It might surprise you to find that I’m actually an introvert – I like time to myself.

Looking out of window

PICTURE: Jon Eric Marababol/Unsplash

So the beginning of the pandemic, and associated isolation, didn’t seem too much of a problem to me. Working from home, with ideas not people, wonderful.

But after about three days of not leaving my home – something I couldn’t remember having done before – I noticed I was starting to feel a bit weird. Out of sorts.

Isolation was getting to me. I went for a walk with my family. Even that made a difference. We got out and did something.

Isolation – at first it’s OK. Feels like a holiday. That Sabbath you’ve been meaning to take, but too much and it will take you.

Don’t give up the habit of meeting together, even online or on the phone. Get out, walk, talk. You need it.

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