Once I worked with this bloke who had a bee in his bonnet over the virgin birth – the divine conception of Jesus.

Virgin and child

PICTURE: Ruth Gledhill/Unsplash

He was going on and on about it as we worked in the stinking Aussie sun.

"Christian must be stupid for believing in the virgin birth, because, don’t they know, a virgin can’t have a baby!" His logic was impeccable!

But that’s the whole point - Christians ‘marvel’ over the virgin birth not because they’re stupid, but because they know it’s impossible.

They know the biology. They know people lie, but they know the story.

It’s not because Mary simply claimed this fact that we believe; it’s the child born that convinces us. One who performed miracles, wonders and taught as only the son of God could! 

It makes perfect sense of the story Jesus’ divine conception. 

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