29th November 2023
VISITING: Washington DC, Argentina's president-elect Javier Milei where he met with top US officials and IMF officers as he seeks to formulate a plan to reshape the country's foreign policy and lead its economy out of crisis.
CLAIMED: By the Ukrainian military intelligence agency GUR, that Marianna Budanova, wife of agency head Kyrylo Budanov, has been poisoned with heavy metals and is undergoing treatment in a hospital.
KILLED: Eleven people in an accident at a coal mine in China's north-eastern Heilongjiang province on Tuesday, state media outlet CCTV said.


28th November 2023
SPARRED: The United Nations ambassadors of the US and North Korea at the Security Council on Monday over Pyongyang's first spy satellite launch and the reasons for growing tensions in a rare, direct, public exchange between the adversaries.
REPEALED: Niger's junta, an anti-migration law that had helped reduce the flow of West Africans to Europe but which was reviled by desert dwellers whose economies had long relied on the traffic.
REOPENING: On Tuesday, the almost 30 Belgian schools in Brussels and the Brabant region that closed to pupils on Monday after a late Sunday evening bomb alert.


27th November 2023
FREED: On Saturday, three journalists - Silvia Arce, Alberto Sanchez and Marco Toledo, who recently kidnapped in Mexico's southern state of Guerrero, after search operations by security authorities.
ACCEPTED: South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, the resignation of Kim Kyou-hyun, head of the National Intelligence Service, and his two deputies on Sunday, his office said.
WON: Irish writer Paul Lynch,  the 2023 Booker Prize on Sunday for his novel Prophet Song, the story of a family and a country on the brink of catastrophe as an imaginary Irish government veers towards tyranny.


24th November 2023
FLAGGED: Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva that its G20 presidency - which starts next month - will focus on reducing hunger and poverty, slowing climate change and global governance reform.
APPROVED: Comoros' Supreme Court, plans by incumbent President Azali Assoumani to run for another term in a poll some opponents are threatening to boycott if certain conditions, such as the release of political prisoners, are not met.
ANNOUNCED: The Italian city of Venice, that it will start testing a daily admission fee and cap on visitor access to its famous canals from next April, in what the Italian city's mayor hailed as the world's first such scheme.


23rd November 2023
THWARTED: A plot to kill a Sikh separatist in the US, according to the White House, which issued a warning to India over concerns the government in New Delhi was involved.
MET: South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for talks on Wednesday, signing an agreement stepping up cooperation in defence, security and technology.
FIRED: North Korea, an unspecified ballistic missile toward the East Sea late on Wednesday, but the launch appears to have failed, according to reports; it comes a day after North Korea said it successfully placed its first spy satellite in orbit.


22nd November 2023
RAIDED: Hundreds of police, farms in Portugal's southern Alentejo region on Tuesday, arresting 28 people suspected of human trafficking and labour exploitation, police said.
KILLED: Fourteen informal gold miners in a tunnel collapse in Suriname on Monday afternoon on a concession belonging to a subsidiary of Chinese state miner Zijin Mining.
REVIEWING: The United States is reviewing "potential terrorist designations" for Yemen's Houthi rebel group in response to its seizure of the Galaxy Leader cargo ship on Sunday in the southern Red Sea, according to White House national security spokesperson John Kirby.


21st November 2023
CONFIRMED: Liberia's election commission, that Joseph Boakai has been elected President of Liberia with 50.64 per cent of the vote, beating President George Weah who got 49.36 per cent.
THREATENED: Elon Musk, to sue media watchdog Media Matters and those who attacked his social media platform X, following moves by several large US companies to halt advertising on the site after being promoted alongside anti-Semitic content.
The UK, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in a four day state visit, the first such visit since the coronation of King Charles III.


20th November 2023
SHAKEN: The southern Philippines in a magnitude 6.7 offshore earthquake; eight people have died and more than 50 buildings been damaged.
MISSING: In the Black Sea, a Turkish cargo ship with 12 crew members on board after being caught in a storm on Sunday.
 Former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter, wife of former US President Jimmy Carter, at the age of 96 at her home in Georgia.


17th November 2023
VISITED: Ukraine, Britain's Foreign Secretary David Cameron, on his first trip abroad in his new role, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv and also travelled to the southern port city of Odesa.
ISSUED: President Bashar al-Assad, an amnesty on Thursday for Syrians convicted of crimes committed before 16th November; there are a number of exclusions including for offenders who had caused deaths or been involved in weapons smuggling.
 By a San Francisco court, David Wayne DePape, 43, of attempted kidnapping and assault of an immediate family member of a federal official in relation to a hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


16th November 2023
REBELLED: In the UK, some 56 Labour MPs who voted for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict against the wishes of Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer; 10 frontbenchers, including eight shadow ministers, have left their jobs over the vote.
KILLED: 22 people with two injured in Zimbabwe late on Tuesday after a minibus collided with a truck on a highway which links the country to the South African border.
 Climate activist Greta Thunberg, not guilty to a public order offence charge in a British court on Wednesday following her arrest last month at an environmental protest in London.


15th November 2023
ATTENDING: Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum summit in San Francisco, US, where he is expected to have his first face-to-face meeting with US President Joe Biden in a year.
PASSED: The US House of Representatives, a temporary spending bill that would avert a government shutdown, as wide swaths of lawmakers from both parties showed support for the legislation.
COMMUTED: Malaysia's top court, the death sentences and natural-life prison terms of 11 people convicted of drug trafficking, including two Thai nationals; the move follows capital punishment reforms passed earlier this year.


14th November 2023
DECLARED: India's home ministry, nine groups in the troubled north-eastern state of Manipur as unlawful for a period of five years, saying they were engaging in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India.
TESTIFIED: Donald Trump, Jr, on Monday about what he called the "sexiness" of his father's real estate portfolio, in his second time taking the stand in the former US President's civil fraud trial.
DETAINED: In Mexico, 246 migrants who were apprehended around a major bus terminal in the north of the capital city, including more than 50 children who have been placed under the guardianship of social services, authorities said.


13th November 2023
DECLARED: In Iceland, a state of emergency after a series of earthquakes and the rising chance of the eruption of the volcano Fagradalsfjall; thousands of people living in the town of Grindavík have been evacuated as a precaution.
ATTACKED: One of Australia's largest port operators, DP World Australia, in a cyber attack which led it to suspend operations; the Australian Government said the company was making "good progress" to bring activities back online.
CARRIED OUT: The US, two air strikes in Syria against Iran and its aligned groups on Sunday, the Pentagon said, in the latest response to a series of attacks against American forces in Syria and in Iraq.


10th November 2023
ACCUSED: Home Secretary Suella Braverman, London's Metropolitan Police of taking a softer stance towards protestors supporting left-wing causes; her comments came as police said they expected a large rally on Saturday which is also the anniversary of the end of World War I.
SEEKING: In court, Steve Bannon, who was a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, to reverse his criminal conviction for defying a subpoena from a congressional panel that investigated the 6th January, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.
DIED: Former US astronaut Frank Borman, who made history by commanding the first manned flight to circle the moon and later piloted Eastern Airlines as chairman in severe economic turbulence, has died at the age of 95.


9th November 2023
CARRIED OUT: The United States, for the second time in recent weeks, strikes on Wednesday against a weapon storage facility in eastern Syria that the Pentagon said was used by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated groups; it comes after US and coalition troops have been attacked at least 40 times in Iraq and Syria by Iran-backed forces since the start of October.
DETAINED: In Costa Rica, eight employees from the country's largest commercial bank on Wednesday in connection to the theft of more than $US6 million, the biggest crime in the bank's 109-year history.
SENT: Australia, 100 police officers to the Solomon Islands on Wednesday to boost security for the Pacific Games which starts next week.


8th November 2023
RESIGNED: Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa amid an investigation into alleged irregularities committed by his majority Socialist administration in handling lithium mining and hydrogen projects in the country; Costa said his conscience was clear.
SHOT DEAD: Two people taking part in an anti-government protest in Panama on Tuesday by an unknown assailant; the killings aggravate social tension that has welled up since anger over a lucrative mining contract sparked demonstrations.
OBJECTED: Venezuela, to a decision by the International Criminal Court to resume an investigation into alleged human rights abuses that could constitute crimes against humanity by Venezuelan officials.


7th November 2023
EXPERIENCING: North-east China, unseasonably cold weather and blizzards on Monday, forcing hundreds of flights to be rescheduled and closing schools as several cities issued heightened weather alerts and warned people to stay indoors.
HUNGER STRIKING: Imprisoned Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi, in protest against what she said was the jail's failure to give her access to medical care, HRANA news agency reported.
REQUESTED: London police, that organisers not go ahead with any protests planned this weekend when Armistice Day will be marked; it comes after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak slammed plans for a pro-Palestinian march.


6th November 2023
VISITING: China, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the first visit to China by a leader of his country in seven years.
KILLED: Three firefighters after a light plane crashed in a remote area of Australia's Queensland state on Saturday.
CONDEMNED: Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr,  the killing of Filipino journalist Juan Jumalon, also known as "DJ Johnny Walker", and ordered the police to conduct an investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.


3rd November 2023
FAREWELLED: In China, former Premier Li Keqiang,who was cremated on Thursday at a Beijing funeral attended by President Xi Jinping and other officials; known as "the people's premier" for his down-to-earth, hands-on leadership, Li, 68, died of a heart attack in Shanghai last Friday.
CHARGED: In the Australian state of Victoria, Erin Patterson, 49 - the Leongatha woman at the centre of an investigation into a mushroom meal that allegedly resulted in the deaths of three people - with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder.
RELEASED: What is being billed as their last song, The Beatles' Now and Then, the first part of which was written by John Lennon in 1978 and which was completed last year; all four of the group - including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the late George Harrison as well as Lennon - feature on the track.


2nd November 2023
PUBLISHED: The UK Government, the "Bletchley Declaration", an agreement of 28 countries including the US and China as well as the EU, which is aimed at boosting global efforts to cooperate on artificial intelligence safety.
AGREED: China, to hold nuclear arms control talks with the US next week, the first since the Obama administration, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
APPOINTED: By Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, a nine-member interim government on Wednesday to oversee the Himalayan nation's parliamentary election, to be held within three months.


1st November 2023
CLAIMED: Mali's northern Tuareg rebels, that they had seized a base in Kidal vacated by the United Nations on Tuesday, potentially leading to a showdown in the strategic city where Mali's army is hoping to wrest back control.
OPENING: Germany and Tanzania, talks about the legacy of its three decades of colonial rule in the East African nation, the two countries' Presidents said on Tuesday.
PAID TRIBUTE: The five surviving co-stars of the hit 1990s television sitcom Friends to their fallen cast mate, Matthew Perry, in a joint message lamenting his death two days earlier as an "unfathomable loss".


31st October, 2023
SET OFF: A large migrant caravan, numbering in the thousands and comprising many Central Americans and Venezuelans, from southern Mexico on Monday for the United States, organisers and officials said.
ENDING:  The articipation of Gabon, Niger, Uganda and the Central African Republic in the US' African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade program, President Joe Biden said Monday.
PLEADED: Illinois man, Joseph Czuba, 71, charged with murder and hate crimes for stabbing six-year-old Muslim boy Wadea Al-Fayoume to death and wounding his mother, not guilty at an arraignment before a judge on Monday, according to court records.


30th October, 2023
LAUNCHED: India's police, a probe into bombings at a Jehovah's Witnesses' gathering in Kerala on Sunday in which two people were killed and dozens others injured; a man has been detained for questioning.
KILLED: Thirty-two people  and 63 injured on Saturday in a multiple-vehicle collision about 132 kilometres north of Egypt's capital Cairo, the health ministry said.
DIED: US actor Matthew Perry, 54, the wise-cracking co-star of 1990s sitcom Friends, at his Los Angeles home in an apparent drowning this weekend.


27th October, 2023
UPHELD: Nigeria's Supreme Court, President Bola Tinubu's election win, bringing to an end a legal challenge brought by his two main rivals, who argued that his victory was marred by irregularities.
REJECTED: US Senate, legislation that would have forced President Joe Biden to withdraw US troops from Niger, a West African nation where military officers seized power in July.
ELECTING: Malaysia's sultans, the next king from among themselves at a meeting expected to be held on Friday, state news agency Bernama reported.


26th October, 2023
ELECTED: Mike Johnson, a Republican from the US state of Louisiana, as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
CARRIED OUT: Fresh raids and arrests, Brazil's federal police said, as part of an investigation into the 8th January riots in Brasilia, including on a relative of former President Jair Bolsonaro's ex-wife.
DAMAGED: Windows in Ukraine's Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant after a powerful blast in the area, but it did not affect the plant's operations or its connection to the grid, the UN nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday.


25th October, 2023
COLLIDED: Two freighters collided in the North Sea off the coast of Germany, with two people rescued after the accident, one body recovered and four people missing.
LAUNCHED: Costa Rica's Attorney General's office, an investigation into the disappearance of some $US6 million at the Central American country's largest commercial bank
URGED: Danielle Gershkovich, the sister of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, the Biden administration to remain focused on trying to bring him home from a Russian prison.


24th October, 2023
GUNNED DOWN: At least 13 local police officers by criminal assailants in southern Mexico's Guerrero state on Monday, a state government source told Reuters.
SEEKING: Bolivia's Attorney General, a prison sentence of 30 years for former President Jeanine Anez, who is set to be tried for genocide over deaths during protests that followed the country's 2019 election.
SEIZED: In Spain, ancient gold artefacts valued at €60 million stolen from Ukraine after thieves were caught trying to sell them in Madrid.


23rd October, 2023
KILLED:  Two Iraqi soldiers and two fighters of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces on Sunday as the two sides clashed in a mountainous northern area, Iraqi and Kurdish security sources said.
REPORTED: Iranian state media, that teenage Iranian girl Armita Geravand, who fell into a coma earlier this month following an alleged encounter with officers over violating the country's hijab law, is "brain dead".
HELD: South Korea, together with Japan and the United States, their first joint aerial exercise near the Korean peninsula on Sunday, the South Korean military said.


20th October, 2023
PLEADED: Guilty, former Donald Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to six charges in the Georgia election interference case.
RELEASED: Five people jailed in Venezuela, including well-known opposition figures, following a deal with the government of President Nicolas Maduro and Washington's demand that certain prisoners be freed.
DECLARED: A US federal judge, that California law banning assault weapons was unconstitutional, saying the prohibition enacted in 1989 against semi-automatic weapons could not stand under a US Supreme Court ruling last year that expanded gun rights.


19th October, 2023
ASKED: Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Keith Rowley, Canada to help Caribbean countries reinforce their security by helping with coastal patrols as the region deals with worsening gun violence.
ATTACKED: US military forces in Iraq in two separate drone incidents, with one causing minor injuries to a small number of troops even though the US military managed to intercept the armed drone, a US official said.
EVACUATED:  Several French airports after eight faced security alerts on Wednesday, the DGAC aviation authority said, and the Palace of Versailles closed again due to its third security scare in five days.


18th October, 2023
VISITING: China, Vladimir Putin to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a widely watched trip aimed at showcasing "no-limits" partnership between the countries.
DECLINED: India's top court on Tuesday, to legalise same-sex marriage and left it to parliament to decide, agreeing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government that the legislature is the right forum to rule on the issue.
KILLED:  A Ugandan national and two foreign tourists in an attack by suspected Islamist rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces in a national park, according to police.


17th October, 2023
APPOINTED: In the Ivory Coast, Robert Beugre Mambe, the Governor of Abidjan, as prime minister'; it comes after the government was dissolved earlier this month.
EXPECTED: On Tuesday, a ruling from India's top court on the legal recognition of same-sex marriages.
ISSUED: An Indonesian court, a ruling on Monday on the eligibility criteria for the country's top posts that will pave the way for the eldest son of outgoing leader Joko Widodo to run for vice president in next year's election.


16th October, 2023
SHAKEN: Afghanistan's Herat province, by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, killing two; it is the third quake to hit the country in a week.
CONCERNED: The UN, about "heightened tensions and increasing armed presence" in northern Mali which the body says is likely to impede the withdrawal of UN peacekeeping troops.
DIED: Actor Suzanne Somers, best known for her role on the television show Three's Company and for various fitness and health business ventures, on Sunday at the age of 76, according to reports.


13th October, 2023
ORDERED: A court in Madagascar, a one-week postponement of the island's November election, a move that incumbent president Andry Rajoelina has opposed.
BANNED: The Russian Olympic Committee on Thursday for recognising regional organisations from four territories annexed from Ukraine, the International Olympic Committee said.
SUSPENDED: Negotiations between Hollywood studios and the SAG-AFTRA actors' union on Wednesday as the two sides clashed over streaming revenue, the use of artificial intelligence and other issues at the core of a three-month work stoppage.


12th October, 2023
RELEASED: Australian journalist Cheng Lei, who had been detained in China on national security charges for more than three years, returned home on Wednesday, Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.
FACING: Prosecution in India, Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy, for a speech about Kashmir she gave 13 years ago after a top official approved the move, local media reported on Wednesday.
KILLED: At least one person after Hurricane Lidia battered Mexico's Pacific coast.


11th October, 2023
STARTED: France, withdrawing troops from bases in south-west Niger, marking the start of a departure demanded by Niger's junta.
SUING: Chinese-owned app TikTok by the US state of Utah which accuses it of harming children by intentionally keeping young users spending unhealthy amounts of time on the short-video sharing platform; similar suits have been brought in Indiana and Arkansas.
INVESTIGATING: Ukrainian authorities, 260 criminal cases involving alleged "violations" at military recruitment offices, the State Bureau of Investigations said on Tuesday.


10th October, 2023
SEEKING: The UK Government, the country's Supreme Court to overturn a ruling by a lower court in June that a plan to deport migrants to Rwanda was unlawful.
WON: The 2023 Nobel economics prize, Harvard economic historian Claudia Goldin for her work exposing the causes of deeply rooted wage and labour market inequality between men and women.
RUNNING: Twenty-four candidates, including Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi, have officially declared they will compete for the presidency in the December election, acording to the electoral commission.


9th October, 2023
ISSUED: Japan, a tsunami advisory for the island areas in the eastern part of the country on Monday following an earthquake; the tsunami already arrived in some island areas, which reported waves as high as 60 centimetres.
REJECTED:  The Supreme Court in military-ruled Myanmar, appeals against six corruption convictions for the jailed former leader Aung San Suu Kyi, according to media reports.
REVIVED: Calls for an inquiry into late Dutch Prince Bernhard's ties to Adolf Hitler's party after the discovery of a Nazi membership card in his name.


6th October, 2023
ARRESTED: Thai police, four men suspected of illegally selling modified firearms to the teenager who opened fire in a luxury mall in Bangkok this week, killing two and wounding five.
DECRIMINALISED: The Supreme Court of Mauritius, same-sex relations after it struck out a colonial-era law.
WON: Norwegian author and dramatist Jon Fosse won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday "for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable".


5th October, 2023
PULLED OUT: Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, of an EU-brokered meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, dealing a blow to prospects for rescuing the peace process between the two countries.
APPEARED: In a Las Vegas court, former gang member Duane "Keffe D" Davis, 60, after being charged in the 1996 murder of hip-hop star Tupac Shakur.
SEEKING: To replace the ousted Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker in the US, Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan; Republicans have set 11th October as the date on which they'll choose a successor.


4th October, 2023
ARRESTED: In Bangkok, Thailand, a teenage gunman suspected of killing two foreigners and wounding five people on Tuesday in a shooting spree at a luxury mall.
IMPOSED: The US Treasury Department, sanctions on 28 people and entities it says are involved with the international proliferation of illicit drugs, including a large China-based network; the move is part of a bid to tackle the trafficking of the deadly drug fentanyl.
ELECTED: Canada's House of Commons, Greg Fergus as its new Speaker, making the Liberal Party lawmaker the first Black Canadian to hold the post.


3rd October, 2023
FIRE: At a police facility in the Egyptian Suez Canal city of Ismailia early on Monday, injuring at least 25 people before firefighters contained the blaze.
DELAYED: The European Parliament's environment committee, its decision on whether to accept former Dutch foreign minister Wopke Hoekstra as the EU's next head of climate change policy.
EXPANDED: The Golden Globes, to 300 members; a press release says 47 per cent of members are now female and 60 per cent racially and ethnically diverse.


2nd October, 2023
CRASHED: A cargo truck in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, killing at least 10 Cuban migrants it was carrying and injuring 17 others seriously, according to Mexico's migration institute.
KILLED: Two people in a grizzly bear attack in Alberta's Banff National Park, Parks Canada said in a statement.
RELEASED: From hospital after hip surgery,  Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


29th September, 2023
KILLED: Three people in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Thursday after a gunman shot a local woman and her daughter in their home then stormed into a classroom of Rotterdam's university hospital and opened fire on a male teacher.
EXPLODED: A warehouse near Tashkent's airport, killing one and injuring 162 on Thursday.
DIED: British-Irish actor Michael Gambon, best known to global audiences for playing Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie franchise, at the age of 82.


28th September, 2023
ADOPTED: North Korea, a constitutional amendment to enshrine its policy on nuclear force, state media reported on Thursday.
ESTABLISHING: Brazil's government, a taskforce to provide emergency assistance to inhabitants in the Amazon region hit by a severe drought.
DEPARTED: France's ambassador to Niger from the African nation, around a month after the military junta ordered his expulsion.


27th September, 2023
RULED: Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York state court in Manhattan, that Donald Trump committed fraud for years by inflating asset values and his net worth to obtain better terms on bank loans and insurance.
DECLARING: Costa Rican officials, a state of emergency as the number of migrants passing through the small Central American nation has risen sharply.
JOINED: Joe Biden, in an historic first for a US president, a picket line with striking autoworkers in Belleville, Michigan.


26th September, 2023
CLAIMED: Ukraine's special forces, that they killed Moscow's top admiral in Crimea, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, along with 33 other officers in a missile attack last week on the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in the port of Sevastopol.
REACHED: Hollywood's writers union, a preliminary labour agreement with major studios on Sunday in a deal expected to end one of two strikes that have halted most film and television production.
LAUNCHED: London's Metropolitan Police, an investigation into a number of allegations of non-recent sexual offences following media reports that four women had accused actor and comedian Russell Brand of a string of sexual assaults.


25th September, 2023
KILLED: At least 35 people were killed in south-eastern Benin on Saturday after a fire broke out at a shop where witnesses said gasoline was being unloaded.
APOLOGISED: Anthony Rota, Speaker of the House of Commons in Canada, for recognising 98-year old Yaroslav Hunka as a "Ukranian hero"at a parliamentary meeting; Hunka served in a Nazi unit during World War II.
COMPLETED: Venezuela, the first phase of regaining control of its prison system, Interior Minister Remigio Ceballos said on Saturday, speaking just days after security forces seized the Aragua jail that was infamously run by prisoners.


22nd September, 2023
ANNOUNCED: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, that he was stepping down as chairman of Fox, News Corp.
REJECTED: A majority on Brazil's Supreme Court, a cut-off date limiting Indigenous land claims, a restriction sought by the powerful farm lobby to block rights to land that Indigenous people did not live on in 1988.
MOVING: Democratic Republic of Congo,  its Israel embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday.


21st September, 2023
STATED: Former US President Donald Trump, that if elected again he would shift resources from federal law enforcement agencies and send thousands of overseas-based troops to the US-Mexico border.
ASKED: Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi, his government to fast track the withdrawal of a United Nations peacekeeping mission to ensure it begins at the end of the year.
DECLARED: Nigeria's northern Kano state, a 24-hour curfew on Wednesday after a tribunal overturned the election of an opposition candidate as governor and declared a member of President Bola Tinubu's party the rightful winner.


20th September, 2023
WARNED: Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, of the prospect of a coup in Guatemala during a speech at the UN General Assembly, echoing US concerns.
BANNED: German authorities, neo-Nazi group Hammerskins Deutschland, and raided the homes of 28 members nationwide after an investigation in cooperation with US officials.
INTERCEPTED: The Tunisian coastguard, more than 2,500 migrants and arrested dozens of human smugglers following a major crackdown launched last weekend in the coastal region of Sfax.


19th September, 2023
CLAIMED: Canada, that it had credible information linking Indian government agents to the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia in June; Canada said it had expelled a senior Indian intelligence official.
TARGETED: More than 50 Colombian state entities and private companies in a cyber attack last week, Colombian President Gustavo Petro told journalists in New York.
UNDERTAKING: China's top diplomat, Wang Yi, a four-day trip to Russia ahead of a possible landmark visit by President Vladimir Putin to Beijing in October.


18th September, 2023
URGING: WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, China to offer more information on the origins of COVID-19, he said in an interview with the Financial Times.
KILLED: Fourteen people when a small jet crashed in Brazil's northern Amazonas state on Saturday, the state's Governor said.
ROBBED: French fashion house Balmain of dozens of pieces due to be unveiled at a Paris show later this month after a lorry carrying the clothing was hijacked, its creative director Olivier Rousteing said.


15th September, 2023
CHARGED: US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, with deceiving a gun dealer into selling him a firearm in what is the first-ever indictment of a sitting President's child.
CLOSING: The border between the Domenican Republic and Haiti amid a conflict over the construction of a water channel from a shared river.
STATED: Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, that Donald Trump's Georgia trial on charges of trying to overturn his 2020 election defeat won't begin in October, in a ruling that will allow the former US President to be tried after two of his former attorneys.


14th September, 2023
KILLED: Five Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border on Wednesday by an explosive device that appeared to have been detonated accidentally, Palestinian officials said.
ORDERED: A prosecutor for Greece's top criminal court, a probe into the causes and handling of floods that killed at least 15 people, swamped houses and destroyed infrastructure last week.
EXTENDED: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's jail remand related to charges of leaking state secrets, by two weeks, his lawyer said on Wednesday.


13th September, 2023
VISITING: Russia, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for talks with President Vladimir Putin amid warnings from Washington the two countries should not trade weapons.
ORDERED: US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, an inquiry into impeaching President Joe Biden; the White House described the move as "extreme politics at its worst".
RECOVERED: Painting Spring Garden by Vincent Van Gogh that was stolen from the Museum Singer Laren in The Netherlands in 2020 during a COVID-19 lockdown.


12th September, 2023
TRAVELLING: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Russia on his private train ahead of expected meetings with President Vladimir Putin at which an arms deal is likely to be discussed.
RESCUED: American caver Mark Dickey, 40 - who had become trapped more than 1,000 metres underground in southern Turkey after falling ill - early on Tuesday after a days-long international rescue operation.
DIED: British scientist Ian Wilmut, whose research was central to the creation of the cloned animal, Dolly the Sheep, at the age of 79, the University of Edinburgh said on Monday.


11th September, 2023
DETAINED: A couple of thousand climate activists in The Netherlands on the weekend as they blocked a highway into The Hague.
QUIT: Spanish football federation chief Luis Rubiales after three weeks of scandal over allegations he gave an unsolicited kiss to player Jennifer Hermoso on the women's national team as they celebrated their World Cup victory last month.
MOVED: Halfway to the surface, American caver Mark Dickey, 40 who had become trapped more than 1,000 metres underground in southern Turkey.


8th September, 2023
RACING: More than 150 rescuers to reach an American man who fell ill and became trapped some 1,000 metres underground in a cave he was exploring in southern Turkey.
RELEASED: From custody, two French police officers as an investigation continues into a collision in a Paris suburb that left a 16-year old boy of Turkish descent brain-dead.
LAUNCHED: North Korea, its first operational "tactical nuclear attack submarine" and assigned it to the fleet that patrols the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, state media said on Friday.


7th September, 2023
CANCELLING: The US Interior Department, oil and gas leases in a federal wildlife refuge that were bought by an Alaska state development agency in the final days of former President Donald Trump's administration.
FOUND: A US federal judge, Donald Trump liable for defaming the writer E Jean Carroll by denying in 2019 that he had raped her, and said jurors will decide only how much the former US President should pay in damages.
DECLARING: The UK, the Russian mercenary Wagner Group to be a terrorist organisation, making it illegal to be a member or to support it, the government said on Wednesday.


6th September, 2023
SENTENCED: Ex-Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, to 22 years in prison on Tuesday for his role in the 6th January, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, the longest sentence so far in the case.
CEDED: Myanmar, its turn to chair ASEAN, after the group agreed that an existing but widely criticised peace plan will continue to guide its response to the bloody conflict there.
FIRED: Spain's women's team coach Jorge Vilda; it comes 10 days after FIFA suspended RFEF's president for kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth in celebration of Spain's World Cup victory.


5th September, 2023
TO MEET:  North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia, to discuss the possibility of supplying weapons for the war in Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Monday.
DEPARTING: Thousands of attendees at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert after downspours created a sea of sticky mud and led officials to order the multitudes to shelter in place.
PUBLISHED: On social media, a new photo appearing to show Russian General Sergei Surovikin, who has not been seen in public since a brief mutiny by the Wagner mercenary group in June.


4th September, 2023
EXPRESSED: US President Joe Biden, his disappointment that Chinese President Xi Jinping was not attending the summit of G20 leaders in India this week.
ATTACKED: A village mosque by a gang of armed men in Nigeria's north-west Kaduna state late on Friday killing at least seven worshippers; two others were taken to hospital for treatment.
DIED: US singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, known for his hit songs Margaritaville and Come Monday, at the age of 76 following a battle with cancer.


1st September, 2023
SENTENCED: In the US, former far-right Proud Boys leaders Joseph Biggs to 17 years in prison and his co-defendant Zachary Rehl to 15 years, after a jury convicted them of seditious conspiracy for storming the US Capitol in a failed bid to overturn Donald Trump's 2020 election defeat.
STRIKING: Italy's transport unions said railway maintenance staff for a half-dayon Friday after five workers were run over and killed by a train while replacing a stretch of track.
BURIED: Dmitry Utkin, 53, co-founder of Russian mercenary group Wagner, near Moscow on Thursday, after dying in a plane crash that also killed his boss Yevgeny Prigozhin.


31st August, 2023
STAGED: North Korea, a simulated "scorched-earth" nuclear strike on targets across South Korea; it comes in reaction to allied exercises.
KILLED: At least six protesters and one policeman in the eastern Congolese city of Goma on Wednesday when a demonstration against the UN and other foreign organisations turned violent.
URGED: The US Embassy in Haiti, its citizens to leave the Caribbean country "as soon as possible" citing security and infrastructure challenges, as escalating violence has left thousands displaced and sent homicides soaring.


30th August, 2023
DISRUPTIONS: To flights into the UK - with more than 1,500 cancelled on Monday - after an air traffic control glitch; the impact is expected to last for days.
FIRST: Britain's state-run National Health Service, to offer an injection that treats cancer to hundreds of patients in England which could cut treatment times by up to three quarters.
Operations at Syria's Aleppo airport after an Israeli air strike put the airport out of action on Monday.


29th August, 2023
QUASHED: By Pakistani court, a sedition case against former Prime Minister Imran Khan; Khan's appeal against conviction in a separate corruption case will be decided on by a high court on Tuesday.
FIRST: Man to be charged with "aggravated homosexuality", an offence punishable by death under Uganda's recently enacted anti-gay law, prosecutors and the lawyer for a 20-year-old said.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, a ministerial panel for national security to improve her government's response to a surge in migrant arrivals.


28th August, 2023
EXPLOSIONS: At a liquefied petroleum gas station in the Romanian town of Crevedia, killing at least one and injuring 57 on Saturday.
KILLED: Three US Marines in an aircraft crash off the coast of northern Australia on Sunday while transporting troops during a routine military exercise.
France, children from wearing the abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes worn by some Muslim women, in state-run schools, Education Minister Gabriel Attal said on Sunday.


25th August, 2023
KILLED: Three people, with six others wounded when a former police officer opened fire at a famed biker bar at Cook's Corner in southern California before he was shot dead by police late on Wednesday.
SENTENCED: By an Australian court, Malka Leifer, former principal of the Adass Israel School, to 15 years in prison for sexually abusing two students; it comes after her extradition from Israel in 2021.
By three months, the pre-trial detention of US reporter Evan Gershkovich by a Russian court on Thursday; he faces charges of espionage which he denies.


24th August, 2023
FAILED: North Korea's second attempt to launch a satellite into orbit on Thursday; the US State Department said the attempt violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions.
STUCK: A deal to expand the BRICS group - currently Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - as divisions continue among leaders over how much and how quickly.
Colombia's Attorney General Francisco Barbosa, the credibility of intelligence reports that ELN rebels were plotting to kill him and two other people despite denials by the ELN and military.


23rd August, 2023
MEETING: Representives of BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - in South Africa; Russian President Vladimir Putin is not attending due to an International Criminal Court arrest warrant alleging war crimes in Ukraine.
KILLED: Fifteen Mexicans and one Venezuelan in a road accident in central Mexico early on Tuesday, officials said.
A backlog of vessels waiting to pass the Panama Canal due to drought-related restrictions after the waterway's authority authorised more non-booked ships to pass and as others are choosing alternate routes to avoid the delays.


22nd August, 2023
JAILED: For the rest of her life, former British nurse Lucy Letby, for killing seven newborn babies after a judge in Manchester on Monday ruled Britain's most prolific serial child killer of modern times should never be released.
Former US President Donald Trump, to turn himself in and be processed in Atlanta on Thursday in connection with his indictment in Georgia.
APOLOGISED: Spanish soccer federation chief Luis Rubiales for an unsolicited kiss on player Jenni Hermoso's lips during celebrations of the country's Women's World Cup victory sparked outrage.


21st August, 2023
CONVICTED:  British nurse Lucy Letby, in a court in Manchester, UK, on Friday, of murdering seven newborns and the attempted murders of six others, making her the most prolific child serial killer in modern British history.
A bus in Pakistan's eastern Punjab province on Sunday, catching fire after colliding with another vehicle, killing at least 18.
DIED: UK broadcaster Michael Parkinson, who interviewed some of the world's biggest celebrities on his long-running eponymous chat show, at the age of 88.


18th August, 2023
CRASHED: A private jet on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, killing at least 10 people.
SHAKEN: The Colombian capital of Bogota by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on Thursday; one person was reported killed.
ASKED: Lawyers for Donald Trump, a federal judge in Washington to schedule an April, 2026, trial for the former President, facing federal charges that he allegedly sought to overturn his 2020 election loss to Democrat Joe Biden.


17th August, 2023
INCREASED: The number of people killed in an explosion in a hardware store in a commercial part of San Cristobal in the Domenican Republic to at least 27 with 59 people wounded.
ARRESTED: A 39-year-old man as part of an investigation linked to an accidental breach of sensitive police data in Northern Ireland last week.
TESTED: Olympic triathletes, swimming in the Seine in Paris on Wednesday, 10 days after heavy rainfall caused the water quality to dip and forced the cancellation of another open water competition.


16th August, 2023
RISEN: The death toll a fire at a gas station in the southern Russian region of Dagestan on Monday night to 35.
EXCHANGED: Letters pledging to develop ties, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean state media reported.
THROWN OUT: By a Malaysian court, charges of abuse of power against opposition leader and former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, describing them as "vague, flawed and unfounded", according to state news agency Bernama.


15th August, 2023
KILLED: At least 25 people, with at least 66 injured in a fire at a gas station in the southern Russian region of Dagestan on Monday night.
FOUND: The remains of at least 13 people in freezers in a couple of buildings in Mexico's Veracruz state; six suspects have been detained.
OPPOSED: China, a planned United Nations Security Council meeting on human rights abuses in North Korea because it will only "intensify confrontation and antagonism".


14th August, 2023
COLLAPSED: A mosque filled with worshippers in Nigeria's northern city of Zaria, in Kaduna state, killing seven and injuring several others.
MET: US FBI agents with Ecuadorean police and prosecutors on Sunday as part of a joint effort to uncover who was behind last week's assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.
APPOINTED: The first Saudi Arabian ambassador to the Palestinians when Saudi Ambassador to Jordan, Nayef Al-Sudairi, expanded his credentials to include non-resident envoy to the Palestinians.


11th August, 2023
PROPOSED: US prosecutors to begin former President Donald Trump's trial on charges of trying to overturn his 2020 election loss on 2nd January, 2024.
ATTACKED: By armed men, two villages in Nigeria's north central state of Plateau with at least 20 killed and others injured.
EVACUATED: More than 4,000 people in southern Norway as rivers swelled above their banks to their highest levels in decades.


10th August, 2023
SIGNED: President Joe Biden, an executive order prohibiting some new US investment in China in sensitive technologies like computer chips and require government notification in other tech sectors.
KILLED: Ecuadorean presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio at a campaign event on Wednesday, according to reports.
DISSOLVED: Pakistan's Parliament by President Arif Alvi on Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's advice late Wednesday night, setting the stage for a national election.


9th August, 2023
SHARED: Accidentally, the names and work locations of every member of staff at Northern Ireland's police force on Tuesday.
SET: A federal judge presiding over former President Donald Trump's trial on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election, a Friday court date for a hearing to help determine how evidence can be used and shared in the case.
MASSED: Hundreds of migrants alongside the US border in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez late on Monday, after false rumours that the US would allow entry to a mass group.


8th August, 2023
DETAINED: Ukraine's domestic intelligence agency, a woman it accused of gathering information about President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's itinerary ahead of a trip and trying to pass information about military facilities to Russia.
SENTENCED: Former Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao to four-and-three-quarter years in prison for aiding and abetting manslaughter in the 2020 killing of George Floyd
DIED: William Friedkin, a director whose films included The French Connection and The Exorcist on Monday at the age of 87.


7th August, 2023
PLANNING: Japan, to start releasing treated radioactive water from the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean as early as late August, according to reports.
KILLED: Twenty-four people when a truck carrying local shoppers overturned on the road in a rural area in Morocco on Sunday.
SENDING: Pakistan, its cricket team to India to participate in this year's 50-over World Cup, the foreign office said on Sunday.


4th August, 2023
CRASHED: In Mexico, a bus which plunged off a highway into a ravine in the early hours of Thursday killing at least 17 and injuring at least 22.
ARRESTED: A man in the South Korean commuter town of Seongnam who rammed his car into passers-by before stabbing some, killing one and wounding 14.
KILLED: Islamic State leader Abu Hussein al-Husseini al-Quraishi during a gun battle with Islamist group Hayat Tahrir al Sham in Syria; Abu Hafs al-Hashimi al-Quraishi was named as his replacement.


3rd August, 2023
SENTENCED: By a Bangladesh court, exiled acting chairman of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party Tarique Rahman and his wife to jail in absentia after being found guilty of accumulating wealth beyond their declared income.
ANNOUNCED: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie, that they were separating, appearing to mark the end of the couple's 18-year high-profile marriage.
DIED: Former Ivory Coast President Henri Konan Bedie, part of an old guard of politicians who dominated politics in the West African nation for a generation, at the age of 89.


2nd August, 2023
ACCUSED: By Poland, Belarus, Russia's closest ally, of violating its airspace with military helicopters; Poland said it was rushing troops to its eastern border as a result.
PLEADED: Not guilty, Nicolas Petro, the eldest son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, to charges of money laundering and illicit enrichment at a court in Bogota.
DIED: Angus Cloud, cast member of the HBO teen drama series Euphoria, on Monday at age 25, just days after the death of his father.


1st August, 2023
APPEARED: In US federal court, Carlos De Oliveira, an aide to former US President Donald Trump, on charges he tried to help the former President hide secret documents taken upon leaving office.
PARTICIPATING: In Israel, all 15 Supreme Court judges in a hearing on arguments against a law that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition passed as part of an overhaul of the judiciary.
DIED: Paul Reubens, the actor who played Pee-wee Herman, at the age of 70, a post on his Instagram account said on Monday.


31st July, 2023
EXPLODED: Firecrackers kept in a warehouse in southern Thailand on Saturday, killing 12 and injuring hundreds, an official said on Sunday.
MISSING: Four aircrew, who were feared killed when an Australian Defence Force helicopter crashed into the ocean off the coast of Queensland during military exercises.
IMPOSED: In the north-eastern Nigerian state of Adamawa, a 24-hour curfew after youths broke into shops to steal food and other goods.


28th July, 2023
ADDED: By special counsel Jack Smith, additional charges against former US President Donald Trump in the classified documents case.
KILLED: At least eight people with nearly a dozen injured after a grain silo explosion on Wednesday at an agricultural co-operative in southern Brazil.
FOUND: On the Theodul Glacier in Zermatt, Switzerland, the remains of a German mountain climber who disappeared in 1986.


27th July, 2023
MET: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with Russia's defence Sergei Shoigu as Shoigu made a rare visit to North Korea.
ABLAZE: A cargo ship carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles off the Dutch coast on Wednesday, killing one member of the crew and injuring several others.
ACQUITTED: In a London court, Oscar-winning US actor Kevin Spacey of carrying out multiple sex assaults on four men.
DIED: Sinead O'Connor, the Irish singer known for her stirring voice, 1990 chart-topping hit Nothing Compares 2 U and outspoken views, at the age of 56.


26th July, 2023
REAPPOINTED: China, top diplomat Wang Yi as foreign minister one month after former rising star Qin Gang disappeared from public view.
BURNT: Qurans by anti-Islam activists in front of the Egyptian and Turkish embassies in Copenhagen; similar protests in Denmark and Sweden over recent weeks have enraged Muslims.
BRACING: China and Taiwan for the impact of Super Typhoon Doksuri, likely to be the most powerful typhoon to land in China so far in the storm season this year.


25th July, 2023
FIRED: North Korea, two ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast late on Monday, hours after a US nuclear-powered submarine arrived in a naval base in South Korea.
SUED: Texas, by the US Justice Department over floating barriers installed by the state in the Rio Grande river to block migrants crossing from Mexico.
REBRANDED: Twitter as 'X', by Elon Musk who said tweets will now be called 'x's'.


24th July, 2023
ASSASSINATED: The mayor of the Ecuadorian Pacific port city of Manta, Agustin Intriago, who was shot dead on Sunday, authorities said, in a brazen attack that stunned the political establishment.
In Russia, a criminal probe into the killing of Russian war reporter Rostislav Zhuravlev; the country's defence ministry previously blamed his death on Ukraine's use of cluster munitions.
DIED: Tony Bennett, the smooth American singer who had an enduring hit with I Left My Heart in San Francisco, on Friday at the age of 96.


21st July, 2023
VISITED: China, 100-year-old former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during which he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping; the White House was aware of the trip but said it was a private visit.
In Indonesia, 12 people including a policeman and an immigration officer accused of trafficking 122 people to Cambodia to sell their kidneys.
PARDONED: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, rights researcher Patrick Zaki a day after he was handed a three-year prison term on charges of spreading false news.


20th July, 2023
DECLARED: A state of disaster in Nauru as Australian army sappers try to defuse a 227 kilogram "armed and dangerous" World War II-era bomb.
At least 34 people died while 12 were injured when a bus and a car collided in Algeria early on Wednesday, Algeria's fire service said.
REJECTED: By a US federal judge, Donald Trump's request for a new trial after a jury found he sexually abused and defamed writer E Jean Carroll, awarding her $US5 million.


19th July, 2023
STATED: Former US President Donald Trump, that he had received a letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith stating that he is a target of a grand jury investigation into efforts to overturn his 2020 presidential election defeat.
CHARGED: In Malaysia, opposition leader Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor with sedition for allegedly insulting the country's revered sultans, state media Bernama reported.
RESCUED: Australian sailor, 54-year-old Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock, by a Mexican fishing ship after months spent adrift at sea with his dog, Bella.


18th July, 2023
LANDED: Typhoon Talim. in China in Monday evening, prompting authorities to issue flood warnings, cancel flights and trains, and order people to stay at home.
INVITED: After a lenghty delay, US President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States for an official visit later this year.
STRANDED: More than 50 pilot whales have died in Scotland after being stranded on a beach on the Isle of Lewis - the largest mass stranding in the country in decades.


17th July, 2023
INTERCEPTED: In Mexico, more than 500 migrants in two days in the eastern state of Veracruz, according to authorities.
ENDED: Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, Novak Djokovic's long reign at Wimbledon, winning the title for the first time on Sunday.
DIED: British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin, a 1960s wildchild who became a beloved figure in France, in Paris at the age of 76.


14th July, 2023
UNVEILED: The European Union's lending arm, a new fund worth €400 million to spend on rebuilding Ukraine.
BANNED: Nepal's aviation regulator,  helicopters from conducting "non-essential" flights, including those for sight-seeing, for two months after a deadly crash in the Everest region in which six people were killed.
STRIKING: Hollywood actors after talks with studios broke down; it comes as a screenwriters' strike continues.


13th July, 2023
LAUNCHED: North Korea, its latest Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Wednesday in a test.
NAMED: UK news anchor Huw Edwards, as the BBC presenter facing allegations over payments made to young person for sexually explicit photos; his wife, Vicky Flind, said she was making a statement out of concern for Edwards' mental health and to protect their children.
IMPOUNDED: In Italy, the Ocean Viking ship, which is involved in migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea, with authorities citing safety procedure irregularities.


12th July, 2023
RETRIEVED: The bodies of all six people killed in a helicopter crash in Nepal on Tuesday, including five Mexican nationals, officials said.
DECLARED: US President Joe Biden, a state of emergency in the US state of Vermont as parts of north-eastern US see severe flooding.
CLAIMED: Prosecutors in New Zealand, that tour booking agents and the managers of an island where a volcanic eruption killed 22 people in 2019 failed to properly prepare and warn visitors of the risks.


11th July, 2023
AGREED: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, to forward to parliament Sweden's bid to join the NATO military alliance.
REAPPOINTED: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whose contract will be extended for a further year.
ERUPTED: A volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula in south-west Iceland, near the capital Reykjavik.


10th July, 2023
MET: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen with senior Chinese officials in 10 hours of meetings which she described as "direct" and "productive" during a four-day trip to Beijing.
PLEDGED: Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Colombia's President Gustavo Petro cooperation to fight deforestation in the Amazon.
More than 700 firearms in a five-year operation by the UK's National Crime Agency and Spain's Guardia Civil to prevent replica guns from entering the UK.


7th July, 2023
STATED: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, that he would have a veto over any use of the tactical nuclear weapons that Russia is stationing on his territory.
The Swedish Government, a ban on burning the Quran or other holy books, following an outcry after a Quran was burned outside a Stockholm mosque last week.
CELEBRATED: In Chile, the birth of a rare Somali Wild Ass foal at the Buin Zoo, sparking hope for a critically endangered species with less than 200 mature individuals left worldwide.


6th July, 2023
SENTENCED: In El Salvador, former President Mauricio Funes to six years behind bars for tax evasion in the second conviction and prison term for the former leftist leader this year.
A bus into a ravine in southern Mexico, killing at least 29 people and injuring another 19, according to state officials.
DIED: Hong Kong-born American singer Coco Lee at the age of 48 on Wednesday following a suicide attempt that left her in a coma according to her two sisters, Carol and Nancy Lee.


5th July, 2023
ATTACKED: Yelena Milashina, a well-known journalist for Russia's Novaya Gazeta newspaper by masked armed men in the Russian region of Chechnya on Tuesday morning.
NATO, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s contract by another year, opting to stick with an experienced leader.
FAREWELLED: At a funeral in Kyiv, Victoria Amelina, 37, a prominent Ukrainian writer and war-crimes researcher, killed in a Russian missile strike on a cafe in eastern Ukraine in late June.


4th July, 2023
SENDING: The Organization of American States, its election observer mission back to Guatemala after the country's constitutional court called for a review of the election's first round.
Soccer star Neymar, 16 million reais ($US3.33 million) for breaching environmental rules during the construction of his coastal mansion in south-eastern Brazil.
DIED: Leon Gautier, last surviving member of a French commando unit that waded ashore on D-Day alongside allied troops to begin France's liberation, at age 100.


3rd July, 2023
COLLAPSED: A six-storey building while under construction in Ivory Coast's commercial capital Abidjan on Friday, killing at least seven of the builders.
By the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, for collective measures to prevent acts of desecration to the Quran after a Quran was burned in a protest in Sweden.
RUNNING: Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout - freed last December in a prisoner swap - for a seat in the legislative assembly of Russia's Ulyanovsk region.


30th June, 2023
STORMED: Briefly, hundreds of followers of the influential Iraqi Shi'ite leader Muqtada Sadr the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad in protest of the burning of a Quran in Sweden.
France’s top administrative court, a ban on the Islamic headscarf during games, ruling against Muslim female soccer players in their case against the French Football Federation.
DIED: Christine King Farris, sister of slain US civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr, and a prominent activist herself, on Thursday at the age of 95.


29th June, 2023
KIDNAPPED: In the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, 14 state security ministry employees by members of an armed group.
 A corruption inquiry in the Australian state of New South Wales, that former Premier Gladys Berejiklian engaged in corrupt conduct involving another lawmaker with whom she was in a secret romantic relationship during her term in office.
APPROVED: The World Bank, a $US700 million in budgetary and welfare support for Sri Lanka; it comes after the International Monetary Fund approved a bailout of nearly $US3 billion in March.


28th June, 2023
CALLED: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, for the country to receive a "political invitation" to join NATO when the military alliance holds a summit in Lithuania next month.
ARRESTED: In Texas, four Mexicans over allegations they operated a human smuggling ring responsible for the deaths a year ago of 53 migrants who were packed into a truck.
LOWERED: By Colombia's geological service, the activity level at the Nevado del Ruiz volcano to yellow, 89 days after raising it because of activity that made an eruption more likely.


27th June, 2023
GRANTED: A US judge, preliminary approval to JPMorgan Chase's $US290 million settlement with women who said Jeffrey Epstein abused them.
SENTENCED: Anderson Lee Aldrich, 23, to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to killing five people in a 2022 mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, US.
PRESENTED: Colombian President Gustavo Petro, 86 medals to Indigenous and military rescuers who worked to find four children who survived a plane crash in the country's Amazon.


26th June, 2023
DERAILED: Partly, the Jetline roller coaster at the Grona Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday, killing one and injuring at least nine.
DETAINED: In Turkey, 50 people on Sunday after Istanbul's LGBT community held their annual Pride march.
VISITING: Egypt, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first state visit to the country where discussions centred on trade, food security and defence.


23rd June, 2023
PROPOSED: By EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, steps to end weeks of violence in predominantly Serb areas of northern Kosovo to the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia.
ADJOURNED: In Brazil, a trial in which former President Jair Bolsonaro is accused of abusing his presidential power in attacking the country's electronic voting system.
LOST: US reporter Evan Gershkovich. his latest appeal in a Moscow court on Thursday against his pre-trial detention on charges of espionage that he denies.


22nd June, 2023
VISITING: The US, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for talks with US President Joe Biden.
HIT BACK: China, saying comments by US President Joe Biden in which he referred to President Xi Jinping as a "dictator", were absurd and a provocation.
RISEN: The death toll from a riot at a women's prison - Centro Femenino de Adaptacion Social - in Honduras to 46.


21st June, 2023
FATALLY SHOT: Four Israelis near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday; militants Hamas group said it a response to a raid by Israeli forces in Jenin.
AGREED: US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of willfully failing to pay income taxes and to enter into an agreement that could avert a conviction on a gun-related charge, according to a court filing.
DETAINED: In Peru ex-Prime Minister Betssy Chavez for allegedly conspiring against the state and joining an attempted "coup" by ousted former President Pedro Castillo.


20th June, 2023
KILLED: Five Palestinians, after Israeli forces backed by helicopter gunships fought an hours-long gunbattle with armed fighters; 90 were wounded.
MET: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing; they agreed to stabilise their intense rivalry so it does not veer into conflict.
SEIZED: Brazilian authorities, 28.7 metric tonnes of illegally obtained shark fins, in what they called the world's largest confiscation of its kind at the origin.


19th June, 2023
PROTESTED: In Belgrade, Serbia, tens of thousands of demonstrators who blocked a major highway and demanded that government heads roll for permitting a culture of violence they said was to blame for the killings of 18 people on 3rd and 4th May.
RESCUED: All 120 people onboard a ferry that caught fire at sea in central Philippines on Sunday have been rescued, the coast guard said.
DIED: Daniel Ellsberg, the US military analyst whose change of heart on the Vietnam War led him to leak the classified "Pentagon Papers", revealing US government deception about the war and setting off a major freedom-of-the-press battle, died on Friday at the age of 92, his family said in a statement.


16th June, 2023
HIT: Several US Federal Government agencies in a global hacking campaign that exploited a vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer software, according to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; it adds to the growing list of countries, including the UK, hit by the breach.
STRUCK: A deal by Finland's conservative National Coalition, winner of April's parliamentary election, to form a majority government with the eurosceptic, anti-immigration Finns Party and two smaller groups, NCP leader Petteri Orpo said.
DIED: Actor Glenda Jackson, a two-time Oscar winner who later served as a socialist politician in the British parliament for 23 years, at the age of 87.


15th June, 2023
FAREWELLED: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at a  a state funeral in Milan Cathedral on Wednesday.
DETAINED: Three Kosovo police officers by Serbian forces on Wednesday; officials from Kosovo and Serbia gave different locations for the arrest, accusing each other of crossing the border illegally.
ACCUSED: Venezuelan security forces, by The Clooney Foundation for Justice, of crimes against humanity against government opponents since 2014 in a lawsuit filed in Argentina on Wednesday.


14th June, 2023
ARRESTED: A man on suspicion of murder after three people were found dead on the street in the central English city of Nottingham on Tuesday and three were injured after an attempt to run them over with a van, according to police.
MOVED: Montserrat Caballero, Mayor of the violent border city of Tijuana in northern Mexico, into military barracks for her safety after she received threats, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Tuesday.
DIED: Veteran Cameroonian opposition leader John Fru Ndi, who for decades fought to topple long-standing president Paul Biya at the ballot box, at the age of 81, his party said.


13th June, 2023
RESIGNED: Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca on Monday as part of a ruling coalition deal for a rotating premiership, meant to ensure stability but which has stalled policymaking and delayed European Union recovery funds; Social Democrat party leader Marcel Ciolacu is expected to be the next prime minister.
EXPELLED: In South Africa, former African National Congress Secretary General Ace Magashule, by the ANC after he was found guilty of violating the party's constitution.
STEPPING DOWN: Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, to pursue the ruling party's candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, bidding to become the country's first female leader.


12th June, 2023
ARRESTED: In Mexico, 16 military personnel allegedly involved in an "execution" have been arrested, after soldiers were filmed beating and then shooting five men, the country's Defence Ministry said on Saturday.
MISSING: Three British tourists while 12 had been rescued after a motor boat caught fire on Sunday off the Egyptian Red Sea coast, Egyptian officials and security sources said.
DIED: Ted Kaczynski, former math professor and "twisted genius" who came to be known as the Unabomber when he carried out a 17-year spree of mysterious bombings that killed three people and baffled the FBI, on Saturday at the age of 81.


9th June, 2023
AGREED: US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,  the "Atlantic Declaration", under which their countries would partner on advanced technologies, clean energy and critical minerals.
WON: Guinea-Bissau's opposition coalition, a majority in legislative elections that will restore parliament after a 13-month absence, but likely end President Umaro Sissoco Embalo's hopes for constitutional reform.
BAILED: Pakistan's ousted former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday from the Islamabad High Court over new murder charges, meaning he cannot be rearrested in connection with those charges for the next 14 days, his lawyer said.


8th June, 2023
CLASHES: In the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank after Israeli forces entered te city early on Thursday in what the military said was an operation to demolish the house of an assailant.
LAUNCHED: Former US Vice President Mike Pence, who loyally served Donald Trump for four years, his campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
BANNING: Australia, public displays and sales of Nazi hate symbols, with the government saying it would introduce laws to the parliament next week, citing a rise in far-right activities at home.


7th June, 2023
REOPENED: Iran, its embassy in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, following a deal to re-establish ties and ease a long rivalry that fuelled conflicts across the Middle East.
GROWN: To at least 30, the death toll in Russia from drinking adulterated cider in western Russia's Ulyanovsk region, local officials said; dozens more have fallen ill.
DIED: Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, the voice of Bossa Nova whose soft and dreamy version of The Girl from Ipanema was an international success in the 1960s, at the age of 83, her family said.


6th June, 2023
PARDONED: Kathleen Megan Folbigg, imprisoned for 20 years over the deaths of her four children, by the Australian state of New South Wales on Monday after a judicial review found there was reasonable doubt about the original convictions.
KILLED: At least 16 people with dozens ill after drinking adulterated cider in western Russia's Ulyanovsk region, local officials said on Monday.
DIED: Robert Hanssen, the former FBI agent turned spy whom the bureau describes as the most damaging in its history, in his prison cell on Monday, US authorities said.


5th June, 2023
SCRAMBLED: In the US, F-16 fighter jets in a supersonic chase of a light aircraft with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace in the Washington. DC. area and later crashed into the mountains of Virginia, officials said.
KILLED: Nineteen people, after a landslide at a mine in China's south-western Sichuan province on Sunday, Chinese state media outlet CCTV reported.
ARRESTED:  In Russia, more than 100 people who had taken to the streets to mark the 47th birthday of Alexei Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition leader, protest monitoring group OVD-Info said.


2nd June, 2023
LOST: One of Australia's most decorated soldiers, former SAS corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, a defamation lawsuit against three newspapers that accused him of involvement in the murder of six Afghans while on deployment in what was a stunning end to a case that lifted the veil of secrecy over the elite SAS.
DETAINED: A man visiting St Peter's Basilica who stripped off his clothes and stood naked on the church's main altar in what appeared to be a protest against the war in Ukraine, a Vatican source said.
MARRIED: The heir to Jordan's throne, Crown Prince Hussein to Rajwa Al Saif amid much fanfare in a glittering ceremony on Thursday that the country's leaders, long backed by the West as a stabilising influence in a volatile region, hope will reinforce local and global alliances.


1st June, 2023
HANDED OVER: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his pandemic-era notebooks and messages to the government and urged officials to pass them on to an independent COVID-19 inquiry, his spokesman said on Wednesday.
SENTENCED: By Brazil's Supreme Court, former President Fernando Collor de Mello to eight years and 10 months in prison on corruption and money laundering charges.
EXTENDED: To September, a regional force set up to tackle militia violence in east Democratic Republic of Congo, a minister and a spokesperson for the force said on Wednesday.


31st May, 2023
MET: More than 40 European leaders in Moldova on Thursday in a show of support for the former Soviet republic and neighbouring Ukraine as Kyiv prepares to launch a counter-offensive against occupying Russian forces.
SHOT: Fatally, 10 suspected criminals in a shootout on a northern Mexican highway which also left four police officers injured.
SANCTIONED: 17 people and entities based in China and Mexico who the US  accused of enabling counterfeit, fentanyl-laced pill production; the move by the US comes as the Biden administration seeks to stem imports of the deadly drug.


30th May, 2023
PLANNING: North Korea, to launch its first military reconnaissance satellite in June for live monitoring of US military activities, state media KCNA reported on Tuesday.
SIGNED: Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni one of the world's toughest anti-LGBTQ laws, including the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality"; the move drew Western condemnation and talk of sanctions from aid donor nations.
ORDERED: The evacuation of people from thousands of homes in the eastern Canadian city of Halifax due to a wildfire.


29th May, 2023
DIED: At least 11 members of a nomadic tribe by an avalanche as they crossed a mountainous area in northern Pakistan, the country's disaster management agency said on Saturday.
RESCUED: Almost 600 migrants sailing on an overcrowded boat which was in distress off the island of Sicily on Saturday, Doctors without Borders (MSF) said on Twitter.
WON: The 2023 Cannes Film Festival's top prize, the Palme d'Or, French director Justine Triet won for her courtroom drama Anatomy of a Fall; Triet becomes the third female director to have won the prestigious prize.


26th May, 2023
KILLED: Four people, including two police officers, and one person injured in a shooting and stabbing incident in the city of Nakano in rural Japan on Thursday; a suspect was arrested.
IMPACTED: The US Western Pacific territory of Guam by Typhoon Mawar leaving much of the territory without power and water after the typhoon brought ferocious winds and torrential rains but caused no reported fatalities or major injuries.
WRAPPED UP:  The latest search effort in the 16-year-old hunt for missing British girl Madeleine McCann after police collected unspecified samples by a reservoir in Portugal; a German prosecutor played down hopes of an imminent breakthrough.


25th May, 2023
APPOINTED: Greece's President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Ioannis Sarmas as caretaker prime minister on Wednesday to form a government that will lead the country to a repeat election on 25th June, after last weekend's inconclusive vote.
ANNOUNCED:  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Wednesday he would seek the 2024 Republican nomination for president, but an audio interview on Twitter meant to showcase his entry into the race instead drew attention for technical snafus.
DIED: Tina Turner, the American-born singer who left a hardscrabble farming community and abusive relationship to become one of the top recording artists of all time, on Wednesday at the age of 83.


24th May, 2023
REFERRED: Former UK Prime MInister Boris Johnson, to police over further potential breaches of lockdown rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, a charge the former PM's office portrayed as "yet another politically motivated stitch up".
VISITING: Australia, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appearing at a rally in one of Sydney's biggest sporting arenas on Tuesday where he was cheered by thousands of overseas Indians.
DIED: Rolf Harris, a mainstay of family entertainment in Britain and Australia for more than 50 years before his career collapsed into disgrace with his conviction for indecently assaulting young girls, at the age of 93.


23rd May, 2023
AGREED: A defence cooperation pact between the US and Papua New Guinea which would expand the Pacific island nation's capabilities and make it easier for the US military to train with its forces.
SEARCHING: Portuguese police, a reservoir inland from where British three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007, authorities said, in the first formal development in the case in Portugal in several years.
RALLIED: Hundreds of people in Pakistan-administered Kashmir on Monday to protest arch rival India's decision to host a G20 tourism meeting in its part of the disputed Himalayan region.


22nd May, 2023
KILLED: At least 10 people with and nine injured in a shootout at a car show in northern Mexico's Baja California on Saturday, the municipal government reported.
HALTED: Flights serving the eastern Sicilian city of Catania on Sunday after an eruption from nearby Mount Etna spewed volcanic ash onto its runways, airport authorities said.
DIED: Martin Amis, a British writer of dark comedic novels, has died at the age of 73, his publisher said Saturday on Twitter.


19th May, 2023
MARCHED: Tens of thousands of Israeli nationalists through the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's walled Old City under heavy security on Thursday in an annual event on Jerusalem Day - when Israel marks its capture of Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war; the march drew condemnation from Palestinians.
CANCELLED: In-person classes for more than 100,000 students in Mexico on Thursday in multiple towns clustered around the snowcapped Popocatepetl volcano as its fiery activity intensified in recent days, raising health concerns.
AGREED: Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to hold peace talks in Moscow on 25th May with Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, with Russian President Vladimir Putin mediating, according to reports.


18th May, 2023
DEPLOYED: In El Salvador, at least 5,000 soldiers and 500 police to surround a town in the north-west of the country in a push to arrest those responsible for the suspected gang killing of a police officer, President Nayib Bukele said on Wednesday.
PURSUED: Britain's Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and her mother in what was described as a "near catastrophic" car chase with press photographers after attending an awards ceremony in New York, Harry's spokesperson said on Wednesday.
KILLED: At least four Nigerians in an attack on a convoy of two US Government vehicles in Nigeria on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, adding that the attack did not appear to be directed at the US mission there.


17th May, 2023
POSTPONED: US President Joe Biden, an upcoming trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea, cutting short a trip to Asia so he can return to Washington DC where a crisis over the US debt ceiling is unfolding.
STARTED: Ecuador's National Assembly, an impeachment hearing against President Guillermo Lasso, who could be removed from his post, though the process increases the likelihood he will dissolve the legislature to avoid a final vote.
WARNED: Hong Kong's chief executive John Lee that public libraries needed to ensure books don't violate local laws, amid criticism that many books and videos related to China's Tiananmen Square crackdown have now been removed from library shelves.


16th May, 2023
FIRE: At a multi-story hostel in Wellington, New Zealand, on Tuesday which has left at last six people dead; officials have warned the number could rise.
DROPPED: Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, which fell 68 per cent in April from the previous year, preliminary government data showed on Friday; the result is a positive reading for President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as it represents the first major drop under his watch.
DIED: A girl who was shot in the head in a mass elementary school shooting on 3rd May in Belgrade, Serbia; her death takes to 10 the number of people killed in the attack.


15th May, 2023
DIED: 26 people after a tractor trailer and a van crashed on a highway in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas on Sunday morning.
SECOND: Person to climb Mount Everest 26 times, Nepali sherpa guide Pasang Dawa Sherpa, 46, after completing his 26th climb on Sunday.
WON: Eurovision, Sweden's Loreen won Eurovision 2023 with the song Tattoo in Liverpool, northern England, on Saturday, beating Finland to triumph for a second time in the contest.


12th May, 2023
PROTESTS: In Guinea on Thursday, a day after organisers said at least seven people had been killed and 32 injured during demonstrations in the capital Conakry and other towns.
KILLED: One police officer with two more wounded in what authorities described as an ambush in a rural part of Canada's most populous province, Ontario, early on Thursday.
PRESENTED: Portugal's government, legislation to extend a ban on smoking to outdoor areas including covered terraces and to restrict tobacco sales, as it hopes to raise a tobacco-free generation by 2040.


8th May, 2023
VISITED: South Korea, Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in the first visit to the South Korean capital by a Japanese leader in 12 years; the trip comes after South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol made to Tokyo in March as the two leaders seek to close a chapter on the historical disputes that have dominated Japan-South Korea relations for decades.
DROWNED: At least 21 people after a boat capsized off the coastal town of Tanur in the Malappuram district of India's southern state of Kerala, local authorities said on Monday.
DECIDED:  Former US President Donald Trump, that he will not testify at a civil trial to challenge claims made by writer E Jean Carroll that he raped her in the 1990s and later defamed her, after letting a Sunday deadline pass without asking the court to appear.


5th May, 2023
CONVICTED: Five members of the far-right group Proud Boys, including former leader Enrique Tarrio, over their role in the 6th January riot at the US Capitol; they face sentences of up to 20 years in prison.
KILLED: Eight people who were most likely homeless after a fire broke out on Wednesday night in construction containers in the Czech city of Brno, police said on Thursday.
FAILED: The United Nations, to raise the $US129 million it needs for an operation to salvage 1.1 million barrels of oil from a decaying vessel moored off Yemen's coast and avert an environmental disaster.


4th May, 2023
SHOT: Five women, one fatally, at a medical building in midtown Atlanta, US; a manhunt for the shooter resulted in the capture of a suspect some hours later.
RAIDED: Brazilian police, former President Jair Bolsonaro's home, as well as arresting a number of his trusted aides, and seizing his cell phone; all as part of a probe into his COVID-19 vaccination records.
FOUND: The remains of an Australian man - 65-year-old Kevin Darmody - who went missing on a fishing trip with friends in northern Queensland on Saturday, inside the body of a saltwater crocodile, one of two shot dead during the search.


3rd May, 2023
CLASHES: Between supporters of right-wing candidate Paraguayo Cubas, who came third in Paraguay's presidential election, and police outside the electoral court, amid complaints of fraud in a vote that the ruling Colorado Party and President-elect Santiago Pena won comfortably; the Organization of American States said its electoral observation mission saw no reason to doubt the election results.
PASSED: Uganda's parliament, one of the world's strictest anti-LGBTQ bills mostly unchanged, including provision for long jail terms and the death penalty, after President Yoweri Museveni requested some parts of the original legislation be toned down.
ARRESTED: Some 288 suspects involved in buying or selling drugs via the illegal dark web marketplace "Monopoly Market", European Union police force Europol said on Tuesday.


2nd May, 2023
VISITING: Philippines' President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the White House in the first visit by a Philippines leader for 10 years; both nations have reaffirmed their decades-old security alliance.
DETAINED: In Moldova, opposition leader Marina Tauber - who has spearheaded street protests denouncing President Maia Sandu - as she attempted to leave the country, the anti-corruption prosecutor's office said. 
MET: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Washington on Monday as part of efforts to ease friction between the South Caucasus rivals.


1st May, 2023
MANHUNT: In Cleveland, Texas, on Sunday involving more than 200 law enforcement officers who searched for a man accused of shooting to death five neighbours after being asked to stop firing a semiautomatic rifle.
FREED: In Nigeria, 74 children out of more than 80 people who were abducted earlier this month in north-western Zamfara state, after ransoms were paid, parents and a village head said on the weekend.
KILLED: 10 people in an armed attack on the Ecuadorean port city of Guayaquil, according to authorities; three people were also wounded, including a five-year-old girl.


28th April, 2023
KILLED: Thirty-three soldiers following an attack on a military detachment in east Burkina Faso on Thursday, the military-led government said; 12 were injured in the attack, the latest bout of violence in a country locked in fighting against a jihadist insurgency.
DETAINED: 11 female members of Uganda's parliament after police accused them of staging of an unlawful protest; some of the lawmakers reportedly sustained injuries during their arrest.
ACCUSED: Moldova's President Maia Sandu, Russia, of meddling in Moldova's internal affairs, pointing to an election this weekend in the region of Gagauzia where she said many of those running were Russian agents. 
DIED: Controversial US TV talk show host Jerry Springer at his home in Chicago at the age of 79.


27th April, 2023
OPENED: By Brazil's Congress, an inquiry into the 8th January storming of key government buildings in the capital by violent demonstrators who denied the electoral victory of the recently inaugurated President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
CONVICTED:  Grammy Award-winning rapper Prakazrel "Pras" Michel of The Fugees hip hop group on criminal charges that he conspired with a Malaysian financier to orchestrate a series of foreign lobbying campaigns aimed at influencing the US Government under two presidents.
NAMED: By Russia,  Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov to lead a peacekeeping force in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, as tensions rise again between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


26th April, 2023
ARRESTED: 110 people in Turkey over alleged militant ties, security sources said; a pro-Kurdish lawmaker said politicians, lawyers and journalists were among those held in raids that he linked to elections on 14th May. 
WITHDRAWAL: South Africa's governing African National Congress will aim to repeal the country's membership of the International Criminal Court, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Tuesday, the second time it has attempted to do so.
DIED: Harry Belafonte, singer, songwriter and groundbreaking actor who started his entertainment career belting "Day O" in his 1950s hit song Banana Boat before turning to political activism, at the age of 96.


25th April, 2023
KILLED: At least 13 people with 50 more wounded after two explosions in a counter-terrorism ammunition depot in north-west Pakistan; police said  ammunition caught fire, "most probably due to an electric short-circuit".
INJURED: Five people, after a Palestinian man drove his car into a crowd on a Jerusalem street on Monday; police said he was shot dead by a passerby.
LEFT: Fox News, Tucker Carlson, host of the highest-rated cable TV show; his departure comes just days after Fox News settled a defamation lawsuit from the voting machine company Dominion over its coverage of the 2020 presidential election; meanwhile another cable TV host, Don Lemon, announced on Monday that he had been "terminated" by CNN. 


24th April, 2023
BEGINNNG: The Ethiopian Government, negotiations with rebel group the Oromo Liberation Army in Tanzania on Tuesday in what will be the first time the Ethiopian Government has formally said it would negotiate with the OLA.
NAMED: Oliver Dowden, as Deputy Prime Minister in the UK; he replaces Dominic Raab who resigned on Friday following a report into claims he bullied colleagues.
DIED: Barry Humphries, the Australian comedian best known for his character Dame Edna Everage, on Saturday at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, at the age of 89.


21st April, 2023
ACQUITTED: By an Indian court, 69 Hindus, including a former minister from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, of the murder of 11 Muslims during communal riots in the western state of Gujarat in 2002.
EXPLODED: Space X's giant rocket, Starship, during its maiden, uncrewed, test flight off Texas' east coast.
DROPPED: Criminal charges against Alec Baldwin related to the fatal on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, according to his lawyers.


20th April, 2023
DENIED: The Russian private military Wagner Group that it was operating in Sudan and said it had nothing to do with battles rocking the giant impoverished African state.
KILLED: At least 17 people in southern Chad on Tuesday when armed assailants attacked nomadic herders and were then driven back by Chadian forces, the government said on Wednesday.
RE-ELECTED: Miguel Diaz-Canel as President of Cuba for a second term by lawmkers; his re-election comes as the country faces one of the biggest social and economic crisis since Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution.


19th April, 2023
APPROVED: The European Parliament, sweeping reforms to make EU climate change policies more ambitious, including an upgrade of the bloc's carbon market that is set to hike the cost of polluting in Europe.
DIED: Twenty-one people after a fire broke out in the east wing of the inpatient department of a hospital in China's capital Beijing, the Beijing Daily reported on Tuesday.
ESCAPED: Eight Nigerian secondary school students kidnapped by gunmen in northern Kaduna state two weeks ago; they were found by villagers who alerted security forces on Tuesday, the state's internal security commissioner said.


18th April, 2023
ARRESTED: In the US, two New York residents - Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59 - for allegedly operating a Chinese "secret police station" in Manhattan's Chinatown; the arrests came as part of a crackdown on Beijing's alleged targeting of US-based dissidents.
CALLED FOR:  The defence representing Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso, for lawmakers to declare impeachment hearings against him inadmissible, arguing that the embezzlement of which he is accused did not take place, the president's lawyer said on Monday.
DECORATED: Germany's former Chancellor Angela Merkel with the country's highest possible honour - the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit - on Monday amid reflection on her 16-year tenure at the helm of Europe's biggest economy.


17th April, 2023
KILLED: Four people with 28 injured, some critically, when a gunman opened fire at a 16th birthday party in the city of Dadeville, Alabama.
ASSASSINATED: A former lawmaker in India's parliament, Atiq Ahmed, who was shot dead along with his brother while police were escorting them for a medical check-up; the slaying was caught on live television on Saturday.
PROTESTED: Thousands of Czechs in Prague's central square on Sunday, calling on the government to quit as they protested over high inflation and energy prices.


14th April, 2023
CALLED: Ukraine, for NATO to play a bigger role in security in the Black Sea, and integrate Ukraine's air and missile defences with those of alliance members.
PROTESTS: In France -  the 12th day of nationwide protests since mid-January - a day before the Constitutional Council's ruling on the legality of the bill that will raise the state pension age by two years to 64; striking workers stormed a luxury goods company and disrupted garbage collections in Paris as well as blocking river traffic on part of the Rhine in the country's east.
DIED: British fashion designer Mary Quant, often credited with popularising the miniskirt that helped define the UK's "Swinging Sixties" era, at the age of 93.


13th April, 2023
FIRED: North Korea, a ballistic missile on Thursday, South Korea and Japan said, prompting an alert for residents in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido to take cover which was later retracted.
REQUESTED: Donald Trump, that a US judge delay the scheduled 25th April trial over whether he defamed former Elle magazine columnist E Jean Carroll by denying he raped her, citing the recent "deluge of prejudicial media coverage" of criminal charges against him.
ATTENDING: Prince Harry, the coronation next month of his father King Charles III but without his wife Meghan, bringing an end to months of speculation about whether they would go.


12th April, 2023
EVACUATED: Some 500 residents in South Korea's eastern coastal city of Gangneung as strong winds fanned a wildfire on Tuesday; fears of a further spread eased as rain helped firefighters battle the blaze.
SHOUTED DOWN: French President Emmanuel Macron, by protestors, as he was giving a speech on European sovereignty at the start of a two day visit to The Netherlands; Macron has faced weeks of tense protests at home against the pension law which will delay the age at which French workers can retire.
APPROVED: By Chile's Congress, a hard-fought bill to gradually cut the work week to 45 hours from 40 hours, a legislative victory for President Gabriel Boric amid faltering popularity.


11th April, 2023
MARCHED: Thousands of Israelis, including ministers in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government, to an evacuated Jewish outpost in the West Bank on Monday in support of settlements viewed as illegal under international law.
APOLOGISED: Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, after a video showing him kissing a child on the lips triggered criticism.
ATTACKED: A police vehicle with petrol bombs and other objects at a parade opposing the Good Friday peace accord in Londonderry; the attack came a day before US President Joe Biden visits Belfast.


6th April, 2023
MET: US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in California on Wednesday, with McCarthy becoming the most senior US figure to meet a Taiwanese leader on US soil in decades; China condemned the meeting.
A sprawling dark web marketplace, known as Genesis Market, popular with cybercriminals in a multi-national crackdown dubbed "Operation Cookie Monster."
WALKED OUT: Envoys from the US, UK, Albania and Malta on Russia's envoy for children's rights - Maria Lvova-Belova, whom the International Criminal Court wants to arrest on war crimes charges, as she spoke by video to UN Security Council members on Wednesday.


5th April, 2023
KILLED: Seven tourists in India's Himalayan state of Sikkim after an avalanche occurred near a mountain pass to the Chinese region of Tibet on Tuesday.
Peru's congress, a motion from leftist lawmakers to launch impeachment hearings against President Dina Boluarte on charges tied to the deaths of protesters, the latest chapter in the country's political volatility.
 The runner-up in Bulgaria's parliamentary elections, We Continue the Change, forming a coalition with the winning GERB party, party leader Assen Vassilev said on Tuesday; the move signals a likely continuation of the country's political deadlock.
BANNED: TikTok, from all Australian Government-owned devices over security concerns, becoming the latest US-allied country to take action against the Chinese-owned video app.


4th April, 2023
ARRESTED: In Russia, Darya Trepova, 26, accused of involvement in the murder of a prominent war blogger Maxim Fomin, also known as Vladlen Tatarsky, who died when a bomb exploded in a St Petersburg cafe; Russia claimed Ukraine organised the murder which Ukraine blamed on "domestic terrorism".
 Off a deserted island, 32 migrants, including a child, who had been stranded on the central Mediterranean island since the previous day; the group were taken off the island by an Italian Coast Guard helicopter.
DIED:  Yunupingu, one of Australia's most influential Indigenous leaders, at the age of 74; his death comes months before a referendum on whether to recognise the community for the first time in the country's constitution.


3rd April, 2023
RAVAGED: Several states in the United States' South and Midwest by tornadoes, killing at least 29 people.
 Well-known Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, by a bomb blast in a St Petersburg cafe on Sunday in what appeared to be the second assassination on Russian soil of a figure closely associated with the war in Ukraine.
VOTED: In Paris, France, an overwhelming majority to ban electric scooters from the streets of the French capital on Sunday, in a non-binding referendum that city authorities have said they would follow.
DIED:  Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Oscar-winning Japanese composer famed for his scores for The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and other epic films, at the age of 71.


31st March, 2023
CRASHED: Nine soldiers in a crash of two medical evacuation Black Hawk helicopters during a routine nighttime training mission over Kentucky, the US Army said on Thursday, in one of the military's deadliest training accidents in recent years.
RETURNED: To Brazil, former President Jair Bolsonaro after three months in the United Statesl; he was welcomed back by hundreds of chanting supporters at the Brasilia airport before heading straight into meetings with his political party.
APPROVED: Turkey's parliament, a bill to allow Finland to join NATO, clearing the way for the country to become part of the Western defence alliance as war rages in Ukraine.


30th March, 2023
FIRED: By Senegal's security forces, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse opposition supporters who attempted to gather in the capital Dakar for the first of three days of planned opposition protests over a libel trial of one of its leaders.
RETURNED: To the US, Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda, after being released from prison in Rwanda last week; he had been serving a 25 year sentence over his ties to a group opposed to Rwandan President Paul Kagame that has an armed wing.
CONDEMNED: Ukraine's sports ministry, what it said was a partial change of position by the International Olympic Committee on allowing Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete in international competitions as neutrals.


29th March, 2023
KILLED: Two women and another wounded in a knife attack believed to have been carried out by an Afghan refugee at the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon on Tuesday, officials said.
DISSOLVED: Myanmar's military government, the ousted ruling party of former leader Aung San Suu Kyi and 39 other parties over their failure to register for an election set to prolong the army's grip on power, according to state media.
SPOKE: Penpa Tsering, the head India-based organisation known as Tibet's government in-exile, on Tuesday in a first address to the US Congress in which he said that if China is not made to reverse or change its current policies, "Tibet and Tibetans will definitely die a slow death".


28th March, 2023
SUCCEEDING: Humza Yousaf, Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the governing Scottish National Party; he will take over as head of the semi-autonomous government once he wins an approval vote in the Scottish parliament.
CLASHES: In the Kawangware neighbourhood in the Kenyan capital Nairobi between police and supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga during a second week of protests against the government and high food prices; one person was shot dead in the western city of Kisumu during clashes there.
STRIKING: Transport workers in Germany, causing disruption for millions of people as airports and bus and train stations across the country came to a standstill; the strike, which comes as soaring inflation stokes wage demands, is one of the largest in decades in the country.


27th March, 2023
PARDONED: By Chad's interim President Mahamat Idriss Deby, 380 jailed members of an influential rebel group in an apparent bid to get it to join peace talks.
SEIZED: A rescue ship funded by British street artist Banksy in Lampedusa on Sunday after Italy's coast guard said the boat had disobeyed its instructions to head to Sicily after carrying out a migrant rescue operation.
WON: The Australian Labor Party, the state election in New South Wales state on Saturday, with voters backing the centre-left party's pledges on anti-privatisation and cost of living relief.


24th March, 2023
RESCUED: The Italian coast guard, around 750 migrants in two separate operations off the country's southern coastline; the rescue came hours after at least five people died and 33 were missing in an attempted sea crossing from Tunisia.
CONVICTED: In Argentina, two men for the rape and murder of 16-year-old Lucia Perez in Mar del Plata in 2016; the case that has become emblematic of a movement to fight back against violence against women and girls in the region.
THANKED: By Prince William, Poland, for their support of Ukraine; the thanks came during a visit in which the heir-to-the throne laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument dedicated to Polish soldiers who lost their lives in conflict, and met with President Andrzej Duda.


23rd March, 2023
WON: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the backing of parliament on Wednesday,  515 votes to 29, for a key element of a reworked post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland despite opposition from the province's biggest unionist party and some of his lawmakers.
ARRESTED: Former Haitian mayor, Jean Morose Viliena, 50, on US visa fraud charges on Wednesday, a day after a jury ordered him to pay $US15.5 million over allegations he led a brutal campaign to kill and torture his political opponents.
FIRED: North Korea, multiple cruise missiles off its east coast on Wednesday as its rivals South Korea and the United States held joint military exercises, the South Korean military said.


22nd March, 2023
FILED: Nigeria's two main opposition leaders, Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party and Labour Party's Peter Obi, petitions seeking to cancel results from last month's disputed presidential election won by Bola Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress party.
PASSED: Uganda's parliament, a law that criminalises identifying as LGBTQ as well as banning promoting and abetting homosexuality and conspiracy to engage in homosexuality.
ANNOUNCED: Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that Greece will hold general elections in May.


21st March, 2023
SURVIVED: French President Emmanuel Macron's government, a no-confidence motion in parliament on Monday over a deeply unpopular pension reform; protestors set fire to piles of rubbish in central Paris after the vote.
CHARGED: Former Australian special forces soldier, Oliver Schulz, for allegedly killing an Afghanistan civilian while deployed with the country's defence force there; the 41-year-old, who was arrested in the NSW southern highlands, is the first current or former Australian Defence Force member to be charged with war crimes under Australian law.
REQUESTED: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, that the chief justice of Pakistan allow him to appear for court proceedings virtually to reduce the risk of any threat to his life, he said in a video message on Monday.


20th March, 2023
ATTACKED: Suspected militants, villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern Ituri and North Kivu provinces on the weekend, killing at least 22 people.
FACING: Montenegro's veteran President, Milo Djukanovic, a run-off on 2nd April against a pro-Western former economy minister Jakov Milatovic, after no candidate secured a 50 per cent majority in a first- round election on Sunday, according to a projection based on 99.7 per cent of the vote sample.
SEEKING: Seven people, missing after a fire in a heritage building in the historic Old Montreal district in Montreal, Canada, last week.


17th March, 2023
EMPLOYED: French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, a special procedure to push an unpopular pensions bill through the National Assembly without a vote on Thursday, triggering boos and shouts of "Resign!" in rare chaotic scenes in the French parliament; police, meanwhile, fired tear gas at thousands of protesters demonstrating against the bill on the Place de la Concorde.
RISEN: The death toll from a gas explosion in a coal mine in central Colombia to 21 after 10 miners reported missing were found dead.
KILLED: Two police officers in the western Canadian city of Edmonton early on Thursday when they were fatally shot by a man who then took his own life, officials said.


16th March, 2023
APPOINTED: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a veteran former official to investigate alleged election interference by China, fulfilling a commitment he made earlier this month.
POSTPONED: Nigeria's census, the first for 17 years, from the end of March to May, according to Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed who cited a rescheduling of governorship elections for the delay.
ORDERED: Brazil's federal audit court, on Wednesday, that former President Jair Bolsonaro must deliver within five days a second set of jewelry he received from the Saudi Government; the decision comes a few days after Brazilian police launched an investigation into an attempt to illegally bring the jewelry. valued at $US3.2 million, into the country, gifts to the then-president and his wife Michelle from by the Saudi king.


15th March, 2023
PROTESTING: More than 10,000 supporters of Senegalese opposition leader Ousmane Sonk in the capital Dakar on Tuesday, the first of three days of planned protests in support of the aspiring presidential candidate, who faces a libel case set to resume this week.
CLAIMED: Islamic State, responsibility for an east Congo village attack that killed 19 people on Sunday.
RESUMING: Greek rail services from 22nd March after they were suspended following a train crash which killed 57 people, the country's deadliest rail disaster on record.


14th March, 2023
UNVEILED: The leaders of the United States, Australia and Britain, details of a plan to provide Australia with nuclear-powered attack submarines, a major step involving investment of hundreds of billions of dollars aimed at countering China's ambitions in the Indo-Pacific.
PARDONED: Iranian judicial authoritie, 22,000 people who took part in anti-government protests, judiciary chief Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said on Monday, according to reports.
TO BE CALLED: To testify, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro as part of an investigation into accusations he tried to illegally bring $US3.2 million of jewelry into the country, Justice Minister Flavio Dino said on Monday.


13th March, 2023
AGREED: On Friday, Iran and Saudi Arabia, to re-establish relations after years of hostility that had threatened stability and security in the Gulf and helped fuel conflicts in the Middle East from Yemen to Syria.
DROWNED: Eight migrants when two boats capsized off San Diego's Black’s Beach in the US.
ADOPTED: The French Senate on Saturday night, President Emmanuel Macron's unpopular pension reform plan despite protests and strikes aimed to pressure the government to withdraw the pension plan, which it said is essential to ensure the pension system does not run out of money.


10th March, 2023
HANDED OVER: Five purported henchmen by suspected drug cartels in Mexico as a would-be apology for the abduction of four Americans in the border city of Matamoros, according to media and a source familiar with the investigation.
OPENED FIRE: A Palestinian gunman in Tel Aviv on Thursday, wounding three people before being killed by police in what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labelled a "terror attack" amid rising unrest in the West Bank.
ANNOUNCED: Malaysia's anti-corruption agency on Thursday that it would charge former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin with multiple counts of corruption, a move that he called political persecution.


9th March, 2023
KILLED: Two people after a foiled multimillion-dollar heist at the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile; the incident highlighted concerns of rising crime in the Andean nation.
LAUNCHED: In the farm hubcity of Rosario, Argentina, an offensive on gangs, bringing in some 575 security personnel after a spate of attacks including the killing of an 11-year-old boy and a threat against soccer star Lionel Messi.
RULED: A US appeals court, that Turkey cannot recover a 6,000-year-old marble idol from Christie's and hedge fund billionaire Michael Steinhardt after waiting an unreasonably long time to claim it had been looted.


8th March, 2023
KILLED:  Two of the four Americans kidnapped by armed gunmen in the Mexico border city of Matamoros on Friday; the other two were found alive on Tuesday and taken to a hospital in Texas, US and Mexican officials said.
SEEKING: The United Nations, $US876 million in funding for Rohingya Muslims in the world’s largest refugee settlement in Bangladesh as the crisis entered its sixth year.
LAUNCHED: Slovak caretaker Prime Minister Eduard Heger, a new pro-Western, liberal centrist party named the Democrats on Tuesday to run in a September election called after his coalition fell from power last year.


7th March, 2023
SEARCHING:  Mexican and US authorities, to locate four Americans who were shot at by gunmen in northern Mexico and then kidnapped shortly after crossing the border.
DIED: At least 11 people in the Indonesian region of Natuna on Monday after a landslide buried houses amid heavy rainfall, the country's disaster mitigation agency said.
PILE-UP: Involving almost 50 vehicles on a motorway near the South African town of Umhlanga in KwaZulu-Natal province on Monday; the accident was reporting caused by a truck and resulted in numerous injuries but there were no initial reports of deaths.


6th March, 2023
RELEASED: A group of 88 police officers and employees of oil firm Emerald Energy taken hostage in Colombia amid a deadly protest against the company, Colombian President Gustavo Petro said Friday.
WON: First place in Sunday's parliamentary election in Estonia, the Reform party of Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas; the win should ensure Tallinn remains one of Europe's most staunchly pro-Kyiv governments.
CONVICTED: Three former members of a Hong Kong group that organised annual vigils to mark China's 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on Saturday of not complying with a national security police request for information.


3rd March, 2023
TAKEN: Hostage, 79 officers and nine oilfield workers, by rural communities in Colombia's Caqueta province as a police officer and civilian were killed during violent protests. 
AGREED: Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director David Vigneault, speaking before a parliamentary committee, that there was no major foreign election interference in Canada's 2019 and 2021 elections; he added that an investigation into media reports citing secret intelligence on Chinese influence was underway.
Cindy McCain, widow of the late US Republican Senator John McCain, as the next head of the UN World Food Programme.


2nd March, 2023
ASSESSED: The FBI, that a leak from a laboratory in the central Chinese city of Wuhan likely caused the COVID pandemic, director Christopher Wray said on Tuesday; China said the claim had "no credibility whatsoever".
BEGAN: French President Emmanuel Macron, an African tour that has started in Gabon and will also take in Angola, Congo Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz party, the ratification of Finland and Sweden's bid to join NATO, the party's parliamentary group said on Wednesday, as lawmakers began the process after a months-long delay.


1st March, 2023
KILLED: A Sudanese protester after being shot in the chest during a demonstration against military rule in the Sharg al-Nil area near Khartoum on Tuesday, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said in a statement; the protestor is the 125th killed in weekly protests set off by a coup in October, 2021.
SURROUNDED: Separatists holding captive a New Zealand pilot, security forces in Indonesia's restive Papua region; security officials said they will exercise restraint while negotiations for his release continue.
The Nuevo Laredo Human Rights Committee, for an investigation into the alleged shooting by soldiers of five unarmed young men who were driving to their homes in a pick-up truck in the city of Nuevo Laredo near the US-Mexico border on Sunday.


28th February, 2023
VISITED: Kyiv, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday to reaffirm US support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russia's invasion and promote US economic aid that is bolstering Ukraine's war effort.
DELAYED: The launch of the next long-duration crew to the International Space Station by NASA and SpaceX minutes before the rocket was due to lift off on Monday, citing a problem with ground systems used to monitor the flow of an engine-ignition fluid.
Nicola Fox, former top scientist on the Parker Solar Probe mission studying the sun, as NASA's science chief.


27th February, 2023
RELEASED: An Australian archaeologist and two Papua New Guinea researchers held for a week by 20 armed men in a remote part of the Pacific Island nation on Sunday, according to reports; their captors remain at large.
DROPPED: The cartoon Dilbert from numerous US newspapers after creator Scott Dilbert released a video on YouTube in which he made what the LA Times described as "racist comments"
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday; they are expected to announce a new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland if they can agree final details during lunchtime talks in Britain.


24th February, 2023
SCRAPPING: The UK, the requirement for around 12,000 asylum seekers to undergo face-to-face interviews and instead ask them to fill out a questionnaire, the government said on Thursday, in an attempt to clear record levels of backlogs.
BRACING: Mozambique, for tropical storm Freddy, which is expected to make landfall in the southern African country on Friday after killing at least four people in Madagascar.
Japanese Emperor Naruhito, his first public birthday address since ascending the throne almost four years ago, after delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and urged support for people struggling with inflation and the pandemic.


23rd February, 2023
ORDERED: The World Court, Azerbaijan on Wednesday to ensure free movement through the Lachin corridor to and from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, as an intermediate step in ongoing legal disputes with neighbouring Armenia.
KILLED: At least 19 members of Burkina Faso's army in an attack in the north of the country on Monday, security sources said, the second major assault on forces fighting jihadist militants in the area in less than a week.
Sixteen states in Nigeria which asked the Supreme Court to force the central bank to extend by six months the use of old banknotes, whose withdrawal from circulation has caused cash shortages and angered citizens ahead of weekend elections.


22nd February, 2023
RULED: A US judge, that victims of the 11th September, 2001, attacks are not entitled to seize $US3.5 billion of assets belonging to Afghanistan's central bank to satisfy court judgments they obtained against the Taliban.
RETURNING: To Earth in September, Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin and US astronaut Francisco Rubio who were left stranded on the International Space Station by a leak on their return capsule last year, Russian space agency Roscosmos said.
The main border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan by Taliban officials, stranding thousands of trucks; residents in the area reported the sound of gunfire near the normally bustling border transit point.


21st February, 2023
ISSUED: The UN Security Council, a formal statement on Monday denouncing Israel's plan to expand settlements on occupied Palestinian territory, the first action the United States has allowed the body to take against its ally Israel in six years.
KILLED: At least 51 soldiers in Burkina Faso when their unit was ambushed in the country's north on Friday, the army said on Monday; it is one of the highest reported death tolls from a single attack since the area became a hotbed of jihadist activity.
CRASHED: A bus carrying migrants from Venezuela, Colombia and Central America in central Mexico killing 17 people, officials in Puebla state said on Monday.


20th February, 2023
STAGED: Joint air exercises, the US, South Korea and Japan involving strategic bombers on Sunday, a day after North Korea fired a Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile in a "sudden launching drill". 
MARKED: In Burkina Faso, the official end of French military operations in the West African nation on Sunday with a flag-lowering ceremony at the French special forces' camp a day earlier.
ALLOCATED: The UN, $US250 million from its emergency fund to tackle "forgotten crises' around the world, including helping communities that are facing the risk of famine in Africa, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday.


17th February, 2023
ANNOUNCED: Jamaica's anti-corruption agency, the Integrity Commission, that Prime Minister Andrew Holness will not face any charges after investigating a potential conflict of interest around government contracts awarded to a construction company between 2006 and 2009.
APPROVED: Moldova's parliament, a pro-Western government led by new Prime Minister Dorin Recean on Thursday after he pledged to revive the economy and chart a course towards the European Union.
LANDED: A boat carrying 69 Rohingya Muslims landed in Indonesia's Aceh province on Thursday, the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR,  said, the latest in a wave of arrivals as hundreds flee desperate conditions in Bangladeshi refugee camps.


16th February, 2023
SENTENCED: Payton Gendron, 19, who shot and killed 10 people in a racially-motivated shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, to life in prison; a family member of one of the victims later had to be restrained after lunging at the gunman.
MARKING: In  Australia, the 40th anniversary of the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires in which 75 people were killed.
DIED: Hollywood actor and Golden Globe winner Raquel Welch at the age of 82 after a brief illness.


15th February, 2023
ARRESTED: Four suspects for alleged roles in the plot that led to the 2021 assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, in Florida, US.
CLAIMED: Tunisia's President Kais Saied that some people detained in a wave of recent arrests were responsible for price increases and food shortages, saying they wanted to fuel a social crisis.
SUMMONED:  By Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr, China's ambassador to express his "serious concern" over China's actions in the South China Sea and the foreign ministry called on Beijing to stop its vessels' "aggressive activities"; it comes after the Philippine coastguard said a Chinese coastguard ship had directed a "military-grade laser" at one of its ships. 


14th February, 2023
DECLARED: In South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa, a national state of disaster to enable an intensive response to widespread flooding that has affected seven of the country's nine provinces.
RESUMED: In Mexico City, peace talks between Colombia's government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) rebel group; it comes after a temporary halt caused by a misunderstanding over a mooted ceasefire.
KILLED:  By militiamen, 22 people in two separate attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ituri province on Sunday and Monday, a local official and a human rights group said, in ongoing violence in the region.


13th February, 2023
LASHED: Cyclone Gabrielle, as it approaches New Zealand's upper North Island leaving around 58,000 homes are without power; Gabrielle swept past the Australian territory of Norfolk Island in the Tasman Sea on Saturday night, although its most destructive winds missed the island. 
REPORTED: Russia's space agency Roscosmos, an unexplained loss of pressure on Saturday in a cargo craft docked to the International Space Station but said there was no threat to the crew.
DIED:  British film director Hugh Hudson, best known for making the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire, on Friday aged 86.


10th February, 2023
ADDRESSED: The European Union, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in his first in-person meeting with all the 27 national leaders; Zelenskiy said several European Union leaders were ready to provide Kyiv with aircraft to help its battle against Russia's invasion but didn't provide details.
EXPLOSION: In a housing block in the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia, Russia, apparently after a gas leak; at least 12 people were killed.
DIED: Composer Burt Bacharach, whose hits such as Do You Know the Way to San Jose and Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head provided a mellow alternative soundtrack to rock and roll in the 1960s and 1970s, at the age of 94.


9th February, 2023
URGED: President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Britain and others on Wednesday to give Ukraine "wings for freedom" by sending combat aircraft to help turn the tide against Russia's offensive; he made the appeal during a visit to the UK where he addressed lawmakers in Westminster Hall and visited an army base where Ukrainian military are being trained.
KILLED: Two children and six others injured after a city bus rammed into a daycare centre in the Montreal-area suburb of Laval on Wednesday morning, police said.
VOTED: South Korean lawmakers, to impeach interior minister Lee Sang-min, over his responses to a deadly Halloween crush, setting the stage for him to become the first cabinet member ousted by the legislature.


8th February, 2023
MISSING: At least 11 people - and three people drowned - after second migrant shipwreck off Greece this week, according to the Greek Coast Guard.
DISRUPTIONS: To public transport, schools and refinery supplies in France on Tuesday as trade unions led a third wave of nationwide strikes against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to make the French work longer before retirement.
FEARS: In Chile, that a new heat wave in the country's south-central region may further fan the flames of dangerous forest fires that have already left 26 dead.


7th February, 2023
KILLED: At least 22 civilians and three police officers during an attack in northern Burkina Faso on Saturday, the interim government said on Monday.
RAIDED: By Israeli forces, the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp near the occupied West Bank city of Jericho, killing five Hamas militants; Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the incursion.
WON: Harry Styles, 'Album of the Year' for Harry's House; Lizzo, 'Record of the Year' for About Damn Time, and songwriter Bonnie Raitt, 'Song of the Year' for Just Like That at the 65th annual Grammy Awards.


6th February, 2023
DIED: Pakistan's former President Pervez Musharraf, a key US ally in the campaign against al-Qaeda following the militant group's 11th September, 2001 attacks, in Dubai on Sunday after a prolonged illness at the age of 79.
EXPELLING: From Mali, Guillaume Ngefa-Atondoko Andali - the head of the UN peacekeeping mission's human rights division, after the Malian interim government said he had 48 hours to leave the country after being declared persona non grata.
DROWNED: Four migrants, including three children, after their boat sank off the island of Leros in the south-eastern Aegean Sea on Sunday, the Greek coast guard said; at least 39 were rescued.


3rd February, 2023
ANNOUNCED: Israel and Sudan, a deal to normalise relations, with a signing ceremony expected following a transfer of power from the military to a civilian government in Khartoum.
GRANTED: The Philippines, the United States greater access to its military bases, their defence chiefs said on Thursday; the moves comes amid mounting concern over China's increasing assertiveness in the disputed South China Sea and tension over self-ruled Taiwan.
PREDICTED: Six more weeks of frosty weather in North America, the celebrated groundhog known as Punxsutawney Phil who emerged from his Pennsylvania burrow on Thursday and saw his shadow.


2nd February, 2023
UNVEILED: In Volgograd, Russia, a new bust of Soviet leader Josef Stalin ahead of Wednesday's 80th anniversary of the Red Army's defeat of Nazi invaders in the bloodiest battle of World War II.
KILLED: In South Africa, four people after gunshots were fired in KwaMashu township, north of South Africa's Durban, police said on Wednesday.
NAMED: Late pop singer George Michael, 89-year-old country music icon Willie Nelson and rapper Missy Elliott among first-time nominees announced on Wednesday for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's class of 2023.


1st February, 2023
ENDING: The US, COVID-19 emergency declarations on 11th May, nearly three years after the United States imposed sweeping pandemic measures to curb the spread of the illness, President Joe Biden said.
CHARGED: Actor Alec Baldwin, with involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday for showing a "reckless" disregard for safety that led to the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Western movie Rust in New Mexico in 2021, according to court documents.
QUIT: US Republican Congressman George Santos, the US House of Representatives committees relating to small business, and science, space and technology; the move comes after he has been under fire for fabricating parts of his resume and biography following his election in New York last year.


31st January, 2023
CLAIMED: Armenia, at the World Court on Monday, that a blockade of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region by neighbouring Azerbaijan was designed to allow "ethnic cleansing"; the claim was rejected by Baku.
CANCELLED: More than 1,000 flights into or out of the United States on Monday due to a severe winter storm, with about half of those coming from Southwest Airlines Co.
DIED: Three sloth bears of cold after being left in a plane stranded by snow and ice in Liege airport, Belgian newspaper SudInfo reported on Monday.


30th January, 2023
WON: Former army chief and high NATO official Petr Pavel, the Czech Republic's presidential election on Saturday with a pledge to keep the country firmly anchored in the West and bridge society's political differences.
REJECTED: Voters in Liechtenstein, a proposed ban on casinos in a referendum that has polarised the tiny principality and its 40,000 citizens.
KICKED OFF: Former US President Donald Trump, his presidential campaign on Saturday, visiting two early-voting states and brushing aside criticism that his run was off to a slow start.


27th January, 2023
CHARGED: Five ex-police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, with second-degree murder after Tyre Nichols, 29, died three days after his arrest on 7th January for alleged reckless driving.
CONDEMNED: The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congom an offensive by M23 rebels in the east of the country that forced 450 people, including women and children, to seek refuge around its base in Kitshanga town. 
AUTHORISED: The International Criminal Court, an ICC prosecutor's request to reopen an investigation into killings and other suspected rights abuses during former Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on drugs.


26th January, 2023
RULED: The European Court of Human Rights, that cases brought by Ukraine and the Netherlands against Russia over alleged human rights violations in the breakaway Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, and the shooting down of Flight MH-17, were admissible.
KILLED: At least eight people after a boat crammed with scores of African migrants capsized off the Libyan coast, the local Red Crescent organisation said on Wednesday, adding that nearly 100 others had been rescued. 
ORDERED: In Pyongyang, a five-day lockdown due to rising cases of an unspecified respiratory illness, the Russian embassy and Seoul-based NK News reported on Wednesday, citing a government notice.


25th January, 2023
FIRED: Rwandan forces at a fighter jet from Democratic Republic of Congo that it said had violated its airspace, prompting the Congolese government to accuse it of an act of war.
RESCUED: Twelve people, including two children, out of the rubble after a residential apartment block collapsed in the northern Indian city of Lucknow; more were feared trapped inside, a local police official said on Tuesday.
FOUND: Classified documents at former US Vice-President Mike Pence's Indiana home; it comes as special counsels are already looking at the handling of classified documents by President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump.


24th January, 2023
BEGAN: The trial of Genaro Garcia Luna, once head of Mexico's Federal Investigation Agency, in New York; Luna is accused of allegedly taking bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel but his defence said prosecutors were being played by drug traffickers out for revenge.
DEFENDED: South Africa's Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor, planned joint military drills between South Africa and Russia and China, saying that hosting such exercises with "friends" was the "natural course of relations".
WELCOMED: Italy, the return of 60 looted archaeological artefacts worth more than $US20 million, many of which had been on display at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art before their illicit origin was discovered.


23rd January, 2023
ATTACKED: In Somalia, the office of Mogadishu's mayor, by Al-Shabaab fighters who first set off a bomb and then charged the building before becoming caught in a firefight with security forces; at least five civilians and six militants were killed, according to the ministry of information.
VISITED: Kyiv, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a surprise trip on Sunday in which he met President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and pledged Britain would "stick by Ukraine as long as it takes".
FOUND: The mutilated body of a prominent Cameroonian journalist Martinez Zogo on Sunday near the capital Yaounde five days after he was abducted by unidentified assailants, according to reports.


20th January, 2023
PLEDGED: Eleven NATO countries, including Britain and Poland, a raft of new military aid at a military base in Estonia on Thursday; pressure is now growing on Germany to approve the transfer of Leopard battle tanks, a subject that's expected to dominate talks at  Ramstein air base on Friday.
FACING: American actor Alec Baldwin, involuntary manslaughter charges carrying prison time in the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the 2021 filming of Western Rust in New Mexico.
DIED: David Crosby, one of the most influential rock singers of the 1960s and '70s but whose voracious drug habit landed him in prison, has died at the age of 81, Variety reported on Thursday, citing a statement from Crosby's wife.


19th January, 2023
BROKE UP: Protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo eastern city of Goma after police fired tear gas; the protestors were calling on authorities to enforce an agreed withdrawal of M23 rebels from occupied territory in the region.
TALKING: United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed about women's rights with Afghanistan's Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Wednesday after the Taliban authorities banned most female aid workers and stopped women and girls from attending high school and university.
APPROVED: Vietnam's legislature, the resignation of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, state media reported; the Communist Party's central committee said Phuc had submitted his resignation after the ruling Communist Party blamed him for "violations and wrongdoings" by officials under his control while Prime Minister.


18th January, 2023
DROPPED: China's population for the first time in six decades - a drop of roughly 850,000 people to a population of 1.41175 billion in 2022, according to the country's National Bureau of Statistics; it marks the first decline since 1961, the last year of China's Great Famine.
INDICATED: The UK's most senior police officer, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mark Rowley, that hundreds of police officers in London are likely be sacked for sexual and domestic abuse offences; the move comes after David Carrick, 48, admitted carrying out 24 counts of rape over almost two decades while serving as a police officer.
DETAINED: Briefly, climate campaigner Greta Thunberg alongside other activists during protests against the demolition of a village in Germany to make way for a coal mine expansion; police said she was released after an identity check.


17th January, 2023
BEGAN: In Indonesia, a court trial on Monday of a handful of police and match officials charged with negligence over their alleged roles last year in one of the world's deadliest soccer stadium stampedes in which 135 people died.
LAID TO REST: Constantine II, a second cousin of Britain's King Charles and godfather to heir Prince William, in a funeral in Athens, Greece, on Monday; Constantine - who lived most of his life abroad after his subjects voted to abolish the monarchy in 1974, died at an Athens hospital last week, aged 82.
DIED: Italian actor Gina Lollobrigida, who shot to fame in the 1950s as a sultry Mediterranean sex symbol, then became a photographer and sculptor at the age of 95.


16th January, 2023
KILLED: Three Russian soldiers with 16 more injured after an ammunition explosion was caused by "careless" handling of a grenade in Russia's Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, according to Russian media reports.
PROTESTED: Thousands of workers at rallies in Indonesia's capital Jakarta on Saturday in whuch they urged parliament to reject a presidential decree issued last month that critics say would erode employees' rights and environmental protections.
DIED: Singer Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the "King of Rock 'n' Roll" Elvis Presley, on Thursday at the age of 54 after being rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital having reportedly suffering cardiac arrest at her home; Presley will be buried at Graceland according to reports.


13th January, 2023
APPOINTED: By US Attorney-General Merrick Garland, Special Counsel Robert Hur to investigate US President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents; it comes amid revelations that classified documents were found at Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware, as well as in his former private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington DC.
STRIKING: More than 70,000 staff at 150 universities across the UK for 18 days between February and March in disputes over pay, working conditions and pensions, it was revealed on Wednesday.
RESCUED: By Mexican immigration agents, three unaccompanied Salvadoran children - aged one, six and nine - who were found stranded on an islet on the Rio Grande, which straddles the US-Mexico border.


12th January, 2023
DELAYED: More than 8,775 flights in the US and over 1,270 cancelled after a nationwide ground stop was imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday over a computer issue that forced a 90-minute halt to all US departing flights.
CLAIMED: Islamic State, responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least five people outside the Afghan foreign ministry in Kabul; more than 40 were injured.
ATTACKED: People at Paris' Gare du Nord train station, a man who wounded six people, one seriously, before he was shot by off-duty police officers; the man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.


11th January, 2023
FOUND: Classified documents dating from US President Joe Biden's time as Vice-President in a private office last autumn, according to reports; Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered an investigation.
SENTENCED: Allen Weisselberg, a longtime executive for Donald Trump and the star prosecution witness in the Trump Organization's criminal trial, to five months behind bars for helping engineer a wide-ranging tax fraud at the former President's real estate company.
DIED: Greece's former King Constantine II, whose nine-year reign coincided with one of the most turbulent periods in the country's political history, on Tuesday aged 82, according to reports.


10th January, 2023
KILLED: At last nine people following clashes near Juliaca airport in southern Peru, the ombudsman's office said on Monday, as protests resumed demanding early elections and the release of Peru's jailed former President Pedro Castillo.
APPOINTED: Gabon's President Ali Bongo,  the country's first female Prime Minister Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda to the role of Vice-President with former minister Alain-Claude Bilie By Nze to replace her as Prime Minister.
SHAKEN: Indonesia and northern Australia  by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday off Indonesia's Tanimbar islands; Indonesian officials said at least 15 homes and two school buildings were damaged, with one person injured.


9th January, 2023
DECLARED: In Senegal, three days of national mourning, after 38 people died and about 80 were wounded after two buses collided in the early hours of Sunday.
LANDED: A boat carrying 185 Rohingya refugees on the shores of Indonesia's Aceh province on Sunday, a local disaster agency official said.
RETURNED: Home to the Ivory Coast, 46 Ivorian soldiers recently pardoned by Mali's junta.


6th January, 2023
ELECTED: Republican Kevin McCarthy' to be the next US House Speaker as lawmakers rejected his nomination in 14 rounds before he was successful in the 15th.
CLAIMED: Britain's Prince Harry that his older brother and heir to the throne, Prince William, knocked him to the floor during a 2019 argument over Harry's American wife Meghan in his memoir, Spare, which went on sale in Spain on Thursday.
DIED: Barbara Walters, the first female anchor on an American network evening news broadcast and one of TV's most prominent interviewers, on Friday at age 93 at her home in New York.


5th January, 2023
OUTLINED: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, five promises - halving inflation, growing the economy, reducing debt, cutting National Health Service waiting lists and stopping the small boats that carry illegal migrants across the Channel from France - in a speech on Wednesday.
CALLS: For a ban on fireworks in Berlin, Germany, after rioting over the New Year period and attacks on police left more than 40 officers hurt and led to some 145 arrests.
RELEASED: Actor Taraneh Alidoosti from Tehran's Evin prison after being arrested last month after expressing solidarity with anti-government protesters.


4th January, 2023
FAILED: The US House of Representatives to elect a speaker for the first time in 100 years; Republican Kevin McCarthy failed to secure the post after three rounds falling short of the required 218 votes; voting will continue on Wednesday.
FAREWELLED: In Santos, Brazil, soccer legend Pele with the casket containing his body transported along a seven kilometre route which was lined by thousands to its final resting place.
PLEADED: Not guilty, former boss of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX Sam Bankman-Fried, to charges that he defrauded customers and investors in a US court.


3rd January, 2023
CLAIMED: Islamic State, responsibility for an attack on Taliban forces in Kabul on Sunday that had killed 20 people and wounded 30.
COLLIDED: Two helicopters collided in mid-air near a popular tourist attraction in Australia's Gold Coast region on Monday, killing four people and critically injuring three more, authorities said.
RISEN: The death toll on an attack on a prison in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez to 19 in an incident which allowed a cartel kingpin to escape along with two dozen other prisoners, authorities said Monday.


30th December, 2022
DIED: Brazilian football legend Pele in Sao Paulo of organ failure due to colon cancer at the age of 82; Pele held a world record of 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances during a 21-year career which included him being the only male player to lift the World Cup three times.
DETAINED: By Bolivian police, prominent opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho on charges of "terrorism"; the move significantly escalates tensions between the national government and Camacho's base in the Santa Cruz region.
KILLED: At least five people with 40 more injured in a large fire on the Second Gyeongin Expressway near the South Korean capital Seoul on Thursday.


29th December, 2022
RISEN: The death toll from the winter storm that swept over eight US states last weekend to more than 60.
RECORDED: Japan, on Wednesday 415 COVID-19 deaths, the highest-ever count for a single day, health ministry data showed.
PILED-UP: More than 200 vehicles in a major traffic incident on a bridge in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in heavy fog on Wednesday; at least one person died.


28th December, 2022
SENTENCED: The leader of a foiled plot by members of right-wing militia groups to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Adam Fox, 39, to 16 years in prison on Tuesday in a US District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
KILLED: At least 16 people with 19 injured on the outskirts of the Sudanese city of Omdurman when the bus they were travelling in collided with a dump truck, police said on Tuesday.
RESUMING: Ethiopian Airlines, flights to the capital of the war-torn northern region of Tigray starting on Wednesday; they will be the first commercial flights to Tigray in about 18 months.


27th December, 2022
EXPLODED: A landmine in eastern Burkina Faso on Christmas Day after it was triggered by a bus; at least 10 people were killed.
FOUND: A seventh body after a passenger bus careened off a bridge and plunged into an overflowing river in north-western Spain on Monday; two were also injured in the incident.
DECLARED: An emergency situation declared in the south-eastern Serbian city of Pirot following an ammonia leak caused by a cargo train derailing nearby; 15 people were hospitalised.


22nd December, 2022
EVACUATED: More than 72,000 people as floods hit five states in Malaysia leaving towns inundated; at least two people have died.
ORDERED: Nepal's Supreme Court on Wednesday, the release of Charles Sobhraj, a French national known as the "bikini killer" who police say is responsible killing over 20 young Western backpackers across Asia during the 1970s and 1980s.
APPOINTED: Alberto Otarola, a lawyer who had been Peru's Defence Minister, to the post of Prime Minister in a shuffle of President Dina Boluarte's 11 day old cabinet on Wednesday.


21st December, 2022
REPORTED: That Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy will travel to Washington DC, meet US President Joe Biden and visit Congress on Wednesday.
SHAKEN: The extreme northern coast of California by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake before dawn on Tuesday, injuring at least two people, damaging roads, bridges and power lines and leaving tens of thousands of homes and businesses without electricity.
CHARGED: In Canada, eight teenaged girls with murder after a 59-year-old man was stabbed to death in downtown Toronto over the weekend, police said on Tuesday.


20th December, 2022
REFERRED: The January 6 Congressional committee, former US President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice, recommending he be charged with four offences including inciting, assisting, aiding or comforting an insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States and conspiracy to make a false statement.
RULED: Lawful, the UK's plan to send migrants to Rwanda, according to a ruling from London's High Court on Monday; the ruling is being seen as a victory for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who has made a high-stakes political promise to tackle the record number of migrants arriving in small boats.
MISSING: More than 30 Thai sailors after a corvette sank overnight in choppy waters in the Gulf of Thailand; 73 people were rescued from the ship.


19th December, 2022
CLAIMED: Islamic State, responsibility for the killing at least nine Iraqi federal policemen on Sunday in a bomb attack on their convoy near the oil city of Kirkuk, the militant group said on its Telegram channel.
QUESTIONING: Malaysian police, staff members from an unlicensed campsite to assist in an investigation into a landslide that flattened the camp grounds and killed at least 24 people, as the search for missing people continued for a third day on Sunday.
DEPLOYING: A 17-metre-long Canadian-made robotic arm on the International Space Station, so it can inspect a docked Soyuz spacecraft after a leak was noticed just before a spacewalk last week, according to Russian space agency Roscosmos.


16th December, 2022
ANNOUNCED: US President Joe Biden, a additional $US2.5 billion in emergency assistance and medium-to long-term food security assistance; the announcement came on the last day of a three-day summit in Washington with African leaders from 49 countries and the African Union.
RELEASED: The White House, 97 per cent of documents relating to the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963.
CLAIMED: Prince Harry, in the Netflix series Harry & Meghan, that his brother, Prince William, "screamed and shouted" at him when meeting to discuss his and Meghan's future at Sandringham in 2020 while King Charles III said things that "just simply weren't true" and Queen Elizabeth II just looked on; Buckingham Palace has not commented on the claims.


15th December, 2022
ACCUSED: Meta Platforms, in a lawsuit filed in Kenya on Wednesday of letting violent and hateful posts from Ethiopia flourish on Facebook, inflaming the Ethiopian civil war.
DIED: Four migrants, after a small boat loaded with migrants heading for British shores from France capsized in the freezing waters of the English Channel early on Wednesday, the British Government said.
OUSTED: Iran, from a United Nations women's group, the Commission on the Status of Women, for policies contrary to the rights of women and girls; the move was proposed by the United States after Tehran's crackdown on protests over the death of young woman Mahsa Amini in custody.


14th December, 2022
CONVICTED: In France, seven men and one woman for their roles in a 2016 truck rampage in the Riviera city of Nice in which 86 people were killed; Mohamed Ghraieb, the main defendant, was handed an 18 year sentence, others were handed sentences of between two and 18 years.
STOPPED: South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC), an impeachment process from being launched against President Cyril Ramaphosa, as most of its lawmakers voted to reject an inquiry report into alleged misconduct.
Indian and Chinese troops when the latter tried to enter Indian territory last week, India's defence minister said on Tuesday; there were minor injuries on both sides.


13th December, 2022
ARRESTED: Four people including European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili in a case involving allegations that Qatar bribed EU officials to win influence; Qatar has denied wrong-doing.
KILLED: Six people - including two police officers and a member of the public - during a siege at a remote property in Queensland, Australia, after officers were fired upon while they entered the property in response to a missing persons case; three alleged offenders were later shot and killed by police.
DIED: Three boys, aged eight, 10 and 11, after falling through ice into a lake in Babbs Mill Park, Kingshurst, in England's west; a fourth boy was in a critical condition after being pulled from the water.


12th December, 2022
FOUND: The bodies of 27 people, believed to be migrants from Ethiopia, have been dumped by the roadside in the Ngwerere area north of Zambia's capital Lusaka; police said they likely suffocated to death while in transit.
ROSE: The death toll from a Saturday morning explosion at an apartment building in St Helier on the island of Jersey to five with four people still unaccounted for.
LANDED: Back on Earth, NASA's Orion capsule after a near-26-day mission to orbit the Moon.


9th December, 2022
EXPECTING: More arrests in Germany after authorities on Thursday ordered 23 people to be held for questioning as they investigate a far-right group prosecutors say wanted to overthrow the state and install a former member of a German royal family as national leader.
RELEASED: In Indonesia, convicted Bali bomb maker Umar Patek on parole late on Wednesday after serving half of a 20 years prison sentence for involvement in bombings that 202 people, including 88 Australians and 38 Indonesians, in Bali in 2002; Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles said it was a "difficult day" for Australians who lost loved ones and relatives in the attacks.
EXECUTED: In Iran, a man convicted of injuring a security guard with a knife and blocking a street in Tehran during anti-government protests; it is the first such execution over recent anti-government unrest.


8th December, 2022
ARRESTED: Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss and 24 other members and supporters of a far-right group planning an alleged putsch in Germany in nationwide raids on Wednesday.
EXECUTED: The Taliban, a man accused of murder in western Afghanistan in what was the first officially confirmed public execution since the hardline Islamist group seized power last year.
RELEASED: Janusz Walus, a far-right extremist who assassinated South African anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani nearly 30 years ago, on parole, authorities said on Wednesday.
WON: In the US state of Georgia, Democrat Rev Raphael Warnock, a run-off Senate election against Republican Herschel Walker; the win gives the Democrats a majority of 51 seats to the Republicans 49 in the US Senate.


7th December, 2022
APPROVED: Indonesian lawmakers, a new criminal code which bans sex outside marriage - with a punishment of up to one year in jail - as well as cohabitation between unmarried couples and insulting the president or state institutions; the laws were passed amid fears the laws may scare away tourists from its shores and harm investment.
SENTENCED: To six years in jail, Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in a high-profile corruption case on Tuesday, though she has immunity due to her public office; Kirchner, who was also disqualified from holding public office, is expected to appeal.
CLASHES: In Mongolia between protesters and police as demonstrators on Monday tried to storm parliament after thousands gathered in freezing temperatures to demonstrate against soaring inflation and government corruption.


6th December, 2022
BURIED: A bus in north-western Colombia in a landslide on Sunday with at least 33 people died; nine were rescued alive, according to the interior minister said.
OPENED: The largest trial in Belgian history on Monday with 10 men accused of involvement in a triple Islamist suicide attack in Brussels in 2016 that killed 32 people and injured more than 300.
APPEARED: In a court in Sydney, Australia, Hillsong founder Brian Houston, 68, who has pleaded not guilty to allegations he covered up his father's abuse of a young boy; the case continues today.


5th December, 2022
EVACUATED: Almost 2,000 people iin the east of Java after a volcano erupted in Indonesia on Sunday spewing a cloud of ash 15 kilometres into the sky.
SUSPENDING: Some constitutional rights in areas of two main cities controlled by criminal groups, the government of Honduras. 
MODIFIED: For the coronation of King Charles III next May, the historic St Edward's Crown, which has been the centrepiece of the coronation of monarchs in England for more than 350 years.


2nd December, 2022
DECLARED: The German Parliament, that the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine was a Soviet-imposed genocide; Ukraine welcomed the move while Russia said it was an anti-Russian provocation and an attempt by Germany to whitewash its Nazi past.
STEPPED DOWN: A member of the British royal family's household after making "unacceptable and deeply regrettable" comments about race and nationality to a woman at a grand reception at Buckingham Palace.
REACHED: Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, a coalition deal with the far-right Religious Zionism party; the move brings him closer to securing a new government after an election last month.


1st December, 2022
MET: US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron at the first White House state visit on Thursday since the US Democrat took power in early 2021.
FOUND: An independent panel appointed by the speaker of South Africa's parliament that preliminary evidence that President Cyril Ramaphosa violated his oath of office; the findings could lead to his eventual impeachment.
DIED: Christine McVie, whose songwriting and signature vocals helped make British-American group Fleetwood Mac one of the best-selling rock bands of all time, on Wednesday at the age of 79.


30th November, 2022
KILLED: Five Palestinians, including a driver who had apparently rammed into a soldier, by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.
SUMMONED: China's ambassador to Britain by the UK Government to raise the treatment of a British journalist who, according to his employer the BBC, was assaulted by Chinese police while covering a protest in Shanghai.
STATED:  The Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic, that migrants in Morocco have no "genuine and effective" access to asylum in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, leaving migrants with little choice other than to seek to cross illegally; Mijatovic called on Spanish authorities to rectify the situation.


29th November, 2022
URGED: In an open letter, the editors and publishers of The Guardian, The New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, and El País, the United States to end its prosecution of Julian Assange.
ENDED: A months-long ceasefire with the Pakistani government, a spokesman for Taliban militants in Pakistan said on Monday.
RIOTS: In Brussels on Sunday after Morocco's victory over Belgium in the World Cup match in Qatar; Belgian police detained a dozen people and made one arrest.


25th November, 2022
REPORTED: China, record high COVID-19 infections oF more than 31,000 on Wednesday, with cities nationwide imposing localised lockdowns, mass testing and other curbs that are fuelling frustration and darkening the outlook for the world's second largest economy.
ESTABLISHED: The United Nations' top human rights body, a new investigative mission to probe Iran's suppression of mass protests that have roiled the country since September.
VOTED: The EU parliament in favour of a resolution that calls on FIFA to help compensate the families of the migrant workers who died, as well as workers who suffered rights abuses, during preparations for the World Cup.


24th November, 2022
KILLED: Six employees at a Walmart Inc store in the US state of Virginia when a manager entered a break room and opened fire before turning the gun on himself, according to an eyewitness.
CLAIMED: Somalia's government, that 49 al Shabaab fighters had been killed in a military operation in Lower Shabelle region, the latest in a months-long campaign aimed at seizing territory long held by the Islamist group.
REMOVED: A colonial-era statue of German official Curt von Francois in Namibian capital Windhoek on Wednesday, as a crowd that gathered nearby clapped and hooted in delight.


23rd November, 2022
HOSTING: King Charles III, his first state visit since becoming British monarch on Tuesday, welcoming Cyril Ramaphosa to Buckingham Palace, where the South African President invoked Mandela as he paid tribute to the close ties between the two countries.
REQUESTED:  Former US President Donald Trump that a federal court in Florida provide him and his lawyers with a complete version of the affidavit that federal investigators used to obtain a search warrant for his Florida property in August.
OPENING UP: Voting in the Eurovision Song Contest to viewers from countries not participating for the first time in the competition's history, the organiser said on Tuesday.


21st November, 2022
WON: Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, a snap election in his nation, with 82.45 per cent of votes according to an exit poll carried out by the "Open Society" research institute.
RESIGNED: Japan's internal affairs minister, Minoru Terada, in connection with a funding scandal; he was the third cabinet member to leave in less than a month in a severe blow to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's already shaky support.
CELEBRATING: His 80th birthday on Sunday, US President Joe Biden, who becomes the first octogenarian president in US history.


18th November, 2022
PROJECTED: That Republicans have won majority control of the US House of Representatives in the mid-term elections, according to media organisations; US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced she will step down from Democratic leadership in the new Congress.
KILLED: At least six people with 30 injured when a large gas cylinder exploded in a residential area in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya on Thursday, according to authorities.
FREED: In Myanmar, Sean Turnell, Australian economic adviser to deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi, former British ambassador Vicky Bowman, and Japanese filmmaker Toru Kubota as part of a mass prisoner amnesty in which almost 6,000 prisoners were released.


17th November, 2022
ISSUED: The G20, a declaration on Wednesday that said leaders reiterated positions expressed at other forums, including a UN General Assembly resolution that "deplores in the strongest terms" Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
CALLED: Kenya's former President Uhuru Kenyatta, for urgent intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where fighting between the army and M23 rebels has flared again in the last week causing hundreds to flee their homes.
LAUNCHED: NASA'S unmanned Artemis 1, the most powerful rocket in history, in a test flight to the Moon early on Wednesday.


16th November, 2022
MET: Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and China President Xi Jinping with Albanese saying they had a positive discussion about trade embargoes levelled by Beijing.
LOST: Kari Lake, one of the most high-profile Republican candidates in the midterm elections to embrace former President Donald Trump's false claims of voter fraud in 2020, her bid to become the next governor of Arizona, Edison Research projected on Monday.
BROKEN: A hunger strike, detained Egyptian-British activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah after seven-months, his sister said on Tuesday, suspending a protest that overshadowed Egypt's hosting of the COP27 global climate talks.


15th November, 2022
DISMISSED: Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a major demonstration  on Sunday against his plan to overhaul the country's electoral authority, dismissing it as a "racist" and "classist" protest and challenging his adversaries to stage a bigger one.    
OUTLAWED: Italy, the use of facial recognition and 'smart glasses' on Monday except when such technologies play a role in judicial investigations or the fight against crime.
ASKED: The UK Parliament, King Charles III to amend the law to allow two more of his siblings - Princess Anne and Prince Edward - to act on his behalf in his absence, adding them to a group which currently includes his disgraced brother Prince Andrew.


14th November, 2022
GATHERING: In Indonesia, leaders of the G20 countries with US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping expected to meet face-to-face for the first time since Biden's election.
PROTESTED: Tens of thousands in Mexico on Sunday against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's plan to overhaul the country's electoral commission INE in what they fear would concentrate power in the hands of the government.
LEAD: Britain's King Charles III, Remembrance Day commemorations in London on Sunday for the first time as monarch, laying a newly designed wreath after a two-minute silence at The Cenotaph war memorial.


11th November, 2022
LASHED: The US state of Florida, Tropical Storm Nicole with a mix of heavy rains and fierce winds that downed power lines, flooded homes and left at least two people dead.
KILLED: At least nine people and two wounded after a shooting at a bar in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, a state which has increasingly suffered from cartel violence.
PROTESTED: A Ukrainian diplomat in Italy, plans to stage the Russian opera Boris Godunov next month at Milan's La Scala opera house.


10th November, 2022
BARRED: Women, from entering amusement parks in Kabul, Afghanistan; it comes after the Taliban's morality ministry said there would be restrictions on women being able to access public parks.
OVERTURNED: A South African court, an earlier order halting construction of Amazon's new African headquarters in Cape Town after some descendants of the country's earliest inhabitants said the land it would be built on was sacred.
ARRESTED: A 23-year-old man after eggs were thrown at King Charles III and Camilla, his wife and Queen Consort, as they carried out an engagement in the English city of York; the four eggs flew past the monarch and smashed on the ground.


9th November, 2022
VISITED: Kyiv, Ukraine, Hollywood actor and director Sean Penn; Penn, who has been sanctioned by Russia for criticising its war in Ukraine, loaned his Oscar statuette to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy during his visit.
AGREED: The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, at talks in Washington DC to expedite negotiations between the two South Caucasus nations that have clashed repeatedly over control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, according to the US State Department.
NAMED: By police in Pakistan, a lone suspect into a failed assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan.


8th November, 2022
ADMITTED: Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin that he had interfered in US elections and would continue doing so in future; it is the first such admission from a figure implicated by Washington in efforts to influence American politics.
KILLED: At least seven people and 11 others injured when a truck collided with a passenger bus in Turkey's eastern Agri province on Monday.
AQUITTED: In a court in Gdansk, Poland, three men who in 2019 toppled a statue of a late priest suspected of sexually abusing minors in what was seen as a symbolic moment in the traditionally Catholic country's reckoning with clerical abuse.


7th November, 2022
ORDERED: Authorities in New Delhi, primary schools to shut from Saturday and for schools to stop outdoor activities for older children; the order comes as air in the world's most polluted capital had become a severe risk to health.
REFUSED: German-flagged charity vessel, Humanity 1, to leave the Sicilian port of Catania on Sunday, after Italian authorities said not all the migrants it was carrying could disembark.
HELD: Talks on Sunday, officials from Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda aimed at ending a political stand-off between the two countries caused by widespread conflict near their shared border.


4th November, 2022
CONCEDED: Israel Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the presidential election on Thursday, congratulating Benjamin Netanyahu on his election win as final results confirmed the former premier's triumphant comeback at the head of a solidly right-wing alliance.
CALLED OFF: A search operation following the collapse of a bridge in the Indian state of Gujurat that led to the death of 135 people.
URGED: The Australian Government, the country's multi-billion dollar mining industry to support its plans for a referendum to give the country's Indigenous people a voice in parliament.


3rd November, 2022
SENTENCED: Nikolas Cruz, who murdered 17 students and staff with a semi-automatic rifle at a Florida high school, formally to life in prison on Wednesday; it comes after a jury voted last month to spare Cruz, 24, the death penalty, instead choosing life in prison without possibility of parole for one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history.
DEPLOYING: Kenya, troops to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to join an East African regional force aiming to end decades of bloodshed in the nation; the Kenyan troops will join a contingent from Burundi.
MARCHED: Hundreds of people marched in Sri Lanka's largest city Colombo on Wednesday, protesting against higher taxes, inflation and alleged state-led repression as the country struggles to emerge from its worst financial crisis in seven decades.


2nd November, 2022
MISSING: Dozens of migrants whose boat sank off the island of Evia during bad weather early on Tuesday; the Greek coast guard is conducting a search.
POSITIONED: To become "king-maker" in the Danish election, former Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen after the Tuesday poll in which neither the ruling left nor right-wing opposition appeared to win a majority in parliament, according to early projections.
KILLED: At least two police officers in Ecuador on Tuesday in explosive attacks mounted in response to transfers of prisoners from overcrowded and violent penitentiaries, the government and police said.


1st November, 2022
CLAIMED: In a federal criminal complaint filed in the US on Monday, that the man accused of bludgeoning US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband with a hammer after forcing his way into the couple's home threatened to take her hostage and break her kneecaps if she lied under his questioning.
INVESTIGATING: Haitian authorities, the death of journalist Romelson Vilsaint who was fatally struck by a tear gas cannister at a protest outside a police station; his death comes amid growing gang violence and a humanitarian crisis.
TARGETED: Hackers, a communications platform used by Australian military personnel and defence staff with a ransomware attack, authorities said on Monday, as the country battles a recent spike in cyberattacks across businesses.


31st October, 2022
DIED: Eleven people, including two police officers, after a crush at an overcrowded stadium concert in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which was headlined by Congolese singer Fally Ipupa.
ARRESTED: A man suspected of clubbing US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, in the head with hammer, shouting "Where is Nancy?" after allegedly forcing his way into the couple's San Francisco home on Friday; the suspect faces charges of attempted murder and other felonies.
ATTACKED: A centre for processing migrants in the southern English port of Dover on Sunday, by a man throwing petrol bombs attached to fireworks who then took his own life.


28th October, 2022
FINALISED: Lebanese and Israeli leaders, a US-brokered maritime demarcation deal on Thursday, bringing a measure of accommodation between the enemy states as they eye offshore energy exploration.
VISITED: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, scientists at New Zealand's Scott Base in Antarctica on Thursday, as part of a trip aimed at highlighting climate change challenges, her country's commitment to the continent and the need for regional cooperation.
DEMOLISHED: Four Polish monuments to Red Army soldiers who died during World War II; the move comes as historically strained relations between Warsaw and Moscow hit new lows due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


27th October, 2022
ROSE: The death toll from the impact of Cyclone Sitrang in Bangladesh to at least 15; officials said mass evacuations helped save lives, but the full extent of the casualties and damage would only be known after communications were fully restored.
LEGALISING: In Germany, the controlled distribution and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes among adults; Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government said would make Germany one of the first countries in Europe to do so.
ENDED: A Trump-era program that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for US immigration hearings, known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, Mexico's foreign ministry said this week.


26th October, 2022
KILLED: The leader of a rising militant group and five other Palestinians on Tuesday after Israeli forces raided the West Bank city of Nablus on Tuesday, setting off one of the largest firefights in weeks, Palestinian officials said.
DISMISSED: A Russian court, US WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner's appeal against a nine-year sentence for possessing and smuggling vape cartridges containing cannabis oil, paving the way for her to be sent to a penal colony; Washington has called the court case a "sham".
CUT TIES: Sports brand Adidas, its partnership with rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, after he made a series of anti-Semitic comments.


25th October, 2022
SHOT: Dead, at least three people including a suspect, in a shooting at the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in St Louis in the US state of Missouri; six others were injured in the attack.
CLAIMED: Human Rights Watch, that security forces in Qatar arbitrarily arrested and abused LGBT Qataris as recently as last month; the claim comes in the run-up to hosting soccer's World Cup which has put a spotlight on human rights issues in the Gulf Arab state.
DIED: At least three people, from destruction caused by intense rainfall unleashed by Storm Roslyn, which provoked flooding along Mexico's Pacific coast when it made landfall as a powerful hurricane on Sunday.


24th October, 2022
EXCHANGED: Warning shots, South and North Korea after a North Korean boat crossed the two Koreas' maritime border.
CONFIRMED: In Uganda, two new Ebola cases bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Kampala to five; the news comes days after the information ministry said the country's Ebola outbreak was coming under control and was expected to be over by the end of the year.
DESCRIBED: By literary agent Andrew Wylie, the wounds 75-year-old author Salman Rushdie suffered in attack on stage at a literary event in western New York in August; they included the loss of an eye and use of one hand.


21st October, 2022
KILLED: At least 23 people after clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the Nigerian state of Benue, a local official said on Thursday; it is the latest deadly incident fuelled by growing pressure on land resources in Africa's most populous country.
WON: US actor Kevin Spacey, a sexual abuse case against him after jurors in a Manhattan civil trial found his accuser didn’t prove his claim that the Oscar winner made an unwanted sexual advance on him when he was 14.
ORDERED: A Russian court, the arrest of television journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, Interfax news agency said; it comes more than six months after she flashed a sign on air saying the Kremlin was lying about the Ukraine war.


20th October, 2022
RESIGNED: UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman after a "technical breach" of government rules, the second of Prime Minister Liz Truss' senior ministers to leave in less than a week; it comes amid ongoing uncertainty about the future of Truss as PM.
EXPLOSIONS: At Insein prison in the Myanmar city of Yangon, which houses many political prisoners; at least eight people have been killed when what is believed to have been parcel bombs went off.
ELECTED: By India's opposition Congress party, veteran leader Mallikarjun Kharge as its new chief on Wednesday; he is the first person from outside the influential Nehru-Gandhi family to hold the party's presidency in 24 years.


19th October, 2022
CLASHES: In Paris, France, between police and black-clad protestors on the margins of a mass demonstration calling for wage hikes; it came as several unions called a nationwide strike as high inflation eats away at purchasing power.
RELEASED: A statement, Iranian rock climber Elnaz Rekabi, who had competed in an international contest without a headscarf, in which she said she had done so unintentionally; it comes after she was widely assumed to have expressed support for protests in Iran.
DIED: Three people in floods in Venezuela's central Aragua state, adding to the more than 50 people who have died after weeks of intense rain.


18th October, 2022
APOLOGISED: Britain's Prime Minister Liz Truss for "mistakes" in her economic program that caused investor confidence to evaporate and her poll ratings to plunge before nearly all of it was finally shredded on Monday; but the PM said she would not step down.
ORDERED: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, an investigation into the Unification Church after the assassination of former premier Shinzo Abe in July revealed close ties between it and ruling party lawmakers.
AGREED: Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has agreed to buy the self-styled "uncancellable" social-media platform Parler, the company has announced.


17th October, 2022
FIRED: By British Prime Minister Liz Truss, finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday as she also moved to scrap parts of her government's unpopular economic package; Kwarteng has since been replaced by Jeremy Hunt.
PROTESTS: In the streets of Paris, France, on Sunday involving thousands of people angry over soaring prices as weeks of strikes for higher wages at oil refineries spurred demands for a general strike.
MARKED: By demonstrators in Malta, five years since the car bomb murder of anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia; the action comes two days after two brothers admitted to her killing and were each sentenced to 40 years in prison.


14th October, 2022
SUBPOENAED: A US congressional committee investigating the storming of the Capitol on 6th January last year, former President Donald Trump after a unanimous vote to do so.
DROPPED: By Nigeria's Court of Appeal, terrorism charges against leader Nnamdi Kanu that had been brought by the government, in a unanimous decision by all three judges hearing the case.
UNEARTHED: Archaeologists in Peru, eight, centuries-old mummies at a site in the country's capital, an important find that experts say could point to a colonial-era cemetery.


13th October, 2022
FIRST RECIPIENT: A one-year-old Spanish girl, of a successful intestine transplant from a donor who died of heart failure, Madrid's La Paz hospital said on Tuesday.
AGREED: Israel and Lebanon, a US-brokered deal to demarcate a maritime border; the deal still has to be finalised by all parties.
REOPENED: Japan, to tourists this week after more than two years of pandemic isolation; the country's move to reinstate visa-free travel to dozens of countries, ends some of world's strictest border controls to slow the spread of COVID-19.


12th October, 2022
DEFENDED: World Bank President David Malpass, the institution's commitment to tackling climate change on Tuesday, telling civil society groups that have criticised his leadership on the issue that the bank is focused on global warming.
REJECTED: The US Supreme Court, an appeal from Dylann Roof, who challenged his death sentence and conviction in the 2015 racist slayings of nine members of a Black South Carolina congregation.
DIED:  Angela Lansbury, the British-born actress whose career spanned eight decades and produced indelible portraits of a wide range of characters from villainesses to sleuths and light comic roles in movies, on stage and on television, at age 96, her family said on Tuesday.


11th October, 2022
CALLED: An early election in Malaysia, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, aiming to win a stronger mandate and end political instability since the multi-billion dollar 1MDB scandal and COVID crisis.
SUING: Mexico's Government, five Arizona gun dealers; the suits, which were filed on Monday, accuse the dealers of participating in illicit weapons trafficking.
WON:  A trio of US economists including former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig, the Nobel Economics Prize  for laying the foundation of how world powers now tackle global crises like the recent pandemic or the Great Recession of 2008.


10th October, 2022
DIED: At least 22 people, with 52 missing, after five small rivers in central Venezuela flooded due to heavy rains, Venezuela Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said Sunday.
WON: Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, a second six-year term in office on Sunday by winning a clear majority of votes in an election to avoid a runoff, according to projections.
RESTRICTED: Kanye West's Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted over the weekend, with the social media platforms saying they removed the rapper's posts after online users condemned them as anti-Semitic.


7th October, 2022
PARDONING: US President Joe Biden, those convicted of federal crimes of simple possession of marijuana; Biden said he would call upon all state governors to issue their own marijuana pardons.
CHARGED: In Indonesia, six people, including police and match organisers, over the soccer stadium stampede in Malang in which more than 130 people were killed.
WON: The Nobel Prize in Literature, French author Annie Ernaux, who gained international recognition following publication of Les Années in 2008; the announcement comes after the annoucement of the Nobel Prizes for chemistry, physics and medicine.


6th October, 2022
COMMITTED: Burkina Faso's new military leader Ibrahim Traore, to respecting a democratic transition timeline agreed between his predecessor and West Africa regional bloc ECOWAS, he said in a statement late on Tuesday.
LAUNCHED: A SpaceX rocket soared from Florida on Wednesday, carrying the next long-term International Space Station crew, with a Russian cosmonaut, two Americans and a Japanese astronaut flying together.
SETTLED: Actor Alec Baldwin and the producers of the Western movie Rust, a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who Baldwin shot dead during filming last year.


5th October, 2022
BLACKED OUT: Large swathes of Bangladesh were left without electricity on Tuesday after a grid failure, a government official said, adding that authorities were working to gradually restore power supply in the country of 168 million people.
CONFIRMED: Australia's largest telecoms firm Telstra Corp Ltd, that it had suffered what it called a small data breach, a disclosure that comes two weeks after its main rival Optus was left reeling by a massive cyberattack.
DIED: Loretta Lynn, the coal miner's daughter and moonshiner's wife who became one of American country music's biggest stars, on Tuesday at the age of 90, her family said on Twitter.


4th October, 2022
PLEDGED: The leaders of Hungary, Serbia and Austria, new measures to contain the flow of illegal migrants into the European Union through the Western Balkans, as border control forces become increasingly strained.
DECLINED: The US Supreme Court, to hear a challenge to a federal ban on devices called "bump stocks" that enable semi-automatic weapons to fire like a machine gun - a firearms control measure prompted by a 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.
MET: Pope Francis and Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook in a private audience on Monday.


3rd October, 2022
WON: The centre-right New Unity party of Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins in an election on Saturday, according to provisional results.
RESIGNED: The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf al-Sabah in Kuwait following a parliamentary election in the Gulf Arab country in which opposition candidates made considerable gains; the PM will remain in a caretaker capacity until a new cabinet is formed.
DIED: At least seven people of cholera in Haiti in a surprise return of the disease that comes as the nation is paralysed by a gang blockade that has triggered shortages of fuel and clean drinking water.


30th September, 2022
COMMENCED: By a UN tribunal in The Hague, the genocide trial of Rwandan businessman Felicien Kabuga captured two years ago after decades on the run, with judges saying the hearing must go on despite the suspect's decision to boycott it from his jail cell.
ACQUITTED: By a Pakistani court, Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in a corruption case that had seen her sentenced to seven years in jail.
SENTENCED: In Myanmar, deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her former economic adviser, Australian Sean Turnell, for three years for violating a secrets law (taking Suu Kyi's total sentence now to 23 years), a source familiar with the proceedings has told Reuters; Australia rejected the decision and called for the immediate release of Turnell.


29th September, 2022
ANNOUNCED: The US that it has agreed a "partnership" with Pacific Island states; it comes as leaders from 12 Pacific island states were expected to take part in a two-day summit in Washington, with two more sending representatives, and Australia and New Zealand attending as observers.
BEGAN: A long-awaited trial of 11 men, including former military ruler Moussa Dadis Camara, accused of responsibility for a 2009 stadium massacre and mass rape by Guinean security forces.
VISITING: US Vice President Kamala Harris, Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone separating the Koreas on Thursday; the visit comes just hours after North Korea test-fired missiles and underscored ongoing regional tensions.


28th September, 2022
LOST: Power, the entire nation of Cuba, after the passage of Hurricane Ian, which ravaged the western end of the island with violent winds and flooding.
ORDERED: A Spanish court on Tuesday, Colombian superstar Shakira to stand trial on accusations that she failed to pay €14.5 million in income taxes.
FIRST: Visit to Walee, Prince William and Kate since being made Prince and Princess of Wales following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as a source said there were no plans for them to have a big investiture ceremony.


27th September, 2022
RISEN: The death toll from the sinking of an overcrowded ferry carrying Hindu devotees in northern Bangladesh to at least 50 on Monday, with many passengers missing a day after the disaster.
MARCHED: In Colombia, thousands of protesters, demonstrating against economic and social reforms proposed by Colombian leftist President Gustavo Petro - which he says will fight inequality - just 50 days after he took office.
VOTED: In Cuba, in favour of approving gay marriage and adoption in a Sunday referendum backed by the government.


26th September, 2022
VOTING: Cubans, on the adoption of the 100-page "family code" which would legalise same-sex marriage and civil unions.
KILLED: At least 25 people, with dozens more missing, in Bangladesh after a boat packed with Hindu devotees sank in the Karatoya river on Sunday.
PROTESTS: In Moldova's capital of Chișinău for the second Sunday in a row, demanding the resignation of the country's pro-Western government amid mounting anger over spiralling natural gas prices and inflation.


23rd September, 2022
KILLED: 10 people in a bar in Tarimoro, central Mexico, after unidentified gunmen opened fire; Guanajuato's governor Diego Sinhue Rodriguez called the attack "cowardly".
RULED: US District Judge David Counts, sitting in Texas, that a federal law prohibiting people under felony indictment from buying firearms is unconstitutional.
STRIKING: Members of Argentina's largest oil union after an explosion at a refinery in the western province of Neuquen killed three.


22nd September, 2022
SUING: Donald Trump, his family business, and three of his adult children, by New York's Attorney General Letitia James, who accused them of overvaluing the former US president's assets and net worth through a decade of lies to banks and insurers.
SENTENCED: Former First Lady of Honduras, Rosa Elena Bonilla, to 14 years and one month in prison on charges of fraud and misappropriation of public funds destined for social programs.
DENIED: North Korea, that it has supplied weapons or ammunition to Russia, adding that it does not plan to do so in the future, according to a statement released by the state media KCNA.


21st September, 2022
QUESTIONED: Judge Raymond Dearie - serving as special master charged with vetting the more than 11,000 documents seized from Donald Trump's Florida home, Trump's lawyers on Tuesday over whether they plan to assert that the records had been declassified by the former President he has claimed.
DECLARED: Uganda, an outbreak of Ebola, after health authorities confirmed a case of the relatively rare Sudan strain, the health ministry and World Health Organization said Tuesday.
CHARGED: Ronson Chan, chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, with obstructing police officers after he was detained on 7th September by two plainclothes officers while he was out reporting a story.


20th September, 2022
RELEASED: By the Taliban in Afghanistan, American engineer Mark Frerichs in exchange for Taliban-linked Afghan tribal leader Bashir Noorzai; it came after President Joe Biden granted clemency to Noorzai, a convicted drug smuggler who had been detained by the United States since 2005.
QUASHED: A Pakistan high court, terrorism charges against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to his defence lawyers for the former cricket star who has faced a spate of legal woes since being ousted from office.
SHAKEN: Western Mexico by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, killing at least one person, damaging buildings, knocking out power and sending residents of Mexico City scrambling outside for safety.


19th September, 2022
SHAKEN: For a second time in recent days, Taiwan, by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake which killed at least one person and injured others, damaged buildings and derailed trains on Sunday.
CLASHED: Right-wing protestors with police in Belgrade, Serbia, as the EuroFest gay pride parade took place on Saturday; the Serbian Orthodox Church had been among those opposing the march which was banned and then allowed to proceed along a shorter route.
PROTESTS: Involving thousands of people denouncing high inflation and fuel prices in Moldova on Sunday; the demonstrators demanded the resignation of pro-Western President Maia Sandu and her government.


16th September, 2022
STAMPEDED: The crowd at a large rock concert in the western Guatemalan city of Quetzaltenango, killing at least nine people died, including two 12-year-old children.
APPOINTED: Judge Raymond Dearie, as special master, to review files seized during an FBI search of former President Donald Trump's Florida home last month.
ANNOUNCED: His retirement, Swiss tennis great Roger Federer, who said the Laver Cup in London later this month will be his last top-level tournament; Federer, 41, has won 20 tennis Grand Slam events.


15th September, 2022
KILLED: Ten people after Ethiopian airstrikes hit Mekelle, the capital of the northern Tigray region, according to hospital officials.
CONCEDED: Swedish Prime Minster Magdalena Andersson that her Social Democrats had lost the weekend's general election; the head of Sweden's Moderate Party, Ulf Kristersson, said he would begin the work of forming a new government.
CONTINUING: Jordanian rescuers, their search for a second day for remaining survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building in Amman where nine people were confirmed dead so far.


14th September, 2022
KILLED: Almost 100 in clashes between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops, according to reports; the fighting is the deadliest between the two nations since a 2020 war.
BANNED: EuroPride, the largest annual gay pride event in Europe, in Belgrade, Serbia, by police citing safety risks; the moves comes after weeks of protests by pro-Serbian Orthodox Church conservative groups.
TURNING OFF: An hour early, lights illuminating the Eiffel Tower as part of actions being taken in Paris to save energy this winter, according to Mayor Anne Hidalgo.
DIED: Kenneth Starr, the prosecutor whose investigation led to US President Bill Clinton's impeachment, at the age of 76.


13th September, 2022
ERUPTED: Clashes between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops, according to reports on Tuesday, in a resumption of decades-old hostilities linked to the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.
FOUND: Australia's New South Wales gambling regulator, that Star Entertainment Group Ltd was unfit to hold a casino licence in the state after an inquiry into alleged breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism law.
BEING SWORN-IN: As Kenya's fifth president on Tuesday, William Ruto; the move comes a week after the Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit from a veteran opposition leader challenging his victory.


12th September, 2022
VOTED: Sweden, in a general election on Sunday, with early results on Monday showing the country's right bloc inching into the narrowest of leads pointing to a new government after eight years of Social Democrat rule.
MARKED: In the United States, the 21st anniversary of the September 11 attacks in which almost 3,000 people were killed.
EVACUATED: About 200 people after an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck islands in western Indonesia on Sunday, causing some property damage, the country's disaster mitigation agency BNPB said.


9th September, 2022
PASSED: By Australia's parliament, government legislation enshrining a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.
INVESTIGATING: Gambia's Government, whether the deaths of dozens of young children from kidney failure in recent months are linked to paracetamol syrup, the head of the country's health service said on Thursday.
INAUGURATED: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a revamped colonial avenue in the heart of New Delhi as part of a redevelopment plan for a historical precinct that has drawn the ire of conservationists.


8th September, 2022
THREATENED: Russian President Vladimir Putin, to halt all energy supplies to Europe if Brussels caps the price of Russian gas.
KILLED: At least 15 people died in western Uganda after their homes were buried in a landslide triggered by torrential rains, the Red Cross said on Wednesday, as emergency workers shovelled through mud in search of survivors.
VOTING: The US Senate on legislation to protect same-sex marriage “in the coming weeks”, according to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as a bipartisan group backing the bill negotiates changes to gain more Republican support.


7th September, 2022
ONGOING: An intense manhunt in Saskatchewan, Canada, for Myles Sanderson, 30, the second suspect in a mass stabbing attack in which 10 people were killed; on Monday his accused accomplice and older brother, Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead in a grassy area of the James Smith Cree Nation.
DIED: 12 members of one family in a house fire in the Guatemalan municipality of Magdalena Milpas Altas.
RETURNED: Fifty-eight stolen antiquities, many on display at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art for years, worth an estimated $US19 million to Italy by New York authorities in a ceremony on Tuesday.


6th September, 2022
KILLED: Two Russian embassy staff in Kabul and four others when a suicide bomber detonated explosives near the entrance of the embassy, in a blast that also injured at least 10 others, according to officials.
GRANTED: Former US President Donald Trump's request for a "special master" to oversee the case into his handling of classified materials by a US judge.
FOUND: That Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in May was likely to have been unintentionally shot by an Israeli soldier but was not deliberately targeted, according to Israeli investigations.


5th September, 2022
SENTENCED: To three years jail with hard labour, Myanmar's deposed former leader Aung San Suu Kyi, after she was found guilty of electoral fraud; the ruling was condemned by the EU.
PROTESTS: Involving an estimated 70,000 people in Prague, demonstrating against the Czech Government on Saturday, calling on the ruling coalition to do more to control soaring energy prices and voicing opposition to the European Union and NATO.
DIED: Eight people after attempting to climb the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano in Russia's far east, according to reports; freezing winds halted a rescue attempt.


2nd September, 2022
SENTENCED: Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, to a decade in prison for seeking and receiving bribes in exchange for government contracts; it comes just days after her husband was jailed for corruption.
SEALED: Two tank vents that leaked fuel from a bulk carrier that was damaged and beached after a collision off the British enclave of Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain by divers, according to authorities.
ESTIMATED: Poland, its World War II losses caused by Germany at 6.2 trillion zlotys ($US1.32 trillion), according to Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of ruling Law and Justice (PiS); Kaczunski added that Warsaw would officially demand reparations.


1st September, 2022
LEAKING: Oil, a bulk carrier that collided with an LNG tanker off Gibraltar, according to authorities in the British overseas territory on the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula.
AGREED: Germany, to pay further compensation for families of Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics, according to a joint statement by the German and Israeli presidents.
LOCATION CHANGE: Queen Elizabeth II will break with tradition and appoint Britain's new Prime Minister at her Balmoral Castle residence in Scotland, rather than at Buckingham Palace in London, due to mobility issues.


31st August, 2022
CHALLENGED: Angola's election result by the main opposition party which said it had submitted legal complaints to the electoral commission; the electoral body said it had not received any complaints related to it.
KILLED: At least 40 civilians in a string of attacks by suspected Islamist militants on several villages in east Democratic Republic of Congo between Thursday and Monday, according to reports.
RETURNED: The Netherlands, a collection of 343 pre-Hispanic era ceramics to Panama in response to a drive in the Central American country to protect its cultural heritage.


30th August, 2022
DECLARED: Angola's electoral commission, that the ruling MPLA, in power for nearly five decades since independence, was the winner of last week's national election, handing President Joao Lourenco a second term amid concerns about possible fraud.
DIED: The last remaining member of a Brazilian Indigenous tribe, who lived alone for the past 25 years and resisted all outside contact, in the western Brazilian Amazon bordering Bolivia.
POSTPONED: By NASA, the maiden flight of its big new Moon rocket - the Space Launch System - after controllers struggled to get an engine on the 100 metre-tall rocket cooled down to its correct operating temperature; the flight was part of the Artemis program which aims to send astronauts back to the Moon.


29th August, 2022
PROTESTS: In Argentina, after prosecutors requested Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner be given a 12-year prison sentence for alleged corruption offences.
UNSEALED: A heavily redacted FBI affadavit filed ahead of the granting of a search warrant for the Florida home of former US President Donald Trump.
KILLED: Six people in an incident when a truck rolled into a neighbourhood party in the town of Nieuw Beijerland in the south of the Netherlands on Saturday evening, according to Dutch police.


26th August, 2022
ORDERED: A US judge, the release of a redacted version of court papers used to justify a search of ex-President Donald Trump's Florida home.
REJECTED: Family members of 10 miners who have been trapped in a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico for three weeks, a government plan to find the miners that they said officials described as lasting from six to 11 months.
DETAINED: In Myanmar, Britain's former ambassador Vicky Bowman and her husband, Htein Lin, a Burmese artist and former political prisoner; a statement from the military junta said the couple were being investigated under the Immigration Act.


A US judge, the release of a redacted version of court papers used to justify a search of ex-President Donald Trump's Florida home.
REJECTED: Family members of 10 miners who have been trapped in a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico for three weeks, a government plan to find the miners that they said officials described as lasting from six to 11 months.
DETAINED: In Myanmar, Britain's former ambassador Vicky Bowman and her husband, Htein Lin, a Burmese artist and former political prisoner; a statement from the military junta said the couple were being investigated under the Immigration Act.


26th August, 2022
ORDERED: A US judge, the release of a redacted version of court papers used to justify a search of ex-President Donald Trump's Florida home.
REJECTED: Family members of 10 miners who have been trapped in a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico for three weeks, a government plan to find the miners that they said officials described as lasting from six to 11 months.
DETAINED: In Myanmar, Britain's former ambassador Vicky Bowman and her husband, Htein Lin, a Burmese artist and former political prisoner; a statement from the military junta said the couple were being investigated under the Immigration Act.


25th August, 2022
SUSPENDED: By Thailand's Constitutional Court, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Wednesday after the court accepted a petition from an opposition party seeking his ousting on the grounds that he has held office for his full, legally mandated term.
CANCELLED: US President Joe Biden, up to $US10,000 in federal student loans for millions of Americans who earn less than $US125,000 each year. 
RECORD-BREAKER: British-Belgian pilot Mack Rutherford, 17, who became the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a small aircraft when he landed at Sofia in Bulgaria, after a five-month journey across 52 countries.


24th August, 2022
ORDERED: Malaysia's former Prime Minister Najib Razak to begin a 12-year prison sentence on charges related to the multi-billion dollar 1MBD graft scandal after his guilty verdict was upheld.
PROTESTS: By Afghan refugees and migrants living in limbo at a United Arab Emirates facility for nearly a year since being evacuated from Afghanistan, over what they say is a slow and opaque resettlement process.
KILLED: Mexican journalist Fredid "Fredy" Roman who was shot in his car Monday in the Pacific coastal state of Guerrero; his death comes amid the bloodiest year on record for Mexican media workers.


23rd August, 2022
PROTESTS: Around Haiti as thousands of people demonstrated against rampant crime and soaring consumer prices; the protests came as Haiti's central bank reported that inflation had hit a 10-year high.
SEEKING: An Argentine federal prosecutor, a 12-year prison sentence for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the country's former president and current vice president, on corruption charges related to public works.
REQUESTED: Former President Donald Trump's legal team, that a federal judge appoint a "special master" to ensure the Justice Department returns any of his private documents seized during the search of his home Mar-a-Lago two weeks ago.


22nd August, 2022
KILLED: At least 32 people in south-east Turkey on Saturday when vehicles crashed into first respondents who were attending earlier accidents.
DECRIMINALISING: Singapore, homosexual sex, but has no plans to change the legal definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday.
DEMOLISHED: A Shi'ite Muslim shrine in the central Iraqi province of Kerbala, killing at least four people.


19th August, 2022
RISEN: The death toll from wildfires in Algeria to 37 with 183 people injured, according to local Ennahar TV which cited the Algerian Civil Protection Directorate.
WITHDRAWN: From the city of Butembo in Democratic Republic of Congo, UN peacekeepers; the move comes after deadly protests against its failure to protect civilians.
PLEADED: In a US court, Hadi Matar, not guilty to second-degree attempted murder and assault charges; Matar, 24,  is accused of wounding author Salman Rushdie just before he was due to give a lecture near Lake Erie on Friday - Rushdie remains in hospital.


18th August, 2022
ATTACKS: Involving bombs and arson in at least 17 locations across southern Thailand with at least seven people injured; no-one had initially claimed responsibility.
OUSTED: Liz Cheney, a Republican primary election in the US state of Wyoming to Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman in Wyoming; Cheney had faced an uphill battle to win re-election after joining the congressional committee investigating Trump's attempts to cling to power.
PROTESTS: In the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires with demonstrators demanding government action to boost salaries and unemployment benefits battered by surging consumer prices and a weakening peso currency.


17th August, 2022
CARRIED OUT: The US, a test of a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile that had been delayed to avoid escalating tensions with Beijing during China's show of force near Taiwan earlier this month.
SIGNED: Into law, US President Joe Biden, a $US700 billion bill that aims to fight healthcare costs and climate change while raising taxes, mainly on the rich.
KILLED: At least 20 people when a speeding bus collided with an oil tanker in Pakistan, police and rescue officials said.


16th August, 2022
CARRIED OUT: China's military, more exercises near Taiwan on Monday as a second group of US lawmakers visited the Chinese-claimed island and met President Tsai Ing-wen, who said her government was committed to maintaining stability.
DEFENDED: Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, his actions in taking on extra ministerial roles without his cabinet's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying it was "an unprecedented time" and that the powers served as a safeguard.
AUTHORISED: The government of Ecuador, security forces in Guayaquil to carry out inspections of houses as part of a new state of emergency after an explosives attack - which authorities have blamed on crime gangs and described as a terrorist attack - killed five people over the weekend.


15th August, 2022
ATTACKED: A bus carrying Jewish worshippers in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday by a gunman who wounded at least eight people on board; the shooter later turned himself in.
ARRIVED: A second delegation of US lawmakers in Taiwan on Sunday for a two-day trip during which they will meet President Tsai Ing-wen; it follows the recent visit of a delegation lead by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to which China responded with intrusive military drills.
EXPLODED: A fireworks warehouse in a shopping mall in the Armenian capital of Yerevan on Sunday, killing three people and injuring more than 60.


12th August, 2022
FILED: The US Justice Department, a motion to make public the warrant used to search former US President Donald Trump's home thanks, according to US Attorney-General Merrick Garland, "the former president's public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances and the substantial public interest in this matter".
DECLARED: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, victory over COVID-19 while his sister indicated that he too caught the virus.
REOPENING: McDonald's restaurants in Ukraine over the next few months, according to the company, in an early sign of western businesses returning to the country even as the conflict with Russia continues. 


11th August, 2022
REFUSED: Former US President Donald Trump, to answer questions as part of a New York state investigation into his family's business practices; Trump denies wrongdoing.
CHARGED: In the US, an Iranian man by the US with plotting to kill former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton.
DIED: In the UK, Raymond Briggs, creator of the bittersweet children's book The Snowman, at age 88.


10th August, 2022
APPROVED: The US State Department, $US89 million worth of assistance to help Ukraine equip and train 100 teams to clear landmines and unexploded ordnance for a year.
RETURNING: To Cambodia, 30 looted antiquities, including bronze and stone statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities carved more than 1,000 years ago, said US federal prosecutor Damian Williams.
DIED: Japanese designer Issey Miyake, famed for his pleated style of clothing that never wrinkles and who produced the signature black turtleneck of friend and Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs, at the age of 84.


9th August, 2022
SEARCHED: The FBI, former President Donald Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beachm, with Trump releasing a statement saying his home was being "occupied by a large group of FBI agents".
CLOSED: The 11 day Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, after the flag handover to Victoria, the Australian state that will host the 2026 edition.
DIED: British-born, Australian-raised performer Olivia Newton-John, who soared to the top of the world's pop music charts in the 1970s and 1980s with such tunes as I Honestly Love You and Physical and starred in the hit movie musical Grease, on Monday at age 73 at her home in Southern California.


8th August, 2022
PASSED: By the US Senate on Sunday afternoon, the Democrats' $US750 billion healthcare, tax and climate bill, in what is being seen as a significant victory for President Joe Biden and his party.
STRANDED: More than 80,000 tourists at the popular Chinese resort of Sanya, known as "China's Hawaii", after a coronavirus outbreak sparked a lockdown.
RETURNING: Some 72 artefacts, including 12 brass plaques known as Benin Bronzes, looted from Benin City by British soldiers in 1897, by London's Horniman Museum to the Nigerian Government.


5th August, 2022
CHARGED: Four US police officers over the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in her home in Louisville, Kentucky, on 13th March, 2020, by plainclothes police who were executing a "no-knock" search warrant.
TRAPPED: 10 workers in a Mexican mine after their excavation work caused a tunnel wall to collapse on Wednesday, triggering flooding in three wells; rescue operations are underway.
RESUMED: Indirect talks between Tehran and Washington in Vienna with a meeting between Iran's chief nuclear negotiator and the EU's Enrique Mora, who coordinates the talks aimed at salvaging a 2015 nuclear deal, according to Iranian state media.


4th August, 2022
RESIGNED: Peruvian Prime Minister Anibal Torres, suddenly on Wednesday morning, amid widening criminal probes centred on President Pedro Castillo, who has grown increasingly isolated after one year in office.
RULED: A United Nations committee, that France discriminated against a Muslim woman who was prevented from attending vocational training in a public school while wearing her Islamic head scarf, according to a UN document.
DEMANDED: Azerbaijan's Defence Ministry, the disarmament of "illegal Armenian formations" around the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh after clashes erupted around the enclave; earlier, Azerbaijan said one of its soldiers had been killed in fighting around Nagorno-Karabakh


3rd August, 2022
DELAYED: Voting by Britain's Conservative Party members to pick the next prime minister after the GCHQ spy agency warned that cyber hackers could change people’s ballots, The Telegraph reported.
APPOINTED: By Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, Mukhtar Robow - a co-founder and spokesman of the Islamist al-Shabaab, as minister for religious affair; Robow split from the group in 2013 and publicly denounced al-Shabaab when he came to the government side in 2017.
RE-INTRODUCING: Next week, to a national park in India, at least 16 cheetahs from South Africa and Namibia half a century after they became extinct there.


2nd August, 2022
MISSING: Hundreds of people in the US state of Kentucky as the death toll from devastating floods rises to 37.
RULED OUT: Philippines' President Ferdinand Marcos Jr rejoining the International Criminal Court, whose prosecutor plans to resume an investigation into the previous government's bloody "war on drugs".
SET: Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a new record for the country's longest-serving prime minister on Tuesday, in what is being seen as a testament to his energy for the job - as well as the political survival skills he has honed over his 12-year tenure.


1st August, 2022
RISING: Death toll from floods in Kentucky where at least 26 people have died as storms hammered the state's east; meanwhile thousands have been evacuated in California as wildfires claim properties.
DIED: Former Philippine President Fidel Valdez Ramos, a one-time member of former President Ferdinand Marcos' regime whose defection helped spurred the downfall of the dictator during the 1986 popular uprising against his rule, at the age of 94.
DIED: Nichelle Nichols, a trailblazing actor famous for her role as Lt Nyota Uhura on Star Trek, at the age of 89.


29th July, 2022
OPENED: The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, with many of the 4,000 athletes parading in front of a crowd of 30,000; Prince Charles officially opened the Games on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.
KILLED: At least eight people in the US state of Kentucky following floods in the state's east; meanwhile firefighters continue to battle dozens of wildfires in California and Alaska. 
AIRED: The final episode in the long-running Australian soap, Neighbours, which ran for 37 years and almost 9,000 episodes.


28th July, 2022
STORMED: Supporters of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the Iraqi Parliament building in Baghdad, in opposition to the nomination of a rival candidate for prime minister; police fired tear gas and water cannons and no lawmakers were in the building at the time.
INVESTIGATING: In India, the deaths of at least 38 people who died in the western state of Gujarat after having drunk spurious liquor; six people have been arrested.
REPORTED: That Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout - currently in custody in the US - would be part of a proposed exchange with Russia aimed at releasing US citiziens WNBA star Brittney Griner and former US Marine Paul Whelan who are currently held in Russia; US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has declined to comment on the reports.


27th July, 2022
KILLED: Three United Nations peacekeepers and at least 12 civilians during a second day of violent anti-UN protests in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday, authorities said.
BATTLING: Hundreds of firefighters reinforced by units from neighbouring Germany battled a wildfire in a Czech national park for a third day on Tuesday after the blaze destroyed houses and forced authorities to evacuate villages.
APOLOGISED: Burkina Faso's former president, Blaise Compaore, to the family of his late predecessor, Thomas Sankara, whose 1987 murder a military court found him complicit in earlier this year.


26th July, 2022
KILLED: Three people, including a gunman, after in a series of shootings early on Monday in Langley, a suburb of the Canadian city of Vancouver; a woman is in critical condition in hospital.
RANSACKED: A United Nations peacekeeping force's warehouse and offices on Monday in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, by hundreds of protestors who demanded that the mission leave for failing to protect the population.
DIED: David Trimble, the Northern Irish leader who steered the region's Protestant majority into an historic peace deal with their Catholic rivals that earned him a Nobel Peace Prize, at age 77, his family said on Monday.


25th July, 2022
SHOT: Three people died in a shooting at a university graduation ceremony in the Philippines' capital region on Sunday, including Rose Furigay, a former mayor from the volatile south of the country; police said the shooting appeared to have been an assassination aimed at Furigay.
FLOODS: In the southern Iranian province of Fars with at least 22 killed, offificals said on Saturday.
RESCUED: Almost 700 migrants off the southern coast of Italy on Saturday, a coastguard statement said on Sunday; five bodies were also retrieved.


22nd July, 2022
TESTED: Positive to COVID-19, US President Joe Biden, who is fully vaccinated and has reportedly experienced "very mild symptoms".
KILLED: At least 18 people died on Thursday during a major police raid in a dense warren of Rio de Janeiro slums, according to state military police; the incident is the latest bloody confrontation in Brazil's second-largest city.
DIED: An An, the world's oldest known male panda under human care, who was euthanised after he stopped eating at the age of 35 in Ocean Park, the Hong Kong theme park where he has lived since 1999.


21st July, 2022
ACCUSED: Iraq, Turkey of carrying out a strike on a mountain resort in the northern province of Dohuk, killing eight tourists and wounded another 23 people; Turkey has rebutted the claims and said the attack was an act of terror.
REMAINING: Just two contenders -  Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss - in the UK Conservative Party's race to be the next party leader and British Prime Minister with the final result expected to be announced on 5th Sepetmber.
ADDED: The US State Department, dozens of current and former officials, lawmakers, judges and business people from Central America to a list that names those the US Government considers "corrupt and undemocratic" actors in the region.


20th July, 2022
VISITING: The US, Ukraine's first lady, Olena Zelenska, where US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden welcomed her to the White House; Zelenska will address Congress on Wednesday.
ANNOUNCED: A Somalian Government official, that Somalia will soon bring home 5,000 men it sent to train in Eritrea as soldiers after months of protests by the men's parents claiming they had been recruited under false pretences and held captive.
COMMENCED: Albania and North Macedonia, membership talks with the European Union on Tuesday, overcoming a series of obstacles thrown up by EU governments despite an original promise to begin negotiations in mid-2018.


19th July, 2022
SURVIVED: All 30 passengers aboard a plane which crash-landed, apparently flipping upside-down, at an airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Monday.
Thirteen prisoners at a prison in the Ecuadorean city of Santo Domingo on Monday in the latest incident of deadly jail violence in the Andean country.
BEGAN: In the US, the trial of former Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress after he refused to co-operate with the congressional committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol.


18th July, 2022
CRASHED: A Ukrainian cargo plane carrying munitions from Serbia to Bangladesh, in northern Greece late on Saturday, killing all eight crew members on board, according to Greek and Serbian authorities.
KILLED: Nine people in separate shooting incidents in two provinces of South Africa on Saturday night, according to police.
PASSED: By lawmakers in North Macedonia, a French-brokered deal aimed at settling a dispute with Bulgaria and clearing the way to long-due European Union membership talks. 


15th July, 2022
REFUSED: Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Thursday after a day of political drama that threatened to bring down a national unity government that has been in office less than 18 months.
DIED: Ivana Trump, ex-wife of former US President Donald Tump, in New York at the age of 73.
FOUND: A self-portrait of Dutch post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh, hidden behind one of his paintings, by the National Galleries of Scotland.


14th July, 2022
DONATED: Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates, $US20 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to boost its annual distributions.
PROTESTS: In Hungary, against Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government after lawmakers fast-tracked legislation sharply raising taxes for small firms.
ELIMINATED: From the race to be the next UK Prime Minister, Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi and former health secretary Jeremy Hunt; it leaves a field of six with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak winning the first round of Conservative Party voting.


13th July, 2022
WITHDRAWN: Former UK health secretary Sajid Javid from the race to lead the UK Conservative Party - and become the next Prime Minister; it leaves eight in the leadership race.
FILED: Twitter, a lawsuit against Elon Musk in the US in an attempt to force him to buy the social media firm; the move comes after Musk announced he was walking away from his proposed $US44 billion takeover of Twitter on Friday.
REVEALED: Four time UK Olympian champion runner Sir Mo Farah, that he was illegally trafficked to the UK as a child and that his real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin.


12th July, 2022
SURVIVED: Comfortably, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne a motion of no-confidence brought against her by a broad alliance of left-wing opponents on Monday.
PARTICIPATING: US President Joe Biden in a four-way virtual summit with the leaders of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and India during his Middle East trip this week.
LAUNCHED: Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, an international anti-corruption organisation - the Anti-Corruption Foundation International; the move comes a year after his Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation was outlawed as extremist.


11th July, 2022
PROTESTS: In Argentina with protestors marching to the gates of the presidential palace in the capital Buenos Aires on Saturday, lambasting the government over soaring inflation and a crushing national debt; Argentine President Alberto Fernandez called for unity.
EXAMINING: Israel, reports of a mass grave in central Israel containing the bodies of Egyptian commandos who were killed during the 1967 Middle East war.
DIED: Former Mexican President Luis Echeverria, who took office in 1970 promising a democratic opening for the country but oversaw six of the harshest years of a so-called "dirty war" against dissidents, at the age of 100.


8th July, 2022
PLEADED: US basketball star Brittney Griner, guilty to a drugs charge in a Russian court on Thursday but denied she had intentionally broken the law; the move comes days days after she urged US President Joe Biden to secure her release.
RECAPTURED: By Nigeria's security forces, 27 of the 440 inmates who fled from a prison in the capital in Abuja following an attack claimed by Islamic State earlier this week.
DIED: American actor James Caan, who starred as gangster Sonny Corleone in epic mafia film The Godfather, at age 82.


7th July, 2022
OPENING: A trial of 59 people, including former Atlantia CEO Giovanni Castellucci, over the deadly collapse of a motorway bridge in Genoa opens on Thursday in front of relatives of the victims in the Italian port city.
RETURNING: Former Burkina Faso president Blaise Compaore from exile for the first time since being ousted in a 2014 uprising; the move comes despite his conviction earlier this year for complicity in his predecessor's murder.
ARRESTED: 39 people in a major cross-border operation involving police in five European nations targeting an Iraqi-Kurdish gang which smuggled migrants across the Channel to Britain, Europol said on Wednesday.


6th July, 2022
RESIGNED: Two senior UK cabinet ministers - finance minister Rishi Sunak and health minister Sajid Javid - over the latest scandal to blight the administration of Prime Minister Boris Johnson; education minister Nadhim Zahawi has been named as Sunak's replacement and Steve Barclay has taken on health.
CALLED: The US, for a credible investigation into deadly violence in Uzbekistan's autonomous province of Karakalpakstan last week in which 18 people were killed and 243 wounded during protests over plans to curtail Karakalpakstan's autonomy.
STILL MISSING: Five Italian climbers more than 48 hours after the deadly collapse of part of a mountain glacier in the Alps, a tragedy that is being blamed on rising temperatures.


5th July, 2022
RETRIEVED: Chinese search and rescue officials, 12 bodies from waters south-west of Hong Kong on Monday, after an engineering vessel snapped in two as tropical storm Chaba passed through; four of the crew had been rescued and others remain missing.
KILLED: In an attack by armed assailants, at least 22 civilians in the province of Kossi, north-west Burkina Faso, on Monday, a local official said; it's the latest deadly attack in an area marred by militant activity.
RAGING: A large wildfire to the north of Athens on Monday, prompting authorities to order the evacuation of a nearby coastal town as a precaution.


4th July, 2022
KILLED: At least six people with eight more injured after parts of a mountain glacier collapsed in the Italian Alps on Sunday amid record temperatures.
CALLED: The Taliban in Afghanistan, for foreign governments to formally recognise their administration; the call came at the end of a gathering of thousands of male religious and ethnic leaders on Saturday at which there were no signals of changes on international demands such as the opening of girls' high schools.
SUSPENDED: Beaches on parts of Egypt's Red Sea after two women were killed in shark attacks in waters south of the city of Hurghada.


1st July, 2022
AGREED: Ecuador's government and Indigenous groups' leaders to end more than two weeks of protests against the social and economic policies of President Guillermo Lasso which left at least eight dead, Indigenous leaders said.
TAKEN OFFICE: Yair Lapid, as Israel's interim Prime Minister, taking over from PM Naftali Bennett after just one year.
SWORN-IN: Ketanji Brown Jackson as the newest associate US Supreme Court justice, becoming the first Black woman to serve on the nation's highest court.
THREATENED: The Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru by a wildfire.


30th June, 2022
SENTENCED: US singer R Kelly to 30 years in jail for using his celebrity status to sexually abuse children and women; the 55-year-old was convicted last September in New York of racketeering and sex trafficking crimes.
ANNOUNCED: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, that he would not run in the upcoming election but would retain his position as alternate Prime Minister after his coalition partner Yair Lapid takes over as head of the caretaker government.
DISCOVERED: By archaeologists working in the heart of Mexico City's bustling historic centre, the burial site of four Aztec children laid to rest some five centuries ago.


29th June, 2022
KILLED: At least 51 prisoners, after a fire started during a prison riot in the south-western Colombian city of Tulua in what is one of the worst incidents of recent prison violence in the country.
SENTENCED: In the US, Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison on Tuesday for helping the sex offender and globetrotting financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls.
COLLAPSED: A four-storey residential building collapsed in India's financial capital of Mumbai overnight, killing at least 19 people, with more feared trapped under the rubble.
AGREED: Turkey, to support Finland's and Sweden's bids for NATO membership, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg; earlier this week Stoltenberg said NATO would be lifting its rapid response force from 40,000 to more than 300,000.


28th June, 2022
KILLED: At least 12 people died and 251 were injured in a chlorine gas leak from a storage tank at Jordan's Aqaba port, officials and state media reported on Monday.
PROSECUTING: Moroccan authorities, 65 migrants who joined Friday's mass attempt to cross into a Spanish enclave by storming a border post, leading to the death of at least 23 migrants, according to a judicial source.
DIED: Italy's Leonardo Del Vecchio, who rose from childhood poverty to build the eyewear empire that owns brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, at the age of 87.


27th June, 2022
INVESTIGATING: South African police, the deaths of at least 22 young people found inside a popular tavern in the coastal town of East London; state broadcaster SABC reported the deaths resulted from a possible stampede, but the exact cause of death remains unknown.
KILLED: Four people with about 70 injured when part of a stand collapsed at a bullring in the town of El Espinal, Colombia, on Sunday.
MEET: Ecuador's government and Indigenous leaders on Saturday for the first formal talks since mass protests, fuelled by Indigenous calls for lower fuel and food prices, began two weeks ago.


24th June, 2022
OVERTURNED: By the US Supreme Court, a more than 100-year-old law in New York state requiring residents to prove "proper cause" - or a good reason - to carry concealed firearms in public; the court ruling - which could have ramifications in several other states - said the law violates the US Constitution.
REVEALED: That US Government lawyers threatened to quit en masse as then-President Donald Trump hounded them to help overturn his 2020 election defeat, according to evidence presented to the January 6 committee in the US.
BATTLING: A wildfire in south-western Turkey that has devastated tens of thousands of hectares as high temperatures and winds fanned the blaze and dashed hopes it was contained; authorities said they had detained a person in connection with the fire.


23rd June, 2022
MARCHING: Thousands of Indigenous protesters through Ecuador's capital Quito on Wednesday to demand President Guillermo Lasso address price rises which have ignited 10 days of demonstrations across the country.
LOST: Bulgaria's government and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, a no-confidence vote on Wednesday - 123-116 - after the ruling coalition lost its majority over disputes on budget spending and whether Bulgaria should unlock North Macedonia's EU accession; the country now faces possibly its fourth general election since April, 2021.
ATTENDED: Myanmar's military-appointed defence minister, General Mya Tun Oo, a meeting of ASEAN on Wednesday, despite pressure from some countries in the regional bloc and pro-democracy groups to exclude the junta from such gatherings.


22nd June, 2022
DISRUPTIONS: In the UK, where tens of thousands of workers walked out on the first day of Britain's biggest rail strike in 30 years on Tuesday, leaving millions of passengers facing days of chaos as both the unions and government vowed to stick to their guns in a row over pay.
RULED: France’s top administrative court, against allowing body-covering “burkini” swimwear in public pools for religious reasons, arguing that it violates the principle of government neutrality toward religion.
LAUNCHED: South Korea, a second test of its domestically produced Nuri rocket which went on to place several satellites in orbit on Tuesday, officials said in what has been seen as the nation taking a major step in efforts to jumpstart its space program after a first test failed last year.


21st June, 2022
WALKING OUT: Tens of thousands of staff in Britain's biggest rail strike in 30 years over a pay dispute.
RULED: A Japanese court that a ban on same-sex marriage was not unconstitutional; it follows a ruling in a Sapporo court in March 2021 which decided in favour of a claim that not allowing same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.
RETURNED: By Belgium, a tooth - the only known remains of the murdered Congolese independence hero Patrice Lumumba, to his family during a ceremony in Brussels on Monday.


20th June, 2022
LOST: French President Emmanuel Macron, control of the National Assembly in legislative elections on Sunday in a move analysts say could throw the country into political paralysis unless he is able to negotiate alliances with other parties.
CLAIMED: Islamic State, an attack on a Sikh temple in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday in which two people were killed and seven injured.
SWORN IN: Sara Duterte-Carpio, daughter of outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, as the country's 15th Vice President on Sunday.


17th June, 2022
HEARD: In testimony at the 6th January committee hearings in the US, that rioters who entered the US Capitol came within 12 metres of then-Vice President Mike Pence.
PRESUMED KILLED: British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian isolated tribes expert Bruno Pereira who disappeared in the Amazon 11 days ago ; police said they had recovered human remains from a grave in the jungle where they were led by a fisherman who confessed to killing the two men; the remains are still being identified.
CLOSED: Yellowstone National Park in the US for the first time in 34 years after record flooding which has swept away houses and washed out bridges and roads.


16th June, 2022
RESIGNED: In the UK, Christopher Geidt, the independent adviser on ministers' interests after earlier saying Johnson must explain why he thought he had not broken the ministerial code after being fined over attending a party during the COVID-19 national lockdown.
STEPPED IN: The Australian Energy Market Operator, suspending trading across the east coast electricity power network after days of supply uncertainty.
FREED: Ecuadorian Indigenous leader Leonidas Iza, following a ruling by a judge in the city of Latacunga; he had been detained for about 24 hours after the government said he led road blockades and other allegedly violent acts that halted public services.


15th June, 2022
FORMED: By the Ethiopian Government, a committee to negotiate with forces from the rebellious northern region of Tigray - the first public confirmation of a key step towards peace negotations, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
KILLED: Ten suspected criminals killed in a shootout with security forces in Mexico state bordering the capital Mexico City; three members of the security forces also sustained non-life threatening injuries.
MOVED: Alexei Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition leader, from the prison where he was serving an 11-and-a-half year sentence to a high-security penal colony farther from Moscow.


14th June, 2022
PUBLISHED: Britain, plans to override some post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland by scrapping checks and challenging the role played by the European Union's court in a new clash with Brussels; the EU has ruled out renegotiating the trade protocol.
DENIED: Google, claims from engineer Blake Lemoine - published in the Washington Post - that one of its programs  - The Language Model for Dialogue Applications (Lamda) - had advanced so much that it might be sentient.
SAID: Former US Attorney General William Barr, in testimony before a US congressional panel looking into 6th January Capitol attack, that he thought Donald Trump was "detached from reality" after the 2020 election.


10th June, 2022
EXPECTED: Leaders attending the Summit of the Americas are poised to issue a declaration pledging measures to curb illegal migration and help countries receiving large number of migrants to cope with them.
LEGALISED: Thailand, the growing of marijuana and its consumption in food and drinks on Thursday, the first Asian country to do so, with the aim of boosting its agriculture and tourism sectors; smoking pot is still against the law.
RESIGNED: Basil Rajapaksa, the brother of Sri Lanka's President and the country's former finance minister, from parliament; he is the second from the influential family to step away from government amid a severe economic crisis.


9th June, 2022
DERAILED: A passenger train in eastern Iran after hitting an excavator, killing 18 and injuring 86 others on Wednesday.
KILLED: A teacher while 14 students were injured when a man drove into a crowd of people in Berlin on Wednesday; Iris Spranger, Berlin's interior affairs minister, said the evidence suggested the man had been affected by mental illness.
UNVEILED: The Biden administration, a new proposed US economic partnership with Latin America as regional leaders gathered for a summit in Los Angeles.


8th June, 2022
WARNED: That North Korea could conduct a seventh nuclear test at "any time", according to US Special Representative for North Korea, Sung Kim, who also said the country has shown no interest in returning to negotiations.
INSTRUCTED: By leaders of India's Hindu nationalist ruling party, officials to be "extremely cautious" when talking about religion on public platforms after derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammad drew protests from Islamic nations.
VOTED: On Tuesday, Spain's Parliament in favour of a proposal to draw up legislation to abolish prostitution.


7th June, 2022
KILLED: The Dominican Republic's environment minister, Orlando Jorge Mera, who was shot his office on Monday; authorities said a suspect was arrested.
BARRED: Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from a US-hosted Summit of the Americas this week, prompting a boycott from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
SENTENCED: In Iraq, retired British geologist, James Fitton, 66, to 15 years in prison on Monday for trying to smuggle ancient artifacts out of the country, a Reuters reporter and judicial sources said.


6th June, 2022
LAUNCHED: The US and South Korea, eight surface-to-surface missiles early on Monday off South Korea's east coast after North Korea launched a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles on Sunday.
KILLED: At least 18 people after a bus with 29 passengers on board fell into a gorge in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand on Sunday; meanwhile  in northern India's Hapur district, at least 10 people were killed and 22 injured in a chemicals explosion at an electronics factory on Saturday.
UPHELD: In Myanmar, death sentences against two prominent democracy activists - Kyaw Min Yu, a veteran democracy activist, and Phyo Zeyar Thaw, a lawmaker for the former ruling National League for Democracy party - following an appeal.


3rd June, 2022
CALLED: US President Joe Biden, for a ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines in a televised speech to the nation from the Whitehouse in which he also said that if Congress cannot outlaw such weapons, it should seek to raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21.
MET: Representatives of India and the Taliban in Kabul to discuss bilateral ties and humanitarian aid in what was the first such visit by Indian officials to the Afghan capital since the chaotic US withdrawal last year.
KILLED: Two Red Cross workers when their car was attacked by unidentified armed men in western Mali, the global humanitarian organisation said on Thursday.


2nd June, 2022
SHOT DEAD: At least four people by a gunman at a hospital in Tulsa in the US state of Oklahoma; the gunman is then understood to have killed himself.
WON: US actor Johnny Depp, a defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard after a jury found that a statement Heard made about domestic abuse in a 2018 opinion piece clearly referred to the actor; Depp was awarded $US10.35 million in damages.
DIED: Indian singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, better known as KK, on Tuesday night after falling ill in the middle of a concert, local media reported; he was 53.


1st June, 2022
KILLED: At least three people with at least five others reported missing on Tuesday after the record-breaking storm Agatha battered southern Mexico.
SCRAMBLED: Taiwanese fighter jets after the defence ministry reported 30 Chinese planes - the largest incursion since January by China's air force - in its air defence zone.
APPOINTED: Australia's Labor Government, a record number of women to the Australian cabinet - 10 of the 23-member body; it comes after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Labor would govern in its own right, claiming 77 seats in the 151-seat lower house.


31st May, 2022
INTRODUCED: The Canadian Government, legislation to implement a "national freeze" on the sale and purchase of handguns as part of a gun control package that would also limit magazine capacities and ban some toys that look like guns.
ARRESTED: At the Louvre in Paris, a man disguised as an old lady who leapt out of a wheelchair and tried to smash the glass protecting the Mona Lisa before smearing cream across its surface in an apparent climate-related publicity stunt.
MADE LANDFALL: Hurricane Agatha plowed ashore on Mexico's southern Pacific coast Monday afternoon, bringing torrential rains and the threat of flooding to several states as the storm barrelled toward the north-east. 


30th May, 2022
INCLUDED: Peruvian President Pedro Castillo in an investigation into alleged crimes including influence peddling, collusion and "criminal organisation", according to the Attorney General's office.
LIFTED: In Sudan, a state of emergency military leader, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, imposed after seizing control in a military coup on 25th October last year.
CALLED: For dialogue between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, by Senegal President Macky Sall, who chairs the Africa Union organisation; the call comes as tensions escalate between the two countries over a resurgence of the M23 rebel group.


27th May, 2022
SHOT DEAD: By police in Toronto, a man who was walking down a street carrying a gun in a city neighbourhood on Thursday afternoon, an incident that prompted five nearby schools to be placed under precautionary lockdowns, city officials said.
PASSED: Spanish lawmakers, abill that qualifies all non-consensual sex as rape in response to social outrage after the so-called Wolf Pack case gave momentum to the women's rights movement in the country four years ago.
AUTHORISED: Britain's Crown Prosecution Service, charges against Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey for sex offences including assaults on three men following an investigation by police in London.


26th May, 2022
FIRE: Killing 11 newborn babies at the neonatal section of a regional hospital in the town of Tivaouane in Senegal, according to President Macky Sall.
OVERTURNED: An Israeli appeal court, a ruling by a lower magistrate who had stirred Palestinian anger by questioning the legality of barring Jewish prayer at a contested Jerusalem shrine.
DECREED: Issued by Tunisian President Kais Saied calling on voters to a referendum on a new constitution on 25th July, according to the official gazette; the move ignores opposition calls for it not to take place.


25th May, 2022
LAUNCHED: By North Korea, three ballistic missiles off its east coast on Wednesday, according to South Korea's military; it comes just hours after US President Joe Biden left the region following a trip in which he agreed to boost measures to deter the nuclear-armed state.
KILLED: Twenty-one people in a slum on the north side of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday during a police raid to capture the leaders of a drug-trafficking organisation, police and hospital officials said.
RE-ELECTED: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as director general of the World Health Organization by a strong majority for five more years.


24th May, 2022
PUBLISHED: New photographs of Prime Minister Boris Johnson drinking at a leaving party at his Downing Street residence by ITV News, reigniting opposition accusations that he breached his own COVID-19 lockdown rules.
ANNOUNCED: Armenia and Azerbaijan, that they had set up a border commission, a potential step towards ending a dispute over the ethnic Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh that has festered for three decades.
ATTENDED: Queen Elizabeth II, the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday in the latest of several appearances that have helped to ease public concerns about her health ahead of a national celebration of her seven decades on the throne.


23rd May, 2022
KILLED: At least eight people in Canada with half a million left without power after powerful thunderstorms in Canada's two most populous provinces - Ontario and Quebec - on the weekend.
VISITING: Japan, US President Joe Biden, where he will meet with the leaders of Japan, India and Australia, a gathering known as the "Quad".
CLAIMED: Colonel Sayad Khodai, a member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, was killed in a rare assassination in Tehran, according to the group.


20th May, 2022
ENDED: London's Metropolitan Police, their investigation into COVID-19 lockdown parties held at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Downing Street office, having handed out 126 fines; Johnson, who along with finance minister Rishi Sunak was fined last month over a gathering in his office to celebrate his 56th birthday in June, 2020, will face no further fines, according to his spokesman.
PASSED: In the Australian state of New South Wales, voluntary assisted dying legislation after a marathon sitting of Parliament; NSW is the last Australian state to pass such legislation.
DIED: Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire score, at 79; Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called Vangelis "a pioneer of the electronic sound".


19th May, 2022
ENTERED: A plea of guilty, Vadim Shishimarin, a 21-year-old Russian tank commander to killing an elderly unarmed civilian in a court in Kyiv, Ukraine; Shishimarin is the first Russian to face a war crimes trial in Ukraine following the Russian invasion on 24th February.
WARNED: The US, that intelligence shows there could be a North Korean nuclear test, or missile test, or both, before, during or after President Joe Biden's trip to South Korea and Japan starting this week.
FREED: In India, AG Perarivalan, who was convicted of involvement in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, following a Supreme Court ruling. 


18th May, 2022
VOTED: Finland's parliament, yes, to a proposal to apply for membership of the NATO military alliance with 188 of the 200 lawmakers voting in favour and eight against. 
ATTENDED: Queen Elizabeth II, the opening of a new Tube line in London named after her - the Elizabeth line - at Paddington Station in London; the Queen last week missed the opening of parliament for the first time in almost six decades last week due to what Buckingham Palace calls "episodic mobility issues".
DISCOVERED: US anti-narcotics agents have discovered a drug-smugglers' tunnel running under the US-Mexico border, from San Diego to Tijuana, and equipped with a rail track, electricity and ventilation system, according to the US Department of Justice.


17th May, 2022
CLOSED: In Iraq, schools and offices with flights cancelled due to a heavy sandstorm, the latest in an unprecedented number to hit the country in recent weeks.
DISSOLVED: Guinea-Bissau's parliament by President Umaro Sissoco Embalo who has accuses deputies of corruption among other issues.
CRASHED: Two trains outside of Barcelona, Spain, killing the driver of one train and injuring some 85 people, eight of whom were taken to hospital.


16th May, 2022
DIED: United Arab Emirates President Khalifa bin Zayed; world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron, Israeli President Isaac Herzog and the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson were arriving to offer condolences to new leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.
ARRESTED: Accused Honduras drug cartel leader Herlinda Bobadilla on Sunday following an extradition request for her and her sons by the United States.
MARKED: The Japanese island chain of Okinawa, the 50th anniversary on Sunday of the end of US occupation and its return to Japan; it comes amid calls for more economic growth and fewer US bases despite growing worries over its proximity to an increasingly assertive China.


13th May, 2022
ANNOUNCED: Finland, plans to apply for NATO membership "without delay", abandoning the neutrality they maintained throughout the Cold War; the move prompted Moscow to warn Finland would face consequences.
REFERRED: British police, more than 100 cases for fines as part of their investigation into lockdown rule-breaking at gatherings held in Downing Street during the COVID-19 pandemic.
MEETING: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, in a two day summit at the US White House for the first time in the first meeting hosted by a US President since 2016.


12th May, 2022
OPENED: French prosecutors, an investigation into Interpol president Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi over allegations that he may have been an accomplice to torture, an official said.
KILLED: Prominent Palestinian-American Al Jazeera reporter, Shireen Abu Akleh, after being shot during an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday; Israel said it was launching an investigation to try to determine who killed her.
DEMANDED: Russia, a formal apology from Poland over a protest in which Moscow's ambassador to Warsaw was doused with red paint by anti-war protestors; Russia has threatened possible future reprisals over the incident.


11th May, 2022
DELIVERED: For the first time, Britain's Prince Charles, the monarch's speech to the UK's State Opening of Parliament; Queen Elizabeth II, 96, missed event for the first time in almost 60 years due to health issues.
PLEADED: Not guilty, former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, to US drug and weapons charges in Manhattan federal court; his lawyer complained of "prisoner of war" conditions in jail.
KILLED: Two Mexican journalists in the eastern state of Veracruz on Monday, the state attorney general's office said; their deaths add to the toll in one of the deadliest years on record for media workers in the country.


10th May, 2022
PULLED OUT: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, of attending the opening of parliament on Tuesday as the 96-year-old monarch has had a recurrence of mobility issues, Buckingham Palace said on Monday.
KILLED: At least 43 after a riot early on Monday as rival gangs clashed in a jail in the Ecuadorean city of Santo Domingo; 108 prisoners remain at large, according to authorities.
RISEN: The death toll from a boutique hotel in Havana, Cuba, to at least 31 people after what authorities said was a gas leak.


9th May, 2022
EXPLODED: A boutique hotel in Havana, Cuba, killing at least 26 people and injuring more than 60 more after what authorities said was a gas leak.
TAKING OFFICE: New Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves, who vowed to keep up with payments to relieve years of mounting debt in his inaugural address on Sunday, the first day of his four-year term.
DIED: Russian climber Pavel Kostrikin died at Camp I of Mount Everest, the first reported death of a foreigner on the world's highest peak in the current climbing season that began in March, a Nepali official said on Sunday.


6th May, 2022
DIED: Twenty six people when a housing block collapsed in the Chinese city of Changsha last week, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Thursday after several days of rescue efforts.
RAISED: Interest rates by the Bank of England by 25 points to one per cent - the fourth successive increase and rate's highest level since February, 2009 - to tackle spiralling inflation in the country.
SWORN IN: Natalio Wheatley as the British Virgin Island's new premier following the removal of ex-premier Andrew Fahie, who was arrested on drug charges in Miami last week.
SEEKING: Medical care, thousands of Iraqis across central and south Iraq as they suffer breathing problems following a series of dust storms, according to medical officials.


5th May, 2022
KILLED: 10 African Union peacekeepers from Burundi in an attack on their base in Somalia; Burundi said 25 other soldiers were wounded.
ANNOUNCED: The US Federal Reserve, a 0.5 percentage point rise in the benchmark interest rate, the largest since 2000.
DEMANDED: Protestors, the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan as opposition lawmakers walked out of parliament; Pashinyan has faced heavy criticism since Armenia was defeated by Azerbaijan in a six-week war in 2020.
DISMISSED: By the Supreme Court in military-ruled Myanmar, an appeal from deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi against a five-year jail sentence she was handed last week on corruption charges.


4th May, 2022
EXTRADITED: To the US from Haiti, the leader of the feared 400 Mawozo gang, which last year abducted a group of missionaries from the United States and Canada.
LIFTED: The Reserve Bank of Australia, its official cash rate to 0.35 per cent from record low of 0.1 per cent in a bid to contain surging inflation, in the first upward move since 2010; the move comes as the country looks to hold a federal election on 21st May.
WITHDRAWN: Brazil's Supreme Electoral Court, an invitation for the European Union to send observers for the October election after President Jair Bolsonaro's government objected, the EU and the election body confirmed on Tuesday.


3rd May, 2022
BELIEVE:  US and other Western officials, that Russian President Vladimir Putin could move to formally declaring war on Ukraine as soon as 9th May which would allow for the full mobilisation of Russia’s reserve forces as they attempt to conquer eastern and southern Ukraine, according to reports.
CANCELLED: Gustavo Petro, the leftist front-runner in Colombia's presidential election, events in the country's coffee region on Monday because of what his office said was a plot by a crime gang to attempt to take his life.
INVESTIGATING: Ethiopia's state-appointed rights commission, a video showing a group of fighters in Ethiopian army fatigues abusing and shooting a boy they accused of being from the embattled Tigray region.


2nd May, 2022
VIOLENCE: In Paris as police clashed with black-clad anarchists who ransacked business premises on Sunday during May Day protests against the policies of newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron.
VISITING: Lviv in Ukraine, actress and UNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie where she met with people displaced by the war with Russia before later leaving after air-raid sirens sounded.
PROPOSED: The military junta in Guinea a more than three year transition back to civilian rule, a proposal likely to upset West Africa's political bloc that has called for a swift return to constitutional order.


29th April, 2022
KILLED: At least nine people, with 13 wounded, after two explosions in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on Thursday.
EVICTING: Peruvian police, Indigenous communities that are camping inside property owned by MMG's Las Bambas copper mine; Las Bambas had suspended operations on 20th April after the communities had settled inside the mine in a protest.
ARRESTED: Andrew Fahie, Premier of the British Virgin Islands in Miami on Thursday for alleged money laundering and conspiracy to import cocaine, according to a US Drug Enforcement Administration complaint reviewed by Reuters.


28th April, 2022
COMMENCED: The Democratic Republic of Congo, an Ebola vaccination campiagn in a bid to stem an outbreak in the north-west city of Mbandaka, according to the World Health Organization; two people are known to have died in the outbreak so far.
PAID TRIBUTE: Former US Presidents including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at the funeral of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in Washington, DC.
STRIPPED: The northern English city of York, Britain's Prince Andrew, Duke of York, of the freedom of the city.


27th April, 2022
BURIED: In mass garves, more than 100 people killed in Nigeria's Imo state during a weekend explosion at an illegal oil refinery.
Three Chinese teachers and a Pakistani national after a suspected female suicide bomber exploded a bomb at the entrance to Karachi University's Confucius Institute.
FOUND: Alive, a miner trapped underground since a tremor shook the Borynia-Zofiowka mine in southern Poland on Saturday morning; six others have been found dead.
COMMENCED: In Japan, inquiries into the disappearance of a tour boat off the country's northern coast on Saturday during a sight-seeing trip; at least 11 were killed, others are still missing.


26th April, 2022
MISSING: Dozens of people after a dinghy carrying an estimated 80 people capsized off the coast of Lebanon on Monday; seven bodies were found and at least 47 people were rescued; meanwhile, the death toll after four migrant boats sank off Tunisia rose to at least 20.
 For life without parole on Monday, Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala after he was convicted of trying to overthrow the government by financing protests; Europe's top court and Western powers say the case is politically motivated.
DIED: Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman believed to have been the world's oldest person at the age of 119, according to public broadcaster NHK.


22nd April, 2022
EXTRADITED: Former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez to the US where he is to face charges of participating in a cocaine-importation conspiracy and related firearms offences.
Provisionally, G20 countries to set up a global fund for pandemic preparedness, likely to be housed at the World Bank.
STRIPPED: In the US state of Florida, Disney of its self-governing status by the State Government in a move widely seen as retribution for Disney's opposition to a bill that bars primary school classrooms from discussing sexual orientation.


21st April, 2022
WALKED OUT: Top officials from the UK,  US and Canada on Russia's representatives at a G20 meeting on Wednesday with many speaking to condemn Moscow's war in Ukraine.
Russian and Belarusian tennis players from Wimbledon because of the Ukraine conflict, prompting protests from the men's and women's players associations who described the move as "unfair".
TRAPPED: Seven people in a coal mine in southern Poland after an explosion which killed five in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


20th April, 2022
PLANNING: Western nations, to stage coordinated walk-outs and other diplomatic snubs to protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine at Wednesday's meeting of G20 finance ministers in Washington, DC, officials said.
The United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, concerns about a security pact between China and the Solomon Islands and "its serious risks to a free and open Indo-Pacific", the White House said in a statement on Tuesday.
The inaugural trial of a court established to prosecute war crimes in Central African Republic's drawn-out conflict on its first day on Tuesday when lawyers for defendants boycotted proceedings.


19th April, 2022
SUNK: A merchant fuel ship carrying one thousand tons of fuel sank off the coast of Tunisia on Friday, prompting local and international efforts to avoide what they say could be an environmental disaster.
A second Global COVID-19 Summit which will be held virtually next month for countries to discuss efforts to end the pandemic and prepare for future health threats.
SENTENCED: In Pakistan, six men to death in a mass trial for the mob lynching of a clothes factory's Sri Lankan manager in the country's east last year.


14th April, 2022
ARRESTED: Police in New York City, suspect in a mass shooting in New York's subway in which 10 people were shot and a further 29 people were treated at hospitals for a range of other injuries.
A boat as it was crossing a dam in Nigeria's north-west, killing at least 29 people. 
FOUND: Mural fragments featuring a glyph representing a day called "7 Deer" - which dates from the third century BC - inside the ruins of a pyramid in Guatemala - a find which experts say marks the earliest-known use of the Maya calendar.


13th April, 2022
MANHUNT: In New York City for a man who opened fire during the morning rush hour in a subway in Brooklyn, injuring 10 people; at least 29 people were treated at hospitals for a range of injuries.
Sri Lanka, external debt payments with the central bank saying it had become "challenging and impossible" to pay it and that its dwindling foreign exchange reserves were needed to import essentials like fuel.
URGED: US gun makers, that a US judge throw out Mexico's $US10 billion lawsuit seeking to hold the gun makers responsible for a deadly flood of weapons across the border.


12th April, 2022
KILLED: In Nigeria's Plateau state, at least 50 people with dozens more abducted by gunmen, according to residents and a community leader; it is the latest in a spate of attacks by armed gangs in northern parts of Africa's most populous nation.
Brazil's top election authority, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), the European Union for the first time to observe its general elections this year, when President Jair Bolsonaro will seek re-election.
GUILTY: Ali Harbi Ali, 26, of murdering veteran British MP David Amess by knifing him to death in a frenzied attack in Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea where he was meeting voters on 15th October last year.


11th April, 2022
PROTESTS: In Tunisia against President Kais Saied, accusing him of imposing one-man rule in the North African country after he dissolved parliament last month.
JOINING: NATO, Finland and Sweden, as early as the northern hemisphere summer, according to a report in UK's The Times.
HUNTING: Police in India's eastern state of Bihar, for members of a gang who dismantled a 18-metre-long iron bridge in Amiyawar village and likely sold it off in parts as scrap metal.


8th April, 2022
KILLED: Two people when a gunman opened fire in central Tel Aviv, Israel; it is the latest in a string of deadly street assaults that have shaken the country in recent weeks.
CEDED: Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, power to a presidential council as Saudi Arabia moved to strengthen an anti-Houthi alliance amid UN-led efforts to revive negotiations to end the seven-year war.
ACCEPTED: An Italian judge, a settlement agreement with Italian companies Autostrade per l'Italia and Spea over the deadly collapse of a bridge in Genoa on 14th August, 2018, killing 43 people, according to legal and judicial sources.


7th April, 2022
PROTESTED: Thousands of people in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday during a day-long nationwide strike over what workers call a "deepening crisis" of rising prices and squeezed incomes, disrupting transport, ferries, schools and public hospitals.
AGREED: Armenia and Azerbaijan to peace talks to address tensions over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, which borders both nations, according to the office of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.
INVESTIGATING: Europe's health agency, dozens of reported and suspected cases of salmonella linked with eating chocolate in at least nine countries; it comes as Italian confectionary group Ferrero recalled several batches of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and other products from Spain after similar moves in UK and Ireland.


6th April, 2022
PLEADED: Not guilty, Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman - accused of leading Sudan's feared Janjaweed militia, to dozens of war crimes charges, at the start of the International Criminal Court's first trial over the Darfur conflict.
JAILED: Nigerian Mubarak Bala, an atheist and outspoken critic of religion, for 24 years after pleading guilty to blasphemy charges in the largely Muslim northern state of Kano.
CRASHED: A train into a pick-up truck in southern Hungary early on Tuesday causing a derailment and killing five and injuring 10.


5th April, 2022
RETAKEN: Ecuador's government, control of the El Turi prison in the city of Cuenca where 20 people were killed in a violent confrontation over the weekend, it said on Monday.
ARRESTED: One suspect in connection with a shooting in the centre of Sacramento, California's capital, on Sunday, that left six dead; police have previously said they were seeking multiple people who are believed to have opened fire in the busy downtown area.
UPHELD: By a Rwandan court, a 25-year jail sentence for Paul Rusesabagina, who was portrayed in the movie Hotel Rwanda sheltering hundreds of people during the 1994 genocide, rejecting a bid to extend it to life in prison; Rusesabagina was convicted in September on eight terrorism charges.


4th April, 2022
KILLED: At least six people and 12 injured in the Californian capital of Sacramento after gunfire in the early hours of Sunday morning.
MUDSLIDES: Caused by heavy rain in southern coastal cities in Brazil and the Baixada Fluminense area of Rio de Janeiro state, with at least 14 people killed.
SET TO WIN: Serbia's incumbent President Aleksandar Vucic, the presidential vote with 59.8 per cent of the votes, according to a projection by pollsters Ipsos and CeSID, based on a sample of the partial polling station count.


1st April, 2022
REFUSED: To resign, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan ahead of a parliamentary no-confidence vote seeking to oust him from power on Sunday.
OPPOSED: In Georgia, plans by the Russian-backed breakaway region of South Ossetia to hold a referendum on joining Russia with Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani saying such talk was "unacceptable".
FAILED: Ethiopia in its bid to block funding for an independent investigation into abuses in the country's conflict at the UN where it garnered just 27 votes, while 66 countries opposed the move and 39 countries abstained.


31st March, 2022
DISSOLVING: The Tunisian parliament by President Kais Saied after it defied him with an online vote to repeal decrees that he used to assume near total power.
PUSHING: The UK and US, for a more comprehensive ceasefire that would help alleviate a dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen; it comes after the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Houthis said it would temporarily halt military operations from Wednesday, declaring a three-day cessation of cross-border attacks and ground offensives in Yemen.
REMEMBERED: Australian cricketer Shane Warne, who died in Thailand earlier this month at the age of 52, in a state memorial service held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground attended by tens of thousands of people.


30th March, 2022
CRASHED: A UN helicopter in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday amid rebel fighting, killing eight peacekeepers, according to the UN.
HALTING: Fighting, a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen in a bid for negotiations between Yemeni parties to succeed, according to a report on the Saudi state news agency.
INDICTED: By Kosovo government prosecutors, an Albanian man accused of participating in the killings of 130 ethnic Albanians more than two decades ago during Kosovo's war for independence.


29th March, 2022
KILLED: Twenty people in a suspected gangland attack at a clandestine cockfighting venue in western Mexico on Sunday night, authorities said, in one of the worst mass shootings under the current government.
EXPECTED: London's Metropolitan Police is expected to issue the first fines for breaching a COVID-19 lockdown at 10 Downing Street, according to reports.
LAUNCHED: The Oscars film academy, a formal review of an incident at the Academy Awards ceremony in which actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock on stage after the comic made a joke about the actor's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith; the academy condemned the actions of Smith, who later won the gong for best actor.


28th March, 2022
KILLED: Two Arab gunmen after they shot dead two people in Israel on Sunday, according to Israeli security officials said; the news came as Israeli and Arab partners convened in Israel for a rare summit on Sunday attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
AGREED: A prisoner swap between Yemen's Houthi movement and the country's internationally recognised government; it comes after Houthis attacked on civilian and energy infrstructure in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah.
CLAIMED: Victory on Sunday in Malta's national elections, the ruling Labour party; Prime Minister Robert Abela promised humility and a greener Malta as he celebrated his party's third successive win.


25th March, 2022
KILLED: In Somalia, at least 48 people including a parliamentary election candidate and government critic Amina Mohamed after two bombings in the city of Beledweyne, around 300 kilometres north of Mogadishu.
DIED: A protester after he was shot in the Sudanese city of Madani on Thursday, medics said, as demonstrators marched across the country to protest a military coup that has been followed by a steep economic downturn.
APPROVED: In Peru, an expansion of MMG Ltd's Las Bambas copper mine, according to the company, despite high profile protests and ongoing outrage from local Indigenous communities.


24th March, 2022
RECOVERED: A cockpit recorder from the site of the crash of a China Eastern Airlines plane which was carrying 132 people en route from Kunming to Guangzhou when it went down.
DIED: Madeleine Albright, first female US Secretary of State, of cancer, at the age of 84, prompting tributes from around the world.
RETIRING: World number one tennis player, Australian Ash Barty, at the age of 25.


23rd March, 2022
ARRESTED: An 18-year-old Swedish high school student on suspicion of killing two teachers in the southern city of Malmo on Monday; he was not previously known to police and his motive was still unclear, the Malmo police chief said on Tuesday.
REACHED: Agreement, Canada's ruling Liberal Party and opposition New Democratic Party, over a deal that aims to keep the minority government in power until 2025, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday.
SUING: The Taliban, the parents of Reuters photographer Danish Siddiqui, who was killed in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan last year, at the International Criminal Court.


22nd March, 2022
AGREED: EU foreign and defence ministers, the establishment of a rapid reaction force with up to 5,000 of troops to be swiftly deployed in a crisis.
SANCTIONED: By the United States, Sudan's Central Reserve Police, which the US accuses of using excessive force against peaceful protesters demonstrating against last October's military coup.
COMMENCED: London's Metropolitan Police, interviewing witnesses as part of their investigation into alleged breaches of lockdown rules at gatherings in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office and residence.


21st March, 2022
KILLED: At least six people after a car drove at high speed into a group of Belgian carnival performers who were preparing a parade early on Sunday; 10 more were seriously injured.
SUNK: A small ferry packed with passengers after it collided with a cargo vessel on the Shitalakhsya River in central Bangladesh; at least five people have been killed and dozens are missing.
KILLED: At least 11 Burkinabe soldiers with eight more wounded following an attack by unidentified armed men in Burkina Faso's Est region on Sunday.
CLOSED: Temporarily, the Shanghai Disney Resort with the owners citing the coronavirus pandemic in China as the cause.


18th March, 2022
RULED: Peru's top constitutional court that former President Alberto Fujimori can be freed from prison, where he had been sentenced to serve until 2032 for human rights violations.
PROTESTS: In Sudan's capital Khartoum and cities across the country on Thursday amid mounting anger over the October military coup and soaring electricity, fuel and bread prices in its wake.
ANNOUNCED: The Taliban, that girls around Afghanistan will be permitted to return to class when high schools open next week; it comes after months of uncertainty over whether the group would allow full access to education for girls and women.


17th March, 2022
RELEASED: British-Iranian aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and dual national Anoosheh Ashoori, who flew out of Iran on Wednesday; Iran says the move came after the UK paid an historic debt.
MISSING: At least 15 people after a landslide in northern Peru buried some 60 to 80 homes; eight people were rescued.
EXPLODED: In mid-air, a suspected missile shortly after liftoff in the skies over Pyongyang, North Korea, according to South Korea's military.


16th March, 2022
FINED: Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of Russian state TV's Channel One, 30,000 roubles ($US280) after she held up a sign behind a studio presenter reading the news on Channel One on Monday night and shouted slogans condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
BURIED: At least 60 homes in northern Peru after a landslide; there were no confirmed deaths as of Tuesday at noon, but rescue squads were on the scene searching for people.
INCREASED: The height of the Eiffel Tower, by six metres, after a new digital radio antenna was added to the top; it now stands 330 metres high.


15th March, 2022
PROTEST: On a state-controlled TV news bulletin in Russia on Monday with an editor at the channel, identified as Marina Ovsyannikova, holding up a sign that read: "No war, stop the war, don't believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here"; she is now believed to be in police custody.
MANHUNT: In the US, after five homeless men were shot - two fatally - in Washington DC and New York City as they slept; police believe the shootings are the actions of a single person.
DENIED: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, permission to appeal at Britain's Supreme Court against a decision to extradite him to the United States.


14th March, 2022
DEMANDED: Pakistan, a joint probe into a missile India said it accidentally fired into its territory, rejecting New Delhi's decision to hold an internal inquiry into the incident and calling on the international community to play a role.
CRASHED: A bus carrying around 50 Ukrainians left the road and overturned in Italy on Sunday, leaving one woman dead and several injured, fire fighters and police said.
DIED: Oscar-winning US actor William Hurt, who starred in films including Kiss of the Spider Woman and Broadcast News, at the age of 71, according to his family.


11th March, 2022
CONCERNED: The US, after North Korea deployed a relatively new inter-continental ballistic missile system in recent test-firings which the US has called a serious escalation requiring a united global response.
PROTESTS: In Buenos Aires, Argentina, against a $US45 billion agreement with the International Monetary Fund which officials say is needed to prevent the country defaulting on its debt with repayments totalling $US18 billion this year.
PLEDGED: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to spend about $A38 billion out to 2040 to expand its active defence personnel by a third to keep the country safe "in an increasingly uncertain global environment".


10th March, 2022
ELECTED: Conservative South Korean opposition candidate Yoon Suk-yeol as the country's new president; he has pledged to stamp out graft, foster justice and create a more level economic playing field, while seeking a "reset" with China and a tougher stance towards reclusive North Korea.
APOLOGISED: Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to six living victims of a 1950s social experiment in which 22 Greenlandic children were taken from their families and sent to Denmark to be integrated into Danish society.
KILLED: At least 19 soldiers in Nigeria's Kebbi state as gunmen attacked Deputy Governor Samaila Dabai Yombe's convoy on Tuesday, the same day gunmen ambushed and killed at least 62 members of a volunteer vigilante group in the state.


9th March, 2022
PROTESTS: To mark International Women's Day in many countries around the world including in Turkey, where riot police clashed with women in Istanbul, and Sudan, where protestors were met with tear gas as they approached the presidential palace.
FIRE: In a Rohingya refugee camp in south-eastern Bangladesh on Tuesday, killing a six-year-old boy and leaving about 2,000 people homeless; it is the sixth fire this year to hit the world’s biggest refugee camp.
DISMISSED: By a US judge, Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit accusing Britain's Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her when she was underage; meanwhile the UK's finance ministry confirmed that no public funds were used in their settlement.


8th March, 2022
KILLED: At least six people, including two children, when an apartment block collapsed in Ivory Coast's commercial capital of Abidjan.
EASED:  US immigration policies, making it easier for immigrant minors who are victims of parental abuse and neglect to qualify for green cards; the move finalises changes first proposed more than a decade ago.
MET: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle on Monday, in her first official in-person meeting after she tested positive for coronavirus last month.


7th March, 2022
KILLED: At least seven people as tornadoes tore through the US midwest, damaging buildings and knocking down power lines.
ARRIVED: By boat, more than 100 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar on the shores of Indonesia's Aceh province in the early hours of Sunday, according to NGO Aksi Cepat Tanggap.
DIED: Australian cricketing great Shane Warne, of a suspected heart attack in Thailand on 4th March at the age of 52; his death follows that of another Australian cricketing great, Rod Marsh, at the age of 74.
RENAMING: In Albania, a street in its capital Tirana where the Russian and Ukrainian embassies are located, as Free Ukraine to honour Ukraine's resistance to war, according to Mayor Erion Veliaj.


4th March, 2022
SIGNED: Moldovan President Maia Sandu, a formal application for her country to join the European Union, charting a pro-Western course hastened by Russia's invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.
CANCELLED: West African leaders, a planned trip to Burkina Faso to meet coup leader Paul-Henri Damiba, instead sending a team of ministers in the coming days; the move comes after Burkina Faso had gone ahead with adopting a transitional charter.
NAMED: Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi, Adriano Afonso Maleiane as the new Prime Minister shortly after sacking Carlos Agostinho do Rosário.


3rd March, 2022
ATTEMPTED: More than 2,500 migrants, to enter Spain's North African enclave of Melilla from Morocco by scaling s high wall; around 500 managed to cross into the enclave.
DROPPED: Spain's national prosecutor's office, two investigations into alleged fraud in former King Juan Carlos's business dealings after failing to find sufficient evidence of criminal activity, it said on Wednesday.
SELECTED: Fatou Bensouda, a Gambian national who was chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court between 2012 and 2021, to lead a panel investigating violations of human rights in the conflict in northern Ethiopia, by the UN Human Rights Council.


2nd March, 2022
APPROVED: Libya's parliament, a new government on Tuesday but the incumbent Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah has rejected the vote and vowed not to cede power, raising the risk of fighting among armed factions or territorial partition between rival administrations.
AUTHORISED: A national conference in Burkina Faso, the ruling junta to hold power for three years, potentially setting the West African country on a collision course with international partners who have urged a speedy return to constitutional order.
TESTED: Positive to COVID-19, Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison; he is said to be experiencing flu-like symptoms, including fever.


1st March, 2022
IMPOSED: The UN Security Council, an arms embargo on Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis on Monday amid questions by some diplomats over links between Russia's support for the move and abstentions by the United Arab Emirates on two council votes on Ukraine.
RECOMMENDED: International Olympic Committee's executive board that sports federations to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from competing in events following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
PROTESTS: In the Sudanese capital of Khartoum against military rule on Monday in which demonstrators advanced up to the gates of the presidential palace, despite facing heavy tear gas and stun grenades.


28th February, 2022
PUBLISHED: Group's leading Sudan's anti-coup protests, political charter in which they lay out a two-year transition under a prime minister appointed by signatories to the document to serve as head of state and military commander-in-chief until a transitional legislature ratifies a constitution.
REMAINING NEUTRAL: Brazil with regard to the Ukraine conflict, according to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in comments in which he declined to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of the nation; meanwhile the United Arab Emirates said on Sunday it would not take sides in the conflict.
CLAIMED: North Korea, that a missile test conducted on Sunday was for the development of a reconnaissance satellite system, according to state news agency KCNA.


25th February, 2022
KILLED: Eight polio vaccination workers in four locations in northern Afghanistan on Thursday, the first such attacks since nationwide immunisation campaigns resumed last November; the killings were condemned by the UN.
INTRODUCED: In Hong Kong, controversial vaccine passports requiring people aged 12 and above to have at least one COVID-19 jab.
DISAUTHORISED: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, his Vice President Hamilton Mourao on Thursday for saying that Brazil opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
WON: Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will be awarded the NAACP's top honour for distinguished public service, the civil rights organisation has announced.


24th February, 2022
FIRED: Upon demonstrators protesting for higher wages in the capital Port-au-Prince, police in Haiti, leaving one reporter dead and at least two others wounded, according to witnesses.
BLOWN UP: A bridge in Colombia by guerrillas of the leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) on the first day of a so-called "armed strike", said the government adding the group also  set fire to vehicles, blocked roads and set off bombs that injured eight people.
DIED: The man who held a customer hostage at gunpoint at an Amsterdam Apple store has died of the injuries he sustained during his arrest, according to public prosecutors; earlier police revealed he had been carrying explosives on his body.


23rd February, 2022
HALTED: The US, nearly $US160 million aid to Burkina Faso after determining the January ouster of President Roch Kabore constituted a military coup, triggering aid restrictions under US law, according to Reuters sources.
ENDED: Police, a hostage situation in an Apple flagship store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where a man with a gun held at least one person hostage for hours; there was no report of injuries to hostages.
FOUND: Guilty, three white men convicted of killing Black man Ahmaud Arbery in the US state of Georgia in February, 2020, of federal hate crimes.


22nd February, 2022
KILLED: About 60 people with dozens more wounded in an explosion at an informal gold mining site in south-west Burkina Faso, state television reported.
ENDING: In England, all coronavirus restrictions including mandatory self-isolation for people with COVID-19 and free testing, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an announcement that has drawn scepticism from some scientists and political opponents.
FOUND: No indication to support allegations that police had used controversial spyware on the phones of a number of public figures without warrants according to a high-level Israeli inquiry.


21st February, 2022
SENTENCED: An Indian court, to death, 38 people for a series of bomb blasts in 2008 that left more than 50 dead in Gujarat state.
OPENED: On Monday, Australia, its international borders to travellers vaccinated against the coronavirus after nearly two years of being shut during the pandemic; meanwhile Israel has announced it will begin allowing entry to all tourists, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, from 1st March.
Ethiopia, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Sunday; the dam is a multi-billion-dollar hydropower plant on the River Nile that neighbours Sudan and Egypt have worried will cause water shortages downstream.


18th February, 2022
WARNED: Police in the Canadian capital of Ottawa and that action to clear protesters occupying the city was "imminent"; it came as they began making some arrests on Thursday to end a crisis that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned was threatening public safety.
SWORN: Burkina Faso's military leader Paul-Henri Damiba as the country's President on Wednesday, weeks after leading a successful coup; he promised to deal with the mounting insecurity that helped oust his predecessor.
Simon Nellist, a 35-year-old British diving instructor, as the person killed in the first fatal shark attack in Sydney in 60 years.


17th February, 2022
SEEKING: Haiti, some $US2 billion from donor nations for reconstruction in its southern peninsula after an earthquake last August that killed thousands of people.
More than 40 African leaders at a two-day summit with the European Union leaders in Brussels, Belgium.
SHAKEN: South-western Guatemala by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake, killing two people, collapsing roofs and triggering landslides. 


16th February, 2022
SETTLED: Britain's Prince Andrew, a US lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre which accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager; the prince did not admit wrongdoing in the settlement which includes an undisclosed payment.
Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly after criticism that he did not do enough to stop COVID-19 protests that have paralysed Canada's capital city and forced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to invoke emergency powers, according to a city official.
BLOCKED: Italy's Constitutional Court, a request to hold a national referendum in the country on the right to die after proponents of the move collected over a million signatures in support.


15th February, 2022
CLEARED: Fifteen-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva to continue competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics but no Olympic medals will be awarded at the women's singles event if Valieva finishes in the top three, with Games chiefs saying they would only present the prizes once her doping case was resolved.
Some schools in India's Karnataka state on Monday, admitting some students wearing hijabs, after closing last week when protests erupted over students being barred from wearing the hijab in class.
RAISED: For the first time, the Mauritian flag on the Chagos Islands - an Indian Ocean archipelago controlled by Britain, but claimed by Mauritius; the flag-raising was done as part of a reef-mapping trip organised by the Mauritian Government.


14th February, 2022
NAMED: A provisional Supreme Judiciary Council in Tunisia, effectively replacing the present council, by President Kais Saied; the moves comes after the President last week said would issue a decree effectively dissolving council, one of the last remaining institutions in the country able to work independently of him.
In referendums Switzerland, a proposal by animal rights activists to make it the first country to ban medical and scientific experiments on animals; voters did approve tougher restrictions on cigarette advertising.
RE-ELECTED: Frank-Walter Steinmeier to a second term as Germany's President on Sunday in a special assembly; he is seen as a symbol of consensus and continuity.


11th February, 2022
NAMED: Former interior minister Fathi Bashagha as Libya's new Prime Minister after a vote by the country's eastern parliament; but the incumbent, Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah, who heads the UN-recognised Government of National Accord, has rejected the parliament's moves, saying he will only relinquish power after a national election.
London's Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told her he was not satisfied she could root out the racism, sexism and other problems that still existed within the force.
TESTED: Positive to COVID-19, Prince Charles, for a second time; he recently met his mother Queen Elizabeth, but the 95-year-old British monarch is not displaying any symptoms, a palace source told Reuters.


10th February, 2022
ORDERED: Judges at the International Court of Justice, that Uganda must pay $US325 million in reparations to the Democratic Republic of Congo for its role in conflicts in Congo's resource-rich Ituri province.
DETAINED: In Sudan, two prominent Sudanese political figures - Khalid Omer Yousif and Wagdi Sali - who held top positions in the civilian administration before a military takeover in October, the Forces of Freedom and Change coalition said in a statement on Wednesday.
ARRESTED: In Mexico, the alleged perpetrators of the murder of journalist Lourdes Maldonado, 68, who was shot in front of her house in the border city of Tijuana on 23rd; she is one of four media worker skilled in Mexico this year.


9th February, 2022
EXPRESSED: Tunisia's main Western donors, "deep concer", after President Kais Saied dissolved the Supreme Judicial Council - a body charged with ensuring judicial independence, after accusing its members of bias and corruption.
APOLOGISED: Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to political staffer Brittany Higgins, who said she was raped in a ministerial office; the apology comes after a review found half of parliamentary staff had experienced harassment, bullying or sexual assault.
APPROVED: The Italian parliament, a law which makes protection of the environment part of the constitution; politicians and activists hailed the move as significant for the country's future.


8th February, 2022
SEIZED: Police in Canada's national capital, Ottawa, thousands of litres of fuel and removed an oil tanker as part of a crackdown to end days long protest against the government's health measures, known as the 'Freedom Convoy'; meanwhile a judge granted an interim injunction against the honking of horns which has been part of the protest.
DISSOLVED: Tunisia's Supreme Judicial Council on the orders of President Kais Saied who accused its members of bias and corruption.
CONDEMNED: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, an incident in which protestors surrounded Labour leader Sir Keir Stamer outside the Houses of Parliament in London, with police having to intervene to take him to safety.


7th February, 2022
DECLARED: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, a state of emergency in the Canadian capital on Sunday to help deal with an unprecedented 10-day occupation by protesting truckers that has shut down much of the core of the Canadian capital.
VISITING: Moscow, French President Emmanuel Macron, to seek commitments from Russian President Vladimir Putin to dial down tensions with Ukraine, where Western leaders fear the Kremlin plans an invasion.
DIED: Lata Mangeshkar, one of India's best known cultural icons and a singer who defined music for generations of her countrymen, on Sunday at the age of 92; she was given a state funeral as politicians and personalities united in mourning.


4th February, 2022
DEPLOYING: West Africa's regional bloc, the Economic Community of West African States, troops to Guinea-Bissau to help stabilise the country following a failed coup early this week.
QUIT: Four of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's closest aides as the PM tried to reset his administration in the face of a series of scandals that have put his position in peril.
REMOVING: Temporarily, the Dutch city of Rotterdam, a section of the historic bridge, the Koningshavenbrug, to make way for a superyacht, reportedly built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.


3rd February, 2022
KILLED: Twenty-six people after lightning struck a high-tension power cable on the outskirts of the Congolese capital Kinshasa, causing it to snap and fall on houses and a market on Wednesday.
DEPLOYING: The US, almost 3,000 extra troops to Poland and Romania to shield Eastern Europe from a potential spillover from the crisis over the massing of Russian troops near Ukraine, US officials said on Wednesday.
FORECAST: Punxsutawney Phil, the prognosticating Pennsylvania groundhog, that there will be no early spring, after he emerged from his tree stump and saw his shadow, according to a tradition dating back to 1887.


2nd February, 2022
VISITING: Ukraine, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where he met President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of holding a gun to Ukraine's head to demand changes to Europe's security architecture; meanwhile Putin accused the West of deliberately creating a scenario designed to lure it into war and ignoring Russia's security concerns over Ukraine.
STALLED: An apparent attempt to topple Guinea Bissau President Umaro Sissoco Embalo on Tuesday after heavy gunfire was heard in the capital Bissau; a Twitter post from an unverified account under his name later said the situation was under government control.
URGED: By the UN mission to Afghanistan, the Taliban administration to release details on the detention of two Afghan journalists; the Taliban said they were investigating the men's abduction and denied they had been arrested.


1st February, 2022
WON: Portugal's centre-left Socialists, an outright parliamentary majority in a snap general election on Sunday, securing a strong new mandate for Prime Minister Antonio Costa.
KILLED: Two German police officers were fatally shot early Monday morning during a routine traffic stop in south-western Germany. Two men were later arrested in connection with the killings.
SUSPENDED: From the African Union, Burkina Faso from all its activities in response to last week's military coup.


31st January, 2022
RE-ELECTED: Italian head of state Sergio Mattarella, for a second term; the move comes after party chiefs asking him to carry on after a week of fruitless, often fraught voting in parliament to choose a successor.
PROTESTS: In Canada's capital Ottawa on Saturday against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's COVID-19 vaccine mandates; meanwhile on Sunday, thousands turned out to Prague's Wenceslas Square to protest against coronavirus-related restrictions.
REOPENED: From Sunday, dozens of pet stores that sold hamsters in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's government said, after being shuttered last week and thousands over hamsters culled over coronavirus fears.


28th January, 2022
SWORN IN: Xiomara Castro as Honduras' first woman president on Thursday, with US Vice President Kamala Harris in attendance.
EXCHANGED FIRE: Kyrgyz and Tajik border guards on Thursday amid a standoff over a blocked road, in the latest clash between the former Soviet neighbours following a similar violent incident last year that killed dozens.
WITHDRAWING: Denmark, its troops out of Mali, after the African country's transitional junta government insisted on an immediate withdrawal; it comes after France and 14 other countries urged Mali to allow Danish special forces to remain in the African country.


27th January, 2022
RISEN: The death toll from tropical storm Ana to at least 12 in Mozambique and Malawi after the storm swept through southern Africa on Monday.
SEEKING: Britain's Prince Andrew, a jury trial in the US over Virginia Giuffre's accusations that he sexually abused her more than two decades ago when she was 17; the Duke of York has again denied the allegations.
RETIRING: US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, sources have told Associated Press; the move would give President Joe Biden an opening he has pledged to fill by naming the first Black woman to the high court.


26th January, 2022
KILLED: At least 19 people after a karaoke bar in Indonesia's West Papua was set ablaze following a brawl between rival gangs of youths in the area, according to police.
CALLED: The US, again for the release of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny after Russia added him and a handful of his allies to an official list of "terrorists and extremists"; the US called the move "disturbing".
RISEN: The death toll from air strikes on a detention centre in Sanaa, Yemen, last week to around 90 with more than 200 wounded, according to government officials.


25th January, 2022
SHOT: One student dead, and wounded three others, an 18-year-old biology student who opened fire in a lecture hall at Heidelberg University in Germany before killing himself, according to officials.
SET ASIDE: The World Health Organization's executive board, a request from Ethiopia to investigate director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for allegedly supporting rebellious forces fighting the Ethiopian government.
ARRIVED: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, at its gravitational parking spot in orbit around the sun on Monday, almost one million miles from Earth.


24th January, 2022
EVACUATING: The US, family members of staff from its embassy in Ukraine, as it issued advice for all US citizens to consider leaving due to the threat of military action from Russia.
BESIEGED: A prison housing Islamic State suspects in north-eastern Syria by Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces troops aided by US troops; it comes after inmates took over the facility following an attack by militants last week.
VOTING: Started in Italy's Parliament for a new head of state with Prime Minister Mario Draghi among the most prominent candidates in a wide-open contest.


21st January, 2022
PASSED: France's parliament, an opposition-led motion asking the government to condemn China for "crimes against humanity and genocide" against its Uyghur Muslim minority and to take foreign policy measures to make this stop.
CHARGED: Four Belarusian government officials, in the United States with aircraft piracy for diverting a Ryanair flight last May to arrest a dissident Belarusian journalist who was on board.
RETURNED: To Syria, five Roman artefacts from the ancient city of Palmyra, a site damaged during Syria's decade-long conflict, by a private Lebanese museum where they had been on display since 2018.


20th January, 2022
DISMISSED: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calls for his resignation from opponents but also some Conservatives including David Davis, over a series of parties held during COVID-19 lockdowns in Downing Street; the Telegraph has reported as many as 20 Conservative lawmakers plan to submit letters of no confidence in the PM.
RULED: The US Supreme Court, that more than 700 documents from the Trump presidency be released to a congressional committee investigating the 6th January, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.
CALLED: The foreign ministries of France, Germany, Italy and Spain for Israeli authorities to stop the construction of new housing units in East Jerusalem.


19th January, 2022
SECURED: Maltese lawmaker Roberta Metsola, overwhelming support to become president of the European Parliament on Tuesday, making her the first woman to hold the post for 20 years; she succeeds Italian socialist David Sassoli who died this month.
DENIED: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, an accusation by his former adviser Dominic Cummings that he had lied to parliament about a lockdown party, saying nobody had warned him the "bring your own booze" gathering might contravene COVID-19 rules.
VOTING: People in Barbados on Wednesday in the first general elections called by Prime Minister Mia Mottley in what is the Caribbean nation's first vote since it became a republic last year by removing the British Queen Elizabeth II as its sovereign.


18th January, 2022
LANDED: In Kyiv, Ukraine's former President, Petro Poroshenko, landed in Kyiv on Monday to face treason charges in a case he says was trumped up by allies of his successor, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. 
ANNOUNCED: Beijing Winter Olympics organisers, that tickets for the games, set to begin on 4th February, will be distributed to "targeted" groups of people and will not be sold to the general public.
CALLED: The European Union on Moscow to immediately release Alexei Navalny, Russian President Vladimir Putin's most vocal critic, who was jailed a year ago in what the EU condemned as a politically motivated act.


17th January, 2022
SAVED: Four people held hostage at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Fort Worth, Texas, for 10 hours; a 44-year-old British national Malik Faisal Akram was shot and killed when the FBI stormed the building after the last of the hostages got out at around 9pm Saturday.
DEPARTED: Australia, world tennis number one Novak Djokovic, after a court upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa, capping days of drama over the country's COVID-19 entry rules and his unvaccinated status; it means he will not play in the Australian Open.
DIED: Former Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita at the age of 76; he was ousted by the military in 2020 after a turbulent seven-year rule.


14th January, 2022
WARNED: UK lawmakers by domestic spy service MI5, that the Chinese Communist Party has been employing a woman to exert improper influence over members of parliament.
REMOVED: The Royal Family, Prince Andrew's military links and royal patronages, and said he will no longer be known as "His Royal Highness"; the  move comes as the son of Queen Elizabeth fights a US lawsuit in which he is accused of sex abuse.
KILLED: At least three people in a series of explosions including two suspected suicide bombings in north-west Syria near the Turkish border on Thursday, witnesses said; they were the first such attacks this year.


13th January, 2022
IMPOSED: The US, its first sanctions over North Korea's weapons programs following a series of North Korean missile launches, targeting six North Koreans, one Russian and a Russian firm Washington.
RULED: US District Judge Lewis Kaplan said that Virginia Giuffre, 38, could pursue claims that Prince Andrew battered her and intentionally caused her emotional distress while the late financier Jeffrey Epstein was trafficking her.
FOUND: By a London court, that the British Government acted unlawfully by setting up a fast-track "VIP lane" to allow ministers and officials to recommend suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus pandemic.


12th January, 2022
FLOODS: In East London, South Africa, killing at least 10 people and leaving hundreds homeless since the weekend.
OUTAGE: Of power in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires with thousands of homes without electricity; the outage comes amid a heat wave that has seen temperatures soar above 40 degrees Celsius.
SET: An election in Hungary for 3rd April; nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of Europe's longest-serving leaders and a foe of immigration, will face a close race against an opposition united against him for the first time.


11th January, 2022
EXPRESSED: US President Joe Biden, concerns about air strikes in the conflict in northern Ethiopia and about human rights issues during a phone call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday, the White House said.
COMMENCED: The UN, talks in Sudan to try to salvage the country's move to democracy after a military coup.
RELEASED: From immigration detention in Australia, world number one men's tennis player Novak Djokovic after winning a court case in Australia which overturned a decision not to allow him to enter the country after Border Force officials said he had failed to provide appropriate evidence of vaccination status.
DIED: US comedian Bob Saget, one of the stars of 80s sitcom Full House and host of Funniest Home Videos, at the age of 65.


10th January, 2022
KILLED: At least 19 people, including nine children, after a fire in a New York City apartment building, with 32 more people were sent to hospital; it comes days after 12 people, including eight children, died in an apartment building fire in Philadelphia.
ASKED: The head of Brazil's health regulator Anvisa, the country's vaccine-sceptic President Jair Bolsonaro to retract statements he made criticising the agency for authorising the vaccination of children against COVID-19.
CLOSED: West African nations, borders with Mali in response to the nation's "unacceptable" delay in holding elections following a 2020 military coup, according to the Economic Community of West African States which said nations were also cutting diplomatic ties and imposing tough economic sanctions.


7th January, 2022
SHOT DEAD: Three protesters by security forces in Sudan who fired tear gas as crowds thronged the capital Khartoum and other cities in more anti-military rallies, according to reports.
ARRESTED: In India, a 20-year-old man suspected of creating an online app that shared pictures of Muslim women for a virtual "auction", as an investigation into the case of communal harassment widened.
APPEALLED: World number one men's tennis player Novak Djokovic, a decision not to allow him to enter Australia after Border Force officials said he had failed to provide appropriate evidence of vaccination status; the player is being held in a hotel in immigration detention prompting an outcry from his supporters.


6th January, 2022
VISITED: The frontline of Ukraine's war with Moscow-backed forces by the EU's top diplomat Josep Borrell who promised "massive consequences and severe costs" for Russia if it launched a new military offensive against its neighbour.
ACQUITTED: Three men and a woman of causing criminal damage for helping to pull down a statue of a 17th century slave trade magnate Edward Colston and throw it into Bristol harbour in south-west England during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.
CANCELLED: Rio de Janeiro, street parades and parties during its world-famous Carnival for a second year due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and the threat from the arrival of the Omicron coronavirus variant, the city's mayor said on Tuesday.


5th January, 2022
CHARGED: A Colombian national in the United States in connection with the plot to assassinate Haitian President Jovenel Moise; the US Justice Department said on Tuesday that Mario Antonio Palacios, 43, was in custody.
DECLARED: Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, a two-week state of emergency in Kazakhstan's biggest city Almaty and in the western Mangistau province where protests over the price of fuel have turned violent.
SENTENCED: In Hong Kong, barrister and activist Chow Hang-tung to 15 months in prison on Tuesday for inciting an unauthorised assembly to commemorate the China's 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in and around Beijing's Tiananmen Square.


4th January, 2022
AWARDED: A court in Ontario, Canada, $C107 million plus interest, to the families of six people who died when the Iranian Revolutionary Guards downed a Ukraine International Airlines plane near Tehran two years ago.
KILLED: At least 12 people with 25 others injured when a crowd surged at a popular Hindu shrine in Indian-controlled Kashmir on New Year's Day.
CROSSED: The heavily fortified border from South Korea into North Korea last week; he is believed to be a North Korean who previously defected to the South in 2020 in the same area, Seoul's defence ministry said on Monday.


31st December, 2021
REFUSED: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, an offer of aid from Argentina, saying on Thursday that his country did not need the assistance dealing with deadly floods that have affected broad swaths of the country's northeast and killed dozens.
SPOKE: US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin for nearly an hour on Thursday as rising tensions over Ukraine provided the backdrop for the leaders' second conversation this month.
GUILTY: Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, of grooming underage girls to be abused by Jeffrey Epstein; a date for sentencing has not been set. Maxwell's lawyers say they will appeal against the verdict.


30th December, 2021
PERMITTING: Indonesia, a boat packed with Rohingya which had become stranded off its coast to dock in the South-East Asian country, its security ministry said on Wednesday; the move comes after calls from aid organisations to allow the vessel to seek refuge.
SEIZED: Nine million pills of the recreational drug captagon inside a shipment of lemons, foiling an attempt to smuggle them to the Gulf, by Lebanese authorities, according to reports.
SHAKEN: The Greek isle of Crete by an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 on Wednesday. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.


29th December, 2021
DISMISSED: Gambia's Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge to President Adama Barrow's recent election victory on Tuesday, ruling that the petition had not followed proper procedure, court documents showed.
GRANTED: Italy, permission for a charity boat carrying 558 migrants rescued at sea to dock in the Sicilian port of Augusta, with another vessel waiting offshore for permission to bring 440 more to land.
SET: A date - 10th January - for US and Russian officials to hold security talks to discuss concerns about their respective military activity and confront rising tensions over Ukraine, the two countries said.


24th December, 2021
AGREED: Former veteran police officer Kim Potter, guilty of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Black motorist 20-year old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Minnesota; Potter had claimed she had mistakenly drew her gun instead of a Taser, her sentencing has been scheduled for February.
CHARGED: In Uganda, 15 people with offences including terrorism and aiding terrorism related to their alleged role in bombings in the country's capital and elsewhere in October and November that left at least nine people dead.
DEMANDED: Russian President Vladimir Putin, "guarantees" that NATO not admit Ukraine as a member and abandon all military activity in Eastern Europe in his marathon annual news conference; his comments come amid growing tensions over Ukraine.


23rd December, 2021
AGREED: The restoration of a fiull ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by negotiators representing Ukraine, Russia and the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe, according to the OSCE.
MISSING: Scores of people - with one confirmed killed - after a landslide of dirt and rubble ripped down the waste heap of a Myanmar jade mine in the remote Hpakant area of Kachin State.
RISEN: The death toll from the sinking of a cargo ship off the coast of north-eastern Madagascar to 83 as bad weather ended the search for five missing passengers.


22nd December, 2021
MISSING: Some 66 passengers after a boat accident involving an overloaded cargo ship, off the coast of northeastern Madagascar in which are least 19 people were confirmed dead.
PROTESTS: In the city of Goma in eastern Congo on Monday over worsening security with a police officer and at least two civilians killed.
IMPEACHED: Former Danish immigration minister Inger Stojberg, a main architect behind some of Denmark's tough immigration policies, who was voted out of parliament by fellow lawmakers following her conviction for intentionally ordering the separation of under-age couples seeking asylum during her tenure as immigration minister in 2016.


21st December, 2021
WON: Chilean leftist Gabriel Boric, the country's presidential runoff election on Sunday, capping a major revival for the country's progressive left that has been on the rise since widespread protests roiled the Andean country two years ago.
ALLEGED: US authorities, that five Russians including a Kremlin-linked businessman now in US custody carried out a vast, $US82 million insider trading scheme that allowed them to profit from corporate information stolen by hackers.
LANDED: Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, on the Kazakh steppe, after a 12-day journey into space, ending a practice run for his planned trip around the moon with Elon Musk's SpaceX in 2023.


20th December, 2021
PLEDGED: Islamic countries to set up a humanitarian trust fund for Afghanistan as, with millions facing hunger and a harsh winter setting in, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of chaos if the worsening emergency was not urgently addressed.
EVACUATED: Safely, 128 miners from a Siberian coal mine on Sunday after fire sensors were triggered, Russia's emergencies ministry said; it comes just weeks after a blast at a mine in the same region killed 51 people.
DIED: Richard Rogers, the Italian-born architect who designed landmark buildings including the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Millennium Dome in London, at age 88, according to media reports.


17th December, 2021
DIED: Five children in the Australian state of Tasmania after a jumping castle was blown into the air at a Devonport primary school; several others were injured.
BROKEN: In the UK, the record for the most number of new cases of COVID-19 for the second time this week on Thursday with some 88,376 new infections; England's Chief Medical Officer has warned daily hospital admissions could also hit new peaks due to the fast-spreading Omicron coronavirus variant.
DIED: Lucia Hiriart, the widow of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, on Thursday at the age of 99, her family said.


16th December, 2021
SIGNED: US President Joe Biden, two new executive orders intended to fight drug trafficking and criminal networks which allow for new sanctions on Chinese companies trading ingredients of the opioid drug fentanyl and on criminal gangs in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.
ORDERED: South Africa's high court, that former President Jacob Zuma to return to jail after setting aside an earlier decision to release him on medical parole; the 79-year old began medical parole in September, and is serving a 15-month sentence for contempt of court after he ignored instructions to participate in a corruption inquiry.
DETAINED: In Russia, the co-owner of a major coal company and three of its senior managers, to face charges over an explosion that killed 51 people at a Siberian mine last month.


15th December, 2021
VOTED: Against new coronavirus restrictions, almost 100 Conservative lawmakers in the UK in a major blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's authority; the new rules still passed thanks largely to the main opposition Labour Party.
REAFFIRMED: European Union governments, their promise to allow six Balkan countries to one day join the bloc, nudging the EU towards finally opening talks with North Macedonia and Albania.
CALLED: A Gulf Arab summit in Saudi Arabia on Iran to take concrete steps to ease tensions while also reiterating a call to include the region in talks between global powers and Tehran aimed at salvaging their nuclear agreement.


14th December, 2021
COMPILING: Haitian President Jovenel Moise, a list of officials and businessmen linked to the drug trade, prior to his assassination in July, according to a report in The New York Times which added that he planned to give the names to the US Government.
RISEN: To seven, the death toll after a suspected gas explosion destroyed dozens of houses in the Sicilian town of Ravanusa on Saturday; two people are still missing.
COLLIDED: A Danish ship and a larger British freighter in the Baltic Sea off the south coast of Sweden, the Danish barge capsized and at least one crew member has been killed.


13th December, 2021
BANNING: Nigeria, flights from Argentina, Britain, Canada and Saudi Arabia from this week in retaliation for being added to those countries' red lists over the detection of the Omicron coronavirus variant last month, the aviation minister has said.
SENTENCED: Reckya Madougou, one of President Patrice Talon's main opponents, to 20 years in prison for complicity in acts of terrorism.
DIED: Legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, an emblematic figure of ranchera music, died on Sunday at the age of 81, according to a message posted on his official Instagram account.


10th December, 2021
EXPECTED: European Union nations, to agree to limit to nine months the duration of COVID-19 certificates for travel around the bloc, according to sources.
TALKS: Between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and US President Joe Biden, according to one of Zelenskiy's advisors; they come as Russia kept up a barrage of hostile rhetoric towards Ukraine and compared the crisis there to the most dangerous moment of the Cold War.
CHIDED: The UN by Myanmar's military government which accused senior UN officials of interference and making judgments based on "distorted news", days after a storm of international criticism over the jailing of deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi.


9th December, 2021
IMPOSED: Tougher COVID-19 restrictions in England to curb the spread of the Omicron variant; it comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologised in Parliament after a video surfaced showing his staff laughing and joking about a party in Downing Street during a Christmas COVID-19 lockdown last year when such festivities were banned.
JOINED: The UK and Canada, a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics; the US and Australia had previously announced similar boycotts.
BLASTED OFF: Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who becomes the first space tourist in more than a decade to travel to the International Space Station; the voyage is seen as a dry run for his planned trip around the moon with Elon Musk's SpaceX in 2023.


8th December, 2021
KILLED: At least 38 inmates were killed and dozens more injured in a fire at the main prison in Burundi's capital Gitega.
LEGALISED: In Chile, same-sex marriage after votes by both the upper and lower houses; the bill which had previously been partially approved in November before the Senate sent it back to a committee to clarify ambiguities.
ANNOUNCED: Australia that it would not send government officials or politicians to the Winter Olympic Games in China over human rights abuses against Uighur minorities in the country while allowing athletes to compete; it follows a similar move from the US earlier this week.


7th December, 2021
BOYCOTTING: China's Winter Olympics, the US Government which has announced it will not send an official delegation to the Games in objection to China's practices on human rights.
TOOK OFFICE: Austria's third conservative chancellor in two months, Karl Nehammer, on Monday; it comes as more than 40,000 people protested in Vienna on Saturday against the current lockdown and a government plan to make vaccinations compulsory as of February.
DIED: Bob Dole, a Republican US presidential candidate and Senate leader, at the age of 98 following a diagnosis earlier this year of lung cancer.


6th December, 2021
DECLARED: Gambia's electorial commission, that President Adama Barrow has comfortably won re-election; he may face a legal challenge from opposition candidates who rejected the results because of unspecified irregularities.
KILLED: Twelve soldiers, with eight more wounded, in Niger in clashes with militants in the country's south-west, the government said on Sunday.
CELEBRATED: Japan's Princess Aiko, the only child of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, her coming of age at the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo after turning 20 on Wednesday.


3rd December, 2021
RESTARTING: The US Biden administration, a controversial Trump-era border program that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for US immigration hearings.
HONOURED: Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel by the country's military with their highest ceremony for a civilian - the Großer Zapfenstreich ceremony - in which they played an eclectic mix of music of her own choosing including a hymn and a 1970s punk rock hit.
CALLED: Meghan, Britain's Duchess of Sussex, for an overhaul of tabloid newspapers after she won a victory on Thursday in her long-running privacy battle with a British newspaper which had printed a personal letter she wrote to her estranged father.


2nd December, 2021
SUSPENDED: The Women's Tennis Association, tournaments in China, due to concerns over the treatment of former doubles world number one Peng Shuai and the safety of other players.
CALLS: For hunting restrictions in France following a string of shootings; a petition on the French Senate site has gained more than 120,000 signatures.
DIED: Petr Uhl, a prominent Czech journalist and human rights activist who was jailed by former communist rulers, on Wednesday at the age of 80, according to news reports.


30th November, 2021
LIKELY: Honduran presidential candidate Xiomara Castro to become the country's first female president, 12 years after her husband was ousted in a coup.
EXPECTED: In Myanmar on Tuesday, the first verdicts in nearly a dozen cases against deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
EXTENDED: President Guillermo Lasso, a state of emergency throughout Ecuador's prison system for 30 days as the country grapples to control jail violence which has left scores of inmates dead.


29th November, 2021
PROTESTS: In Burkina Faso over the state's failure to stop a wave of violence by Islamist militants, in which protesters burned tyres and pillaged a government building on Saturday.
APPOINTED: Czech President Milos Zeman, the leader of a centre-right alliance Petr Fiala as Prime Minister on Sunday in a ceremony he performed from a plexiglass cubicle after testing positive for COVID-19.
INTRODUCING: Australia, legislation to make social media giants provide details of users who post defamatory comments, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday.


26th November, 2021
PASSED: In Germany, 100,000 deaths from coronavirus as a fourth wave surge in infections poses a significant challenge for the new government.
"CONCERNED": The UK, by a newly identified coronavirus variant spreading in South Africa that might make vaccines less effective; it slapped travel restrictions on six African countries in response.
PROTESTED: The election of Emirati Inspector General Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi as president of Interpol by rights groups who say he failed to act on allegations of torture of detainees in the UAE.


25th November, 2021
RESIGNED: Sweden's first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, just hours after she was appointed, when her coalition partner, the Greens, quit the government.
AGREED: Three German parties, to form a new coalition government that will see Social Democrat Olaf Scholz replace conservative Angela Merkel as chancellor.
ACCEPTED: Thousands of migrants in southern Mexico, a government offer to quit a US-bound caravan in exchange for Mexican visas, according to officials.


24th November, 2021
BLACKLISTING: The European Commission, transport companies involved in human trafficking, the organisation said in a statement; the move comes after almost 7,700 migrants arrived in the bloc via Belarus this year.
REMOVING: Colombian rebel group FARC from the US list of foreign terrorist organisations, five years after the rebels signed a peace agreement with Bogota, sources have told Reuters.
DIED: Former South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan, whose iron-fisted rule of the country following a 1979 military coup sparked massive democracy protests, died on Tuesday at the age of 90, his former press aide said.


23rd November, 2021
KILLED: In Uganda, seven suspects linked to three suicide bombings in the capital Kampala last week by security forces; another 106 people have been detained.
POSITIVE: French Prime Minister Jean Castex, for the coronavirus; his office said he was in isolation.
FUNERAL: For UK MP Sir David Amess, who was fatally stabbed in a church last month while meeting with his constituents, in the coastal resourt of Southend.


22nd November, 2021
RESCUED: France, almost 250 migrants attempting to make their way over the English Channel to the UK in makeshift boats, on Friday and Saturday after several boats were reported as being in distress.
VOTED: In Chile on Sunday in what is widely seen as the nation's most divisive presidential election since the country's 1990 return to democracy.
ATTENDED: Queen Elizabeth II, a private ceremony to celebrate the christenings of two of her great-grandchildren on Sunday, according to reports.


19th November, 2021
CHARGED: The US, two Iranians it accuses of launching a cyber disinformation campaign to meddle in the 2020 US presidential election that targeted voters as well as elected members of Congress and a US media company.
MET: US special envoy Jeffrey Feltman with Ethiopia's Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen in a bid to revive ceasefire talks; the meeting came as the government gave permission for 369 aid trucks to enter famine-hit Tigray, where fighting began a year ago.
EXONERATED: In the US, two men - Muhammad Aziz and the late Khalil Islam - over the assassination of Malcolm X after decades of doubt about who was responsible for the civil rights icon’s death.


18th November, 2021
CLARIFIED: The White House, that the US and China will aim to have "conversations" on arms control, "not formal talks"; the move follows a meeting between the two country's leaders.
RISEN: The death toll in raids by gunmen in Nigeria's Sokoto state this week to at least 43, three times more than the initial death toll given by officials, according to a spokesman for the state governor.
RELEASED: Pictures of UK's Queen Elizabeth II, whose health has come into focus after the 95-year-old missed a Remembrance Sunday service, at her first public engagement - meeting with Nick Carter, chief of the defence staff, at Windsor Castle - since spending a night in hospital.


17th November, 2021
AGREED: US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to look into the possibility of arms control talks during a virtual meeting, according to US national security adviser Jake Sullivan; reports said they had also agreed to ease restrictions on access for journalists from each other's countries.
ANNOUNCED: A ceasefire by Armenia and Azerbaijan, according to the Armenian defence ministry, after 15 Armenian soldiers were killed and 12 captured in what was the deadliest clash between the two nations since a 44-day war last year in which at least 6,500 people died.
VISITED: Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the site on the river Jordan where Jesus is believed to have been baptised, at the start of the first overseas tour by senior British royals since before the COVID-19 pandemic.


16th November, 2021
ORDERED: India's Supreme Court, the shutting of offices in the capital New Delhi and nearby cities on Monday, allowing millions to work from home as officials seek ways to reduce hazardous air pollution that led to the closure of schools.
RISEN: The death toll from an attack on a military police outpost in northern Burkina Faso to at least 32, including four civlians and 28 military police officers, in what is the deadliest attack on troops in the country since an insurgency by Islamist militants took off in 2017.
CRITICISED: The US State Department, a Russian anti-satellite weapons test which generated what the US said was more than 1,500 pieces of "trackable orbital debris". 


15th November, 2021
RIOTS: At Ecuador's Penitenciaria del Litoral prison with 68 people killed and at least 25 injured on Saturday; it's the same prison where 119 inmates were killed in violence in September.
KILLED: Nineteen military police and a civilian when insurgents attacked a military police outpost in Burkina Faso; the attack took place in the tri-border northern region where the West African nation is battling Islamist militants.
MISSED: Queen Elizabeth II, the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in London, due to a sprained back, having previously only missed the event six times, four while on tour abroad and twice while pregnant.


12th November, 2021
TO MEET: US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a virtual summit on Monday, according to sources; the meeting comes amid tensions over trade, human rights and military activities.
DEPLOYED: In El Salvador, the military, by President Nayib Bukele after a sharp surge in homicides - more than 30 homicides on Tuesday and Wednesday alone.
MARCHED: Thousands in Warsaw to mark Independence Day carrying Polish and nationalist group flags, an event the far-right organisers dedicated to uniformed "protectors of the border" amid an escalating migrant crisis at the country's eastern border.


11th November, 2021
REJECTED: Sudan's main civilian political coalition any negotiation with the military on Wednesday and demanded a return to pre-coup conditions in the nation.
CRITICISED: China's leadership, the Dalai Lama, who said they "don't understand the variety of different cultures" in Tibet, adding that there is too much control by the main Han ethnic group.
RECORD: Snowfall in parts of north-east China, snarling traffic, disrupting train services and raising concerns about power supplies as temperatures plunge.


10th November, 2021
PITCHED: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in a speech to the UN, a global anti-poverty plan that seeks to uplift some 750 million poor people who live on less than $US2 a day and would be financed largely by rich.
SIGNED: Benin's President Patrice Talon, an agreement to take back from France 26 artworks seized from the former French colony in the 19th century.
MARRIED: In the UK city of Birmingham, Malala Yousafzai, the campaigner for girls' education and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who survived being shot aged 15 by a Taliban gunman in her native Pakistan in 2012, according to a post she made on social media on Tuesday.


9th November, 2021
SECURED: Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, a fourth consecutive term after suppressing political rivals, results showed on Monday; the results led Washington to warn it would press for a "return to democracy" and free and fair elections.
APOLOGISED: The British Government for its botched attempt to protect a Conservative MP Owen Paterson by changing rules designed to prevent corruption in parliament; the apology was delivered in the House of Commons by minister Steve Barclay.
CONVICTED: In Italy, 70 defendants in one of the country's largest-ever mafia trials, following a fast-track trial; further proceedings involve another 300 suspects.


8th November, 2021
VOTING: Nicaraguans on Sunday in an election marked by longtime President Daniel Ortega's ruthless campaign to extend his grip on power by jailing opponents, in a vote critics labelled a farce.
DIED: Eight people, aged from 14 to 27, after a stampede at singer Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston on Friday night; police have launched a criminal investigation.
UNCOVERED: A room at a villa just outside Pompeii containing beds and other objects that shed new light on the living conditions of slaves in the ancient Roman city buried by a volcanic eruption.


5th November, 2021
KILLED: At least 69 people in south-west Niger when a delegation led by the Mayor of Banibangou was ambushed by gunmen on Tuesday near the border with Mali; no group has yet claimed responsibility.
CALLED: A snap election in Portugal, scheduled for 30th January by President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa; the move comes a week after parliament threw out the minority Socialist government's 2022 budget bill, ending six years of relative political stability.
WORST: Election result for South Africa's governing African National Congress (ANC) since 1994 when it took just 46 per cent of the vote in municipal elections, the final count showed on Thursday.


4th November, 2021
KILLED: At least 11 people in Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern city of Bukavu after fighting broke out; South Kivu province's governor Theo Kasi said security forces killed eight gunmen and captured 36 others, while one police officer and two soldiers were also slain.
International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan an investigation into possible crimes against humanity in Venezuela; the country's government said it respects the decision but does not share his opinion.
WON: The Booker Prize, by South African author and playwright Damon Galgut for his novel The Promise, about a white family's failed commitment to give their Black maid her own home.