We think we are thinking animals. We think we think about decisions, morals, all sorts of things – but the reality is we feel our way through life. We are very much controlled by our emotions. 


Picture posed by model. PICTURE: Valentin Salja/Unsplash

Now thinking people like me can get all hot and bothered about this! "I’m not controlled by my emotions!"

But the research is undeniable; as demonstrated by that famous meme: “People change their minds if you just show them facts!”; "Actually, that’s not true, and here are two articles that prove it."; “I still think it’s true.”

We can make logical choices and think our way through problems, but we first have to step back from our emotions, understand them, and come to terms with them. And then we can think.

Emotions and thinking are not enemies - we need both to live at the top.

paul clark

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