DAVID ADAMS reports on how one woman in the US is promoting a simple way to help your family recapture the true spirit of Christmas...

BRUCE C WEARNE examines the persecution of Stephen as recorded in Acts 6. ..

CAROL ROUND, in an article first published by ASSIST News Service, looks at the difference between wants and needs...

In an article first published by ASSIST News Service, BRIAN NIXON looks at the importance of birds...

In an article first published by UK-based Ekklesia, SYMON HILL, writing in reference to the recent controversy over the refusal by cinemas to run an ad referencing the Lord's Prayer, says it's not surprising people find the prayer offensive...

World Watch Monitor

World Watch Monitor has an occasional diary from a church leader still in Aleppo-the Syrian city that is now a key battleground between rebels and President Assad’s forces. Recently-however-pastor Samuel* visited Beirut in neighbouring

BRUCE C WEARNE looks at how the apostles are shown in Acts 6 moving to ensure the new community of believers was functioning well to ensure all were looked after. ..

In a story first published by ASSIST News Service, ALEX MURASHKO speaks with Sal Perez about how God transformed his life and led him to minister to others...

In the second part of an open book special, BRUCE C WEARNE examines at what Paul says in I Corinthians, chapter 1, about marriage in the specific circumstances people were facing in the Greek city of Corinth. .. 




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2020 Advent Day 1

 - Queen Lucy speaking in CS Lewis' novel, 'The Last Battle'

We'll be featuring a new quote each day during Advent.

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