You know from watching nature documentaries that the young buck’s natural desire is to become Mufasa – the chief. Young bucks that don’t are banished or leave the pride disillusioned. 

Men at work

Men at work. PICTURE: Shivendu Shukla/Unsplash

This same thing happens to males in our species. Men have an innate desire to be someone - and if they hit mid-life and haven’t arrived – disillusionment can set in. Some even become Scar, intent on destroying the pride. 

You can see why middle-aged men are prone to conspiracy theories and rebellion – looking for significance, status and validation wherever they can. It’s a tragedy. Men; rise above your animal nature.

St Paul said the secret to life is to find contentment wherever you are. The world needs solid, dependable men in every area of life. Teachers and principals. Builders and bosses. Cleaners and CEOs. To do this is divine. 

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