Not consulted - or campaigning?

Discussion between two

PICTURE: Hussain Abd/Unsplash

As a leader I sometimes hear people complain, after a decision, that they were not consulted. 

What makes this weird is that often this is after a broad consultation process in which they have had a big say.

What is going on!?

I now realise that this person isn’t interested in being consulted – they simply want their own way – and now they are campaigning.  That is, they don’t like the decision, and they have entered campaign mode to change the decision.

And the first step in campaigning is to complain about not being consulted, to make others think the decision-makers are being sneaky or unreasonable.

No wonder people don’t like politics! 

When you hear someone complain about not being consulted, ask yourself, is it true, or are they campaigning?

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