It's obvious in our current social media world that we have a problem with trolls. But if trolls knew a little bit more, perhaps they wouldn’t be trolls.

Commuters with phones

PICTURE: Camilio Jimenez/Unsplash 

For a start, many employers these days check out your social media feeds before employing people.  Are you employable?

‘That’s OK, I do my trolling anonymously!’ 

Really. Jesus said this, years and years ago: “[O]ut of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

What does your social media feed reveal about you?

Are you happy with that? No, really - are you proud of that?

You’re probably not some justice warrior making the world a better place; you’re probably just an insecure little child, trying to feel bigger by talking big.

What does your social media feed reveal about your heart?

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