40 Hour Famine Backpack challenge

Join the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge and take a stand for young refugees around the world. You'll unite with thousands of other Australians to lead global change by raising funds for young people who've been forced to flee their homes. Take up the challenge and commit to living out of your backpack with only essentials for 40 hours. Globally there are 65.6 million refugee and displaced people - and more than half are under 18. By joining the 40HF Backpack Challenge movement, you'll connect with four of these young people and begin to understand what it's like to leave almost everything behind. Be a voice for change for Lilias, Obada, Jubaida and Rhoda. You can sign up and make the world a fairer and more just place here: https://www.40hourfamine.com.au. (PICTURED: Sponsored child Gracious, eight, at her home with a new backpack in Hamakowa village in Hamaundu, Zambia).