When I was about 18-years-old, I discovered a very famous piece of Scripture, I Corinthians 13, on love. It’s a great passage and very profound, especially if you replace the word love with your own name. Try it sometime.

Love passage

Part of that famous Biblical passage that spoke to Paul Clark. PICTURE: Leighann Renee/Unsplash

About six months later a guy was preaching in my church from I John 1 on love, another profound passage.

After the service, me - just 18, went up to him – in his 50’s with years of Bible knowledge, decades of preaching, and said, "You might want to check out I Corinthians 13 as well - it says some great things about love."

Well, I don’t know how, but this guy smiled and said something like, "O yes, good idea."

Boy, people have been gracious to me over my life. I’m trying to be gracious to others.

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