The end of the movie Money Monster is very enlightening of the times.

Social media on a phone

PICTURE: dole777/Unsplash.

The villain is arrested for financial crimes. They will lose their fortune, friends, and go to jail for a very long time – but these things are treated as almost inconsequential by the film-makers.  

What really humiliates the character is when an embarrassing video of them goes viral with a series of accompanying memes.

How bizarre. Losing fortunes, friends, and jail isn't the really terrifying thing these days. It's being cancelled on social media. 

Suffering ignominy on Facebook is the new hell. The worst thing one could think of.  And isn’t that the first punishment we want to mete out in our new world when someone does something we consider wrong?

We’re more worried about our virtual life than real life – and people call us Christians crazy for believing in Heaven and Hell!

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