Remember the now somewhat famous incident last year when, while doing a live cross with BBC News about the Korean Peninsula, US academic Robert Kelly's two children decided to interrupt (before they were caught and removed by their mother)? Now a Polish historian and his cat have taken live mishaps a step further. Political scientist Jerzy Targalski was on a live TV cross to a Dutch TV show when his cat leapt on his shoulders, curled around his head and remained standing there. Unfazed, Dr Targalski kept his cool and kept talking. Journalist Rudy Bouma posted the footage on his Twitter feed. Bravo (though we're not sure if we're congratulating the cat or Dr Targalskli!).

It's never too late to pay a parking ticket. At least so thought 'Dave', an American man who has finally paid a parking ticket 44 years after he initially received it. Police in the town of Minersville, Pennsylvania, recently received an envelope containing $5 and a handwritten note from Dave in which he explained that he had been carrying the ticket around for more than 40 years but always intended to pay. The ticket, for $2, dated from 1974. Dave meanwhile decided to retain his anonmity - the return address on the envelope was "Feeling guilty, Wayward Road, Anytown, Ca".

This week's record-breaking feat? We have to applaud Krishna Sai, of Chennai, in India who reportedly solved 2,474 Rubik's cubes using just one hand in a 24 hour period. The 20-year-old's new record shattered the previous record - set by fellow Indian Krishnam Raju Gadiraju in 2014 - by some 300. Guinness World Records is reviewing the documentation to verifiy Mr Sai's efforts.