I was exploring faith one time with some youth when one of them piped up - things had been stirring in him - and said that "God is boring"!  (I would have once agreed with him.)


What's more boring - God or cricket? PICTURE: Alessandro Bogliari/Unsplash

Before I could answer, one of the others said, "This coming from the boy who's always raving on about cricket! Cricket is boring!" (Once I would have said that was blasphemy.)

The boy answered back, "Cricket isn't boring, cricket is fun."

"Ha!" said the group, "hours in the hot sun - fun!"

Goes to show, you find interesting that which you decide to like.

More hours have been spent discussing theology, more songs written about divine love, more paint spilt over the life of Jesus than almost any other topic - and that includes cricket.

Is God boring? Open your mind to one of the most wondrous ideas in life.

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