I'm walking down the street and press the pedestrian crossing button, yet cross without waiting as there are no cars. 

Pedestrian stop light

PICTURE: Kai Pilger/Unsplash

Twenty metres up the street the lights turn red. Cars stop, and I feel bad for making these people wait for no reason.

The next day I'm walking the same street and suddenly remember yesterday. I’d completely forgotten about it. How interesting. 

I can feel something very strongly, very deeply, but move on very quickly.

There are times when things go much worse than inconveniencing someone at the lights. We feel devastated. But there is something remarkable about our human psyche. Give yourself a few days, weeks, or months. And you can be healed from the depths of pain.

Remember this in the middle of pain. It's OK. There is a future. One day life will be restored.  

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