Watching phone

The dangers of looking at your phone while walking (above) have reportedly been alleviated in the Chinese city of Xi'an. PICTURE: Craig Whitehead/Unsplash.

A special pedestrian lane for 'phubbers' - people who walk along staring at their phones, ignoring all else around them - has been unveiled in the Chinese city of Xi'an. The designated walkway for so-called "smartphone zombies" reportedly runs along about 100 metres of Yanta Road and was created following lobbying by a local shopping mall concerned over safety. Oh, and for those who don't know, the word 'phubbers' comes from a combination of phone and snub.

It seemed like a tasty find. Nine bars of chocolate were recently found in a former soldier's kit - only drawback being that they were 103-years-old. The bars were discovered in a tin which had once belonged to British soldier Richard Bullimore and had been given to him while in France during the first Christmas of World War I. Only one of the 10 bars was eaten and the remainder are now being sold at auction in the UK. Paul Cooper, of Scunthorpe-based auctioneers Eddisons CJM, said the chocolate looked to be in good shape but added that he wouldn't be having a nibble, noting that "even if the experts say that actually chocolate seldom becomes really dangerous over time, but it does lose its flavor and texture". Wise man.

 While we're talking food, kudos to Darron Breedon of the US  town of Orange, Virginia. He's reportedly recently set a new record by eating 480 oysters - that's 40 dozen - in just eight minutes. Darron beat six other competitors to take the title at the World Oyster Eating Championship, held as part of New Orleans' Oyster Festival. Second place went to defending champ Michelle Lesco of Tucson, Arizona, who consumed 324 oysters.