Here is a nuance Australia needs to learn. Imagine if we could say this in political life, religious debates, in families: "I don't care for your politics, but I care for you". "I don’t agree with your beliefs, but I agree you should be allowed to believe them".


A more measured conversation? PICTURE: Nik MacMillan/Unsplash 

Sometimes the tone in Australia’s political debate is so hysterical, there is no debate. Great figures of public life can be so vilified they are almost expunged from the public record because they have some tangential politically incorrect belief.

Now obviously there are some beliefs that are so heinous and destructive there is no room for debate - child slavery, honour killings, gay bashing.

But in Australia few of our issues are this big.

I want to live in a country where cool heads prevail, rather than bullies blustering their agenda onto everyone else.

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