How do you get the best out of life?

In sync

PICTURE: Randy Feth/Unsplash

Well, in a group, if you align yourself - cooperate - with the biggest force in the group, things go better. Maybe it’s your teacher, coach or captain. Imagine working against them.

So in life, if you align yourself with the biggest thing in the universe, things have to go better than if you work against it. 

What could be bigger than God? 

Align yourself with God - God’s will, God’s law, God’s love - and life could take care of itself.

Remarkably, that’s exactly what Jesus said. Seek first the Kingdom of God – the place where God rules – and all the rest of life will take care of itself.

What are you aligned with? Does it seem like you’re always going against the grain and getting splinters? Align yourself God.

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