Me time

'Me time', one of the new words and phrases added to the Oxford English Dictionary. PICTURE: Ales Krivac/Unsplash

More weird words with the announcement that among the latest 1,100 new inclusions in the Oxford English Dictionary are 'me time' (time devoted to doing what one wants, often on their own), 'deglobilisation' (the reversal or decline of globalisation), and, 'mansplaining' (describing the habit of men to explain something needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, especially to woman). Others include 'hangry' (a blend of hungry and angry), 'chaebol' (a word of South Korean origin which has come to refer to a luxurious lifestyle associated with the families who own large business conglomerates), and 'snowflake' (an insulting term for a person characterized as overly sensitive or easily offended).

Ever wondered what happened to that letter you posted in Italy? Police may have uncovered the reason it never reached its destination after reportedly finding one postman had some 570 kilograms of undelivered mail stashed in his garage. Police in the northern city of Vicenza say the missing mail had been collected over the past eight years and included utility bills, bank statements and even old phone books. 

A security camera at the border between China and Laos has shown an Asian elephant apparently showing its contempt for man-made borders as it strolled nonchalantly through an official crossing point early Sunday morning. An alert was sent to nearby villages in Laos about the possibility of a raiding elephant, but the pachyderm returned to China without incident via the same crossing about two hours later. It is believed the elephant was looking for a snack.