History shows that all totalitarian systems begin when we see the current system as evil and think a new political system will save us.

Globe showing Western democracies

PICTURE: Christian Lue/Unsplash

It’s politics as messiah! Rhetoric ramped up to 11 - and historical amnesia.

I only bring this up as, despite living in the safest, healthiest, richest, fairest, most stable time in human history in Western democracies, the outrage on social media would make you think our current political system was bunk.

There is an immature naivety, or wilful blindness, to life in the rest of the world - and life 50 years ago – to enable this rhetoric. 

We live with, perhaps, the worst political system - except for all those systems people want to foist on us. Once you ideologically believe a political system can save, your only method of salvation is violence forcing that system on everyone.

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