In life it’s much easier to be destructive, than constructive.

Conversation near a window

Are your conversations destructive or constructive? PICTURE: Etienne Boulanger/Unsplash

Everyone’s a critic. We delight in pulling something apart. In fact, it makes us feel bigger and superior than the thing we dismiss. But few movie critics go on to be make critically acclaimed movies. 

It’s also self-protection. New ideas, thoughts, things challenge us. We’re born to resist.

It takes a lot more courage and maturity to separate ourselves from our instinctive protective emotions and evaluate something in relationship to the whole community, not simply our own self-interest.

To help a community see the benefits not just the dangers. That’s how a community grow and develops, rather than grows stagnant. 

Consider the people you listen to. Are they just proclaiming their fears, or showing leadership. Destructive or constructive?

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