When it came to food my mum brought me up really well. We were taught to eat everything on our plate. Vegetables, salad, whatever. "There’s starving kids in Africa – and you won’t get any dessert."


PICTURE: Priscilla du Preez/Unsplash

Having two brothers vying for food was also pretty good motivation.

The only problem is, now I’m older, and a little rounder, I find it really difficult to leave food on the plate!

You go out for a meal, and they overfill your plate with lots of strange salad as filler [or decoration] and I have to eat it - even though I don’t need it!

Even at home, I’m full but I have to eat all my dinner. It would be an insult to my wife to leave anything!

First world problem, but I’m learning to eat for my satisfaction not my mum's.

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