Clinical psychologist Dr Henry Cloud says that the opposite of 'bad' is not 'good', but 'love'.

Love 1

PICTURE: Jez Timms/Unsplash

We go through life thinking the opposite of 'bad' is 'good'. Therefore, if we do 'bad', the only way to fix it is to do 'good'. Indeed, more good than bad.

While this is commendable, 'good' can never overcome or make up for 'bad'. Indeed, all we do is get ourselves into a never-ending psychological spiral of trying to make up for 'bad with 'good'. We exhaust ourselves and eventually give up.

It is only love that can overcome, or conquer 'bad'. Love consoles, love forgives, love gives. If someone does something bad to me, only when they show love, is their healing.

Indeed, this is the Christian message. It is not good that solves the world’s evil, but God’s amazing love. From that love, good springs forth.

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