Andy Crouch in his book, Culture Making, says we don't change culture by condemning it, critiquing it, copying or even consuming it.

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Culture is not changed by condemning, critiquing or consuming but by creating new ways of being, says Andy Crouch. PICTURE: Simon Shim/Unsplash

The most powerful way to change culture is to create new ways of being.

The early church did not change the Roman practice of discarding unwanted babies in the gutter by condemning and critiquing the practice, but by picking up the children and loving them.

As Christians critiquing and condemning the world around us can make us feel like we have done our duty - We stood up for God!

But perhaps we have taken the easy way out. Our Father is the creator of life, not the one who tears down and destroys. 

We can’t tell our youth not to do drugs, for example, unless we are providing a community for them where drugs are not needed. 

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