One day a friend of mine was in class with a casual teacher - you know what happens, everyone mucked up. My friend had some ball bearings that he threw against the blackboard to hit the girls in front; teenage boys!

The Cross 

PICTURE: Rodolfo Belloli/

The teacher was writing on the board and one of the ball bearings landed in her mouth. She went off - "Who did this? You're in so much trouble". Everyone froze - but my friend was about to explode with laughter, it would be obvious he did it!

Suddenly a kid up the back put up his hand and said, "I did it miss".

She sent him to the deputy principal. My friend couldn't believe it, this guy took the punishment for him.

A few years later it dawned on him that Jesus had done the same, taken the punishment for him. It changed his life.

Jesus has taken your punishment too. 

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