It’s easy to be drawn into the 'rah, rah culture', especially in church.

Sun through Cross

PICTURE: Unsplash/Eberhard Grossgasteiger 

You know, enthusiastic messages that say, 'You are a world changer for God'. It’s a great way to excite a crowd, have people dream of a glorious future, but is it true?

What awaits most people is a job that will swallow their time and enthusiasm, hard and broken relationships, sickness, and obscurity – along with happiness and joy.

I’m not saying life isn’t good, rather, I’ve seen too many people believe the hype, only to give up on God when life did not deliver the 'glory-life' some preacher promised.

Virtually all Biblical heroes find glory through suffering - Sarah, Esther, Ruth, Joseph, Jacob, Job, Jonah, James, and, Jesus.

It’s holding onto God through suffering, where glory and world change is found.

Seek a life at the top, but know glory comes through suffering.

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