I’ve been saying heaps about freedom recently. Let’s make this one personal.

 TV watching

PICTURE: Obayda PH/Unsplash.

We usually understand freedom to mean doing whatever we want. Now I get to live by that at times during my week.

On my days off, I often decide I’m going to do whatever I want! It usually means I end up sitting in front of the TV watching shows I don’t enjoy, while eating lots of food.

If I ever get an extended period of this type of freedom, I usually end up feeling bored, bloated, feeble and fruitless. Not very satisfying.

Fortunately my wife doesn’t let me have too much of this type of freedom. I might grumble, but when I think about it - doing whatever I want makes my ego happy, but every other part of me dissatisfied.

It’s not really freedom at all. 

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