Lobster Emoji

• The global body that releases new emojis faced an outcry recently when it was discovered that a proposed lobster emoji wasn't anatomically correct. The Unicode Consortium released proposed images of 157 new emojis only to be informed that its lobster emoji should have 10 legs and not the eight they'd proposed. In response, Jeremy Burge, the "chief emoji officer" at Emojipedia (and vice chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee), wrote in a blog post that the new emoji had been amended to have the correct number of legs. Whew. Crisis averted. But as Burge points out, it's not the only emoji in the latest batch of proposals that people have complained about - after skateboarding legend Tony Hawk criticised a proposed skateboard emoji, he was invited to give input to create a more satisfactory one while a DNA Double Helix emoji has also had to be tweaked to ensure it was accurate.

• Headlines around the world this week as KFC outlets in the UK ran out of the C (chicken, that is!). Apparently a change of supplier led to delivery problems which saw hundreds of the fast food establishments closing their doors due to a lack of chicken. Shortages are expected to continue across the week but KFC have reportedly said they are working to "return to normal service levels as soon as possible".

Affinity with flamingos a must. A Bahamas resort is seeking a new CFO - Chief Flamingo Officer - to look after a flock of birds that are scheduled to arrive there shortly. Enthusiasm won't be enough for this job, however - the successful candidate, who will also serve as avian manager, must also have a zoology degree or equivalent experience. "This position oversees the day to day operations of the flamingo collections and the staff that work in those areas to create a Beach Sanctuary experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests," says the job posting.