free of politics! 

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