Looking out the window of a jet plane and seeing the Matchbox-like cars driving below, it’s amazing to realise that in each of those cars is an individual, couple or family with an intricately complex life. Loves, hates, hurts, as important as mine - more important.

Road view

View from on high. PICTURE: Mitchell Orr/Unsplash

They have dreams, desires, dangers and disappointments. Future, family, friend and fears. Hundred, millions, billions of them.

What a sobering perspective. From a distance we are all so insignificant, but the closer we get, the more compelling each life becomes.

I’m so glad we have a God who is both. A God who sees the distant perspective and can hold all life in the palm of His hands. And a God who has come close, close and personal. Who values our individual lives, so much, He let nails be driven into the palm of His hands.


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