For many of us, this is our approach to God: We stand in a paddock, blaspheme at the top of our lungs, and since nothing happens – no lightning bolt – we think God isn't there. Thank God, things are not that way.

Lightning in field

PICTURE: Eugene Triguba/Unsplash

Rather, life is thick. That is, you can do bad things, make bad choices, even make good choices, and they have little effect.

I had a smoke - I didn't die of lung cancer. I spread some gossip - big deal! Life is thick. Choices we make move us up and down bit by bit, and overtime they accumulate until we hit the edge. Then we really can fall big time. 

I've seen it. Years of niggling turns into divorce. Lots of little lies becomes to a massive lack of trust.

Don't be fooled. We reap what we sow. God gives us plenty of time to sort out our lives. Be glad there are no lightning bolts from heaven. If there were, who would survive?

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