Remember Boaty McBoatface? Now comes the Swedish equivalent - Trainy McTrainface. Swedish train operator MTR has announced it will give the unusual moniker to one of its trains after the name attracted 49 per cent of votes in a public vote. MTR reportedly said the news should bring joy to those disappointed when the British Government last year decided to name a new polar research vessel after naturalist David Attenborough despite the name 'Boaty McBoatface' topping a public poll. Another MTR train will be named Glenn in a tribute to a Swedish soccer player.

Stubbs the cat

FAREWELL STUBBS: The honorary mayor of Talkeetna. PICTURE: Rick Fogerty (aka Cowboy Rick)/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0 (image cropped) 

The town of Talkeetna in Alaska was plunged into mourning recently when Stubbs, the 20-year-old honorary mayor (and cat), passed away. Mayor Stubbs was first elected in 1998 and soon became a tourist attraction in the town. He had survived a dog attacks and a false death report last year but in recent months had rarely left his home at a local general store. His death was announced in a statement from his family who come to know him after purchasing the store a couple of years ago (along with the condition that Stubbs would continue to live there). A memory book is being put together which will be displayed at the store.

Now that's a science experiment. The Oregon Museum of Science in the US decided to upsize a recent demonstration by mixing baking soda and vinegar to create a 10 metre high "volcano" to mark the opening of a new exhibition about the destruction of the Roman city of Pompeii. About 3,000 people reportedly gathered to watch the event, the footage of which has now been sent to Guinness World Records for review.