Rather than freedom being at ability to do "whatever we want", thinkers like Augustine has posited that real freedom is the ability to choose to do good, to avoid sin – to put it another way – to obey God!

Football ground

PICTURE: Hal Gatewood/Unsplash

At first glance this sounds stupid! How can freedom be obeying someone? Then it hit me.

Imagine a football team. What if every player did whatever they wanted? It would be chaos!

Assuming we could get them to at least obey the rules, such a team of individuals would go nowhere.

Rather the team that obeys the coach; achieving things beyond their dreaming! They win premierships; they reach their potential! 

A good coach gives players autonomy within their responsibility - but what a radical view of freedom, obeying the coach!

Is it true in life? Real freedom is found in obeying the coach!?


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