I've been happily married for 25 years this year. What wisdom can I share with you?

One direction escalators

Are you headed in the same direction? A good marriahe relies on sharing common values, says Paul Clark. PICTURE: 

Do your best to find someone who shares your most important values.

When life is easy, it’s easy to get along. To have fun, to agree. When life is tough, we go back and rely on what is most important to us. Family, faith, God.

Yep – what do they say? "There are no atheists in a fox hole."

When life gets hard, when the pressure’s on, what we believe about the most important questions of life becomes most important. 

Sometimes we don’t ask those questions. What do you believe about God? Right and wrong? The purpose of life?

You need to ask those questions in a relationship. If your moral compasses point in different directions – you’ll end up in different places.

Paul Clark’s musings can be heard on radio across Australia and at atthetop.org.au.