Ice Hockey

Not the actual game. PICTURE: Jerry Yu/Unsplash 

Sounds exhausting. Ice hockey players in Buffalo, New York, recently ended a game that ran continuously for 11 days - perhaps earning them a place in history. The 40 players, many aged in their 40s and 50s, reportedly decided to break the existing record for the world's longest continuous ice-hockey game - 250 hours, three minutes and 20 seconds - in a bid to raise some funds for cancer research. Kicking off at about 9pm on 22nd June, they played non-stop until passing the record at 7.03am on 3rd July and managed to raise a massive $1.2 million for a local cancer centre in the meantime. A video has now been sent to Guinness World Records for verification. Oh, and the score? 1,725 to 1,697.

Give your cat a treat - get them some fancy nails. A Melbourne firm is reportedly offering the chance for cats to wear silicone nail caps which not only add to their sense of style but apparently stop the felines from ripping up the furniture. Scratch & Sniff Pet Grooming, which uses imported nails for the cats, says they are becoming increasingly popular. 

Mystery surrounds why music associated with Star Wars villain Darth Vader - The Imperial March - was played at the end of a speech about tax reforms by Indian PM Narendra Modi this week. There's a suggestion that the Prime Minister may in fact be a fan of the film franchise  - he did finish another speech with the sign off "May the Force be with you" in 2014 - while others have posited that it was an attempt to make sure video of the speech went viral (it has). Stay tuned.