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When Steve Jobs released his MP3 player, did he realise that he was putting a time machine into our pocket? PICTURE: Yuriy T/iStockphoto When I listen to Pray for Rain’s self-titled ‘92 debut album, I’m taking back to my college dorm as a university student just trying to make my

Gordon Burley

Thirteen years ago, when I first suggested writing these life coaching spots for radio, there was one guy who stepped up to mentor and join me in this project. He wrote 10 of the first 50 spots and gave me valuable insights and wisdom for the task. Telecommunications towers in

Don’t tell me what to do

Have you been in a work situation where the young whipper-snapper comes in, and they just can’t be told? Image posed by model. PICTURE: artursfoto/iStockphoto They have their ideas, and your years of experience basically means nothing? You can sum up their attitude with one phrase – “You can’t tell

Raising a family

As a radical teenager, we used to talk about giving our life for God. Changing the world. Telling others about Jesus. Righting injustice. PICTURE: standret/iStockphoto We would also say – “Don’t become conventional; 9 to 5 job, raising a family, paying a mortgage. No way man, stay radical!” Well, my

Weird animals

If you study animals, humans really are odd. Our bodies and instincts mesh with the natural world, but our conscious thought, logic, morality, and love are bizarre. PICTURE: alice-photo/iStockphoto  It’s like something, or someone, dropped a conscious soul into our fleshly bodies. We have all sorts of weird theories to


I simply don’t get people who want to accept Jesus’ teachings as wonderful, but think belief in Jesus’ resurrection is woeful. Follow Him but don’t worship Him? PICTURE: artplus/iStockphoto. “Would you take investment advice from someone who went bankrupt?” Why would you take life advice from someone whose life was an abject failure? It

Teach your children

There are some in our society who believe you shouldn’t teach religion to children – “let them learn it later when they can make up their own mind”. PICTURE: gpointstudio/iStockphoto Most people in history would think such a view is crazy. Isn’t your faith integral to who you are? Your identity? Your

Outsourcing care

We’ve in danger of outsourcing care in Australia. PICTURE: shironosov/iStockphoto Once in Australia there were few community services, charities and caring concerns. Families looked after their own. Neighbours called on each other. Communities rallied around a cause, and churches did the heavy lifting of charity. As we’ve got richer, we’re become

Abandoning community?

Numerous studies have begun to point out the seismic shift happening across Western society. It’s being noticed in all our once great cultural icons – Rotary, scouts, sporting groups and churches: the abandonment of community. PICTURE:Nilotpal Kalita/Unsplash That leaves me in a cold sweat. Westerners are abandoning community!? We are


Worship is in decline across the western world. There are all sorts of reasons we give for this; abuse scandals, leadership fails, judgemental faith – and there is merit to each of these. PICTURE: Jantanee Rungpranomkorn/iStockphoto  A new book called The Great Dechurching found that the real reason churches are shrinking


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