Do you know why the Prime Minister and parliamentarians are called "ministers" and public servants are called "servants"?

House of Reps

The Australian House of Representatives. PICTURE: Aditya Joshi/Unsplash

It’s because of Jesus. When Jesus was training His disciples they got into a big argument about who was the greatest! Jesus rebuked them, saying "the world’s leaders lord it over their subjects, but it’s not to be that way with you! If you want to be great, learn to be a servant".

So, as the church formed, what did they call their first generation of leaders? Servants or ministers. They were not bosses or kings, but servants.

That’s why our parliament in  Australia and in other parliamentary democracies are full of ministers and servants. We wanted them to follow the Jesus way – lead, but lead by serving; putting the needs of others before your own glory.

And we want to lose this heritage? Be careful what you wish for.

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