In about year five I found that I had an assignment due the next day! An assignment I hadn’t even started.

School books

PICTURE: Kimberly Farmer/Unsplash

I shared my distress with my parents: 'Where would I find information about an Australian explorer at 7pm at night, before the internet?'

Fortunately, my parents had a 1968 encyclopedia.

Unfortunately, my dad panicked. He stressed more than I did. I was soon more worried about my dad than the assignment.

After that experience, I never again left an assignment to the last minute if I could help it. I was that annoying kid who got stuff in early. No more stress like that please.

It’s been a good lesson!

Hmm. OK, now when my kids leave their assignment to the last minute, I’m going to have to throw a major tantrum so they learn the same thing!