Steven Covey says we all go through a natural process to maturity - dependence, independence, then interdependence.

Person in crowd

PICTURE: Jason Wong/Unsplash.

We start life totally dependent on our parents. We slowly develop independence; puberty giving us a big shove.

The last skill is learning to walk alongside others; our spouse, parents, friends - interdependence

This also describes the path to spiritual maturity. We come to God hugely dependent on Him, often needing God at every turn.

We then learn to take responsibility for our spirituality. Making good decisions because we know the Divine, not because the Divine told us. This can manifest as doubt, questioning, even a feeling of abandonment as God steps back to see us grow.

Finally we develop interdependence. We realise we need God, but also where God has given us the resources to stand on our own. God ultimately wants mature children, not co-dependent ones. Where are you?

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