As humans we adapt to our situation. We acclimatise to our circumstances. Soft drink is a wonderful luxury if you only get it at Christmas. But if you drink it every day, it loses its magic.


Living a life of "hard work, discomfort and simplicity" will ensure moments of celebration are the "high moments" we need them to be, says Paul Clark. PICTURE: Adi Goldstein/Unsplash

If you are always living your life in comfort and luxury, with no challenges or difficulty, guess what? You adjust to that, and it soon no longer feels like comfort and luxury. It becomes dull, boring and unsatisfying.

What should we do? You must ensure your life has regular periods of hard work, discomfort and simplicity. That will ensure the moments of rest, celebration and reward are the high moments we need them to be.

Live a life full of denial, challenge and effort to ensure you can live a full life.

paul clark

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