• A Belgian town has defied an egg contamination scare to uphold its annual tradition of cooking a four metre wide, 10,000 egg omelette. The predominantly French-speaking town of Malmedy in the country's south-east has been making the giant omelette for the past 22 years and the local branch of the giant omelette fraternity (yes, that's right - giant omelette fraternity) decided to go ahead this year despite millions of eggs being pulled from supermarket shelves in Europe thanks to a scare over the use of a banned insecticide. The tradition of cooking a giant omelette has reportedly spread to various towns in countries including France, New Caledonia, the US and Canada.

Hundreds of giant yellow Pikachu were spotted on the streets of the Japanese city of Yokohama recently in celebration of a week-long Pokemon-inspired week known as 'Pikachu Outbreak'. More than 100 Pikachu took part in the main parade on Monday while a series of smaller parades were also held last week and a massive, 17 metre long Pikachu blimp could be seen over the city. There were also a series of special events for fans of Pokemon Go including a specially designed park in which players could play the game.

An enterprising Londoner is turning a three metre wide alleyway between two buildings into a four storey luxury home that reportedly could be worth as much as £2.7 million. The property on Euston Road in Fitzrovia will feature three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a ground floor courtyard and a roof terrace. The house won't be the thinnest in London - that honour goes to a 2.1 metre wide home in Knightsbridge while the narrowest home in the UK is apparently on the Scottish island of Great Cumbrae and measures just 93 centimetres wide at the front.