Did you hear about the day man killed God?

Empty tomb

The empty tomb. PICTURE: Pamala Wilson (licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Pretty interesting day; of course, it was a conspiracy. The religious and civil authorities came together and conspired to get rid of this annoying little man. Annoying because He was so good - helping, healing, talking peace, justice and freedom from the establishment’s oppression.

It was obvious this man was God, though. Who else could calm a storm, raise the dead and forgive sins?

What better way than execution as a criminal to not only humiliate Him, but to neutralise any credibility He might have had. Nailed to a tree. Even the Scriptures cursed such a man.

What a great idea - get rid of God and there is no-one left to stand in the way of total world domination! Would have worked too, except for that third day thing.

Easter. Thank God for that third day thing.

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