In the wonderful Aussie movie The Dish there is such poignancy around the relationship between Mitch and Al, the American.

Australia Parkes radio telescope

The famous Parkes radio telescope featured in the Australian film 'The Dish'. PICTURE: Victoria Kennedy/Unsplash

It's not something you see in films much, but it seems to describe so many of my real-life relationships.

Mitch feels insecure around this big shot American, and so acts hostile towards Al, much to Al’s bemusement. Mitch mouths off to others about Al, but all Mitch needs to do is have an honest conversation with Al, to express his fears, and have Al’s affirmation.

Mitch then tells the others, "Al’s not a bad bloke, you guys should give him a chance", much to our amusement.

When a relationship is not working, have a chat. Work each other out, and you’ll hopefully discover common ground.

Why do we find doing that, so hard?

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