What can you make with a hatbox, scissors, darning needles, a couple of bicycle lamps, tea chest, wax and some glue?


PICTURE: Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash

I find it astonishing that John Logie Baird used these things to build the first ever television.

At the time, some people thought he was a freak – images over wireless!?

His contribution, along with various others before and after him, have produced our screen world.

If you gave me a hatbox and scissors I might be able to make a doll's house, but even if you gave me the modern electronics in a TV, I couldn’t make a TV!

Thank God for the inventors and innovators.

Of course, Australia's Logie awards remind us of this man. Maybe they should give the winners a hatbox, darning needles, bike lamps – so we remember how amazing such inventions are!

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