When I was four, I remember throwing a ball around the dining room. Something I knew was wrong.

Dining table

Hiding place? PICTURE: Elliott Stallion/Unsplash

Well, I knocked over a vase in the middle of the table and it broke.

"Oh no! What was I going to do?" Being an exceptionally intelligent and wily four-year-old, I hid where no one would ever find me - under the dining room table!

My mum soon walked in. I can remember seeing her legs stop as she registered the vase, and then, a moment later, bent down to see me.

Caught! How did she know!?

I must have been such a pathetic sight - guilt written all over me, tears running down my cheeks - that she put me on her lap and soothed me, instead of smacking me.  

Some people have been so gentle with me, I’m trying to be gentle with others.

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