• NASA is sending a probe to the sun - and your name can be on board. The US space agency is looking for people to submit their names which will then be placed on a microchip aboard the Parker Solar Probe when it launches from Cape Canaveral this summer. The probe will come within four million miles of the sun and while that might still seem a long way away, it's the closest humans have been yet with temperatures even at that distance expected to reach 1,300 degrees Celsius. Submissions will be accepted until 27th April. Head - http://go.nasa.gov/HotTicket here for details.

A church in the US state of Maryland last Sunday gave away five used cars in a bid to attract a crowd to its new location. “We were just going for something you would not expect a church to do,” Stephen Chandler, the pastor at Destiny Church in Columbia, told The Washington Post. And while he admits it's a great way to market the church, Ps Chandler said giving away cars was also a good way to show God's goodness.

• First KFC in Britain runs out of the 'C' (chicken, that is). Now England's Big Cheese Festival had to apologise to attendees after running out of...yep, cheese. The organisers of the event in the seaside town of Brighton, responding to comments made on social media, said the inclement weather had prevented some vendors getting to the site which resulted in less cheese. They offered a discount to people who bought tickets to this year's festival to attend next year.